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No exaggeration: This is one of the most important War Zone articles I've ever made after running the numbers. I was shocked. I thought this may be a minor point in a pro tips and tricks article, but I had to make a dedicated article for three perks that you need to be using. There's some where there's some where there's confusion.

I think people are using another perk that could be better fitted; there's some where people don't understand what the perk actually does; and then the last one is legitimately bugged and broken. You need to use it. Okay, let's go to the first one. It's Quick Fix versus Tempered, so what I've done here is I've taken a player and I have them jump off a ledge to where they just have a smidge of health left and no plates, and we're going to see how much health you get back between base health and armor plates, and we're going to see which one is more efficient more often.

Quick Fix versus Tempered spoiler alert: not even close, so both players go down to low health plate, plate full health on Quick Fix, and we're waiting over on Tempered, but you might be like Isaac. Because I have tempered and I'm putting in 75 cents per plate, it's actually better for me most of the time during that animation.

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It's not even close. Okay, so you'll see I have them completely synced up to where the second that first plate comes in. I start the timer, and yes, in this moment, tempered is better, but it stops right after this. Look right here at the 0-second mark. We have one plate in that still has one HP; we're calling it zero HP for simplicity purposes, and yes, tempered 75 HP P has a 25 health differential, but it stops after that.

Well, guess what happens once that next plate comes in? Now we have 150 health and about another 110 health, and temper is still waiting. I ran this all the way through to 3 4 5 6 seconds, and as you can see, there is no reason, in my opinion, to be running tempered. It's nice every here and there to pick up a tempered vest, but.

I'm not worried about whether I am using two plates to full heal versus three plates to full heal, especially because I play aggressively and I can loot up extra plates. For me, it's when I'm in a low-health situation and I'm getting challenged by someone. I can't wait 6 seconds for my health to regenerate all the way.

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Maybe I'm fighting on the edge of the gas, and the fact that I get that knock or that kill will bring my health up with enough time before that gas takes me out. A quick fix is 100% the way to go before we get on to the second one. I want to make an extremely special announcement. This is not a sponsor; I have actually invested and become a co-owner.

Of a new energy brand called Focus fuel for the longest time, I've been struggling to find clean energy. I didn't feel good when I drank them; it would have the reverse effect where instead of feeling focused and energized. I would feel sluggish, my stomach would be upset, and I would be foggy, and it's because of the crap that was inside of it.

I got together with some other creators and some other industry leaders, and we formed. Focus fuel is clean. Healthy in a tri-blend formulation where you have electrolytes for sodium, potassium, and magnesium, which we need for our body to function, you have a focus on antioxidants, all the way to Lion's Man and Ashwagandha.


And then obviously the energy that we need as well, coming from things like natural caffeine and theanine, and because of this intentional focus complex, you're not going to have those jitters; you're not going to have the harsh crash. You can see all the ingredients listed out, from the electrolytes to the focus to the energy, and then even down in the other ingredients, where they typically hide the nasty chemicals like sucrose and all this other crap.

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It's clean, man. I could not be more proud. I waited for years. I had other brands approaching me, and I just couldn't put my name behind it because it made me feel like crap when I had it, and I don't want adults or kids having this stuff. Focus Fuel is different, man. I have seen rave reviews for members of the community, whether they're just members of the academy or some of the really cracked-out players in the competitive scene, and the nice thing is that it's a little gummy, so what you can do is just break it up, whether you want one gummy, which is 50 mg of caffeine, two gummies, which are 100 mg, or three, which are 150 mg.

I'm very proud of this product; it took me a long time to really find something. I was excited to get my name behind it, and I'm thrilled to share it with you here today. And one other small note: this is a startup, so as we start to look towards shipping in Europe or shipping in Canada, the shipping prices are going to be a little bit higher, but as we start to grow those economies of scale.

DHS will be able to ship out internationally a lot cheaper. Just understand that we're kind of in the startup phase at this point. Okay, getting on to the second perk that you must be using, which is Mount Near, and let me explain why, because it's not just for the reduced fall damage, as we know we have reduced fall damage because typically.

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As you can see here, look down at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see the meter go all the way up to 13. At about 13 and 1/2 meters in this game, you have lethal fall damage. You go down to 1 HP if you go all the way up to about 133 and a half. It will be fatal. Now, when we throw a mountaineer, we can actually double that distance.

I can get all the way up to 26, M jump, and still live because it's about 13 and 1/2, so double that would be 27, but that's not just. I mean, most people know that by now that Mountaineer has doubled your distance, you can fall, but where I really think Mountaineer comes in handy is its ability to counter partial fall damage.

If you don't know, by now partial fall damage occurs whenever you go above 6 and 2 M, as you can see here. 6.0 no fall damage. As we go all the way up to 6 and 1/2, I'm going to have my editor zoom in. What that means is if you had taken gunfire, if you had, you know, taken any damage, and you were trying to run and you try to finesse and you jump off a 6 and 1/2.

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Cliff, that little bit of damage is going to reset that extremely long health regeneration delay of about 7 seconds that we saw from our tempered example earlier, but when we throw on Mountaineer, it kicks in at double the distance at about 13 M, and that's when I'll actually start to take damage, and as you can see, there was 13 M when I jumped.

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