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Upcoming mw3 season 3 operators & bundles!

Upcoming mw3 season 3 operators & bundles!

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're going to go over all the upcoming season 3 operators and bundles. I was able to gather all the different operator skins from trailers and different photos and pretty much compile them into a article. That way, you know what all the upcoming operators will look like.

I'll have an updated version of this article where we show early in-game footage of them, the prices, and the weapon blueprints that come along with them. So if you aren't a sub, definitely be sure to hit that sub button so you don't miss out on any Call of Duty news or updates. I also posted a article yesterday going over Modern Warfare 3: Godzilla Kong, the New Empire.

Crossover—we have a total of four operators, and coming in. I showcase early footage of all of them and some of the weapon blueprints that are coming in the brand new Hollow Earth event that will take place. There's also going to be a secret weapon blueprint that you will unlock if you get all the bundles, and I will showcase all the details for that, so definitely check that out.

All the operator skins that I'm going to go through in this article are either going to be coming into the store or maybe as a free reward as a part of an event or something like that, but if you want to know about the Battle Pass operators. I've already made a dedicated article on that.

Konni armored operator skin first look

Konni armored operator skin first look

This one was very interesting. This is like a Cony armored operator's skin; it's like a red soldier. He's shown multiple times in the trailer; we even got a photo of him on the road map. I checked the battle pass multiple times. If you even look at the Battle Pass here, you don't see the skin at all, so it looks like it's probably going to be available, probably through a store bundle.

I really wish it was free. It has the Coney logo; it matches the theme of the battle pass, but it's not in the battle pass for some unfortunate reason, but this is what the operator skin will look like. There was also the theory that it could be that a black cell operator doesn't look like that's the case because it doesn't have any sort of gold, and we know what the black cell operator is going to be; it's called stasis, and this is what they will look like anyway.

The next operator that we have is called the virus.

Vir.rus mainframe ultra operator skin

Mainframe, Operator Skin, which will be available in the store. It's actually going to be a part of the next Vortex LTM that we are going to get out of all the road maps, and in the blog post, we only have two different photos of this operator skin, and in both of them, he looks pretty sick.

I'm going to guess it's going to be some sort of ultra skin, probably going to cost you a minimum of $2400. If it has to do with the Underworld set where we saw the Horsemen War and then we also saw the Decay, those were all Ultra skins and Tracer packs, and they were all 2400. And this one is probably going to be the same; he's also carrying an SVA weapon blueprint, which looks like it has a flamethrower under Barrel, so this guy might be like Fire theme related in some sort of way, but this is what the operator skin looks like.

Season 3 rainmaker operator skin?

Season 3 rainmaker operator skin?

The next operator to Showcase is Rainmaker. We only have one photo of him. He's going to be a zombie warlord. He's also not available in the battle pass, which is the first time ever. Usually, every zombie warlord is always added as a battle pass operator or character. We saw that with Carries and Doabe, but this time around they're not doing that.

Maybe they're deciding to make him a store bundle. There's probably a reason why they didn't add him to the battle pass. Maybe it's a zombie reward; who knows exactly what they're going to do with him, but I just want to showcase him just in case the next one that we have is actually going to be a free skin.

Free champion quest nuke operator skin

This is the Champion Quest operator skin; you can see them in the orange Chemist jumpsuit. They're going to be available as a part of the rebirth of Island New Quest. You also saw little bits and pieces of this operator's skin. Within the trailer, although this is going to be a free-to-unlock operator, it's just going to be very hard to do that new quest.

New wz mobile season 3 operator skins

The next one that we have is going to be the skin that's shown with a riot shield. I'm not entirely sure if this is a skin that's been released already; the photo itself says War Zone Mobile. This could be a War Zone mobile exclusive. Maybe it's already out. I just never paid attention to it.

It doesn't look too crazy or unique. I just want to show that, in case it is brand new, the next one that we have is going to be this blue shirt and green operator, which is once again another war zone mobile photo. I have no idea I don't really play War Zone Mobile as often these might be exclusive to that game or they're already out, just showing them in case they are new once again, and the next one that we have this is going to be Cheich and Chong; they have to do with the 420.

Cheech & chong tracer pack operator bundle

Cheech & chong tracer pack operator bundle

If they are another set of crossover operators that we are going to get, they mention here in the description that the Chich operator is voiced by Chich Marin.

The Chong operator is voiced by Tommy Chong, meaning they have their original voice actors. On top of that, in this Tracer pack, there's only going to be one pack, and it's going to feature both Cheich and Chong as different operator skins, so you get two skins in one and three different weapon blueprints.

A charm sticker, a large decal loading screen, and the secondhand smoke finishing move. We don't know what the finishing move looks like; this is the only photo that they provide of Chichin Chong, and on top of that, I'm going to guess it's probably going to cost you 3, 000 Cod points. Just because they have two brand new operators and three weapon blueprints, and they sort of tried to stack up this bundle, I can't imagine it being 2400.

The next set of crossover operator bundles are the Godzilla ones.

Godzilla x kong crossover operator skins

We've already talked about these, so I'll just go ahead and show you guys a photo. We got three operators coming in; they're going to be releasing on April 4th, so you got Godzilla's operator skin, Scar King, and then you also have Shimu, and this is what they will look like.

Kong is already available in the store as of, I think, yesterday.

ALL NEW SEASON 3 OPERATOR BUNDLES SHOWCASE! FREE Operator, Ultra Skins, MORE! - Modern Warfare 3. NEW MW3 Godzilla x Kong Operator Bundles EARLY GAMEPLAY.
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