News - Finally. Warzone's Update Looks Amazing For The Future. Call Of Duty Season 4 Update


They actually did it. I didn't think they had it in them. I legitimately had lost hope, but this update is amazing. It is legitimately, in my opinion, the best update of the year and the most excited I've been to play War Zone in a long time, and this is not hype. I haven't made a single update article since the launch of MW3 War Zone because I felt they have all been so underwhelming, but it changes the day it is.

Different planes and tanks ship all the way from the early 1920s all the way to the modern era, and these vehicles are incredibly well detailed, not just on the outside but, more importantly, on the inside. They have this incredible x-ray technology where, based on where you hit this vehicle, whether it's the engine, the fuel tank, or something else like weapon storage, the vehicle will react appropriately and realistically.

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Additional discoveries may cause significant shift in your plans now they have updated the bunkers I thought these were very underwhelming, in the previous Seasons you basically just went in there for some vests and maybe a durable gas mask but, increased activity seems to be focused on the bunker dotted across War Zone after key card access is obtained, and expanded interior may be accessible along with highle loot additional Intel regarding the location of redacted I'm guessing that's probably foresight so you can find the final Circle do the bunker you get foresight you know where the game ends that's my guess there secondary bunker exit hatches are likely to be active allowing your squad multiple methods of Escape which I think is great cuz right now you kind of get stuck in a choke point however not all bunkers appear to be accessible, further investigation and great care.

We need to solve this conundrum—probably something like an Easter egg for any of my Easter egg hunters out there now that they've also made changes to the goog as well. It says additional goog silos have opened up during the St. Battle Royale matches, and Recon teams have confirmed four different variants.

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Expect to be randomly dropped into one of them, offering you new ways to approach your 1v1 duel for redeployment. So I'm not going to go through all of the variants here, but it's a similar layout that we've seen; it's the same Silo. But hopefully it looks like the lighting might be a little bit better and there's a different layout, so hopefully they didn't make any mistakes with things like stair glitches or, you know, head glitches at the very back of the map.

Hopefully, they're a little bit more fair than some of the corny layouts that they have right now, but we'll see. It seems like we have some pretty similar ones returning, but also some new ones in there just to change up the pace, which is always a good one in my opinion and is now my favorite. My second favorite mode is buyback solos.

It's when you have at least in ERS or in Verdan, it was $44, 000. Hopefully, it's going to be $3, 000 inside of Zstan if you have $3, 000. On your behalf, when you die, you automatically redeploy. Because money is life, earn enough cash to redeploy automatically. The last team standing wins. Being down doesn't mean being out, provided you've got the cash for a revival.

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Following the regular Battle Royale rules, this ersan-only mode disables the goog and instead allows you to return to a match after dying, along with the removal of some of your cash reserves. Multiple redeployments are available until the final moments of the match, around the same time the go-lo would close, allowing for a more risky, aggressive strategy and higher eliminations.

If you've got the funds for it, this is an amazing mode. Duos, trios, and quads—I don't like the player count. I still wish we had 120 players on the map. Solos was horrible, though Solos would die out so unbelievably fast, and this hopefully will solve it well. I think what they did in the past was they had players whenever they dropped into the map, they had $4, 000 on their person, so basically you could buy a self-revive immediately or you could, you know, find a few thousand dos and then buy a load out immediately, so even if you do die off a contested Hot Drop, you'll have that money to instantly redeploy, so it's not like you die off Rip, but it's hopefully will allow solo lobbies to feel less barren, because it's been pretty boring.


They are pretty boring, but they are also going to have additional modes in season, says Specr, and Quack operators across multiple info zones should expect additional blank and a number of blank modes as the season progresses. Exercise extreme caution as you investigate—one step closer to the truth.

Inside some of these bunkers, there were like some zombies floating, and this, like Green Goo, I don't know if they would bring back something like Zombie Royale. Hopefully they bring back something like iron trials; there could also be something like Juggernaut Royale. I don't care; just bring back something every week and make it fun.

You know, I think buyback solo should be the permanent mode for solos, though, because solos just die out way too quickly. I think they should be the permanent mode for solos, and then, hopefully, they just go crazy with the LTMs because that's the new content that we need. We don't need new mechanics, although I would like some mechanics.


Chang, we just need some new content. There's also new features for rewards, so basically, on this, you get rewards for buying things in the game, like at the buy station. Obviously, we know Call of Duty has some pay to win things, but you get rewards for how much you spend in the game. I hate that this is hidden behind a perk, but hopefully this leads to it being introduced to everyone.

Ekan-based operators can look forward to infiltrating any of the accessible bunkers to obtain tactical sprint boots, which will give you an unlimited increase in your tactical sprint duration, not speed, and a reduction in fall damage. One of the most annoying things about the modern movement engine is that you'll be running around, and you'll get your gun up for a gunfight.

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But because you burned your tactical sprint, which is where your gun is up, and then you brought it to the point where your gun is on the side and then your gun is up and then your gun is on the side, there are times where you're in these gunfights and you're trying to sprint away, and you want that tactical sprint boost, but it'll only give you a regular sprint boost because it hasn't fully recharged.

It just makes things feel so clunky. I hate this being hidden behind a perk, and I know they're just doing it to see the public's reaction to it to see if it's too OP or not, but in my opinion, I think it needs to be unlimited. The big map is massive anyway; there's so much time between engagements, and it just makes movement feel so much more fluid if we have tactical sprints.

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