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I've got exclusive season 1 Modern Warfare 3 footage to share with you in this article, as I flew to Sledgehammer Games last week to check it out early. We've got new maps. We've got new weapons, but what I'm sure you're most excited to see from the thumbnail is the brand new dark EA operator skin coming to the game.

I'll be going into all of that in the season pass as well, so be sure to watch all the way to the end. But on the topic of new maps and new weapons, we'll start off with the first new map in the game for season 1, which is called meat. That's right, you and the boys are going to be jumping on meat during season 1.

It's a really small Close Quarters map that felt very much like modern warfare 3's version of Shoot House or Dash House. The new weapons we have are the brand new Ram 7 assault rifle returning from MW 2019, and a brand new sniper rifle called the XRK Stalker, as expected. The Ram 7 is really good in this game; it feels like a perfect hybrid of an assault rifle but still has the power and damage up close of an SMG, just like it did in MW 2019.

modern warfare 3 battle pass

Most of the time, you'll see me using the black cell blueprint of the RAM 7, but when I say meat is a small map. I really mean it; it is absolutely tiny and probably going to be quite a refreshing change from rust and shipment 24/7. The next new map is called Grease, and this was honestly probably my favorite out of all the new multiplayer maps.

It's a medium-sized, vibrant, bright open map with three lanes and a lot of water in the middle on the left and right for you to flank and sneak around, which is what I did near the end because there were quite a few snipers on the other team that were just holding down a leg for the entire game, so it was nice to be able to use the water as a flankinitroute, especially when it didn't realize the water existed, so I was just chilling in the water with the new sniper, and I was just able to take them out as they were just spawning and trying to hold down this specific Lane, we then played a new map called Rio, which is an in-season multiplayer map that takes place in Rio with a massive shopping mall in the middle.

modern warfare 3 season 1

This map, like Gree, was also very bright, very colorful, and very vibrant, but in all honesty, it didn't really stand out to me. Gunfight is also returning to W3, and we got to play a little bit of that on the map called the training facility. That was really fun, and it's always an intense time playing gunfights.

Then we got into a really cool surprise: the fact that Highrise is getting a complete festive makeover into a brand new map called Hangover. And as far as map remakes go, this is really cool, like there's snow falling. There's Christmas decorations up literally everywhere, and this was a great opportunity to try out the brand new sniper rifle that's in season 1 as well as the ram 7.

Both of these guns are really fun to use, and I cannot wait to see what they are like inside zombies. After playing those maps, we got to play some really exciting, new content that isn't coming for quite a few weeks after season 1 begins, and it's so top secret that I actually can't show you the gameplay in this article, and these are the reskinned.

modern warfare 3 zombies season 1

Vortex maps coming, which have a really cool game mode where one player has a ray gun and it is a one-shot kill weapon, and you need to try and kill the person with the ray gun to then have the ray gun, and the re-skins of the map Maps being Quarry Scrapyard, and rust in these crazy dark EA versions were insane, and I will be able to show you that game playay at some point in the next few weeks, but let's talk about what you're all here for the zombies operator bundle.

This was Teas last week as part of season 1, and some believed that it was going to be an act for skin reward, but no, this is actually a full-on bundle in the store, which is called the zombies etherium. The ultra skin for the operator is called Scorch, and the skin is called Out Broken, and this skin is easily one of the coolest skins I've seen in any Modern Warfare game.

mw3 battle pass

The skin is reactive, and it literally has dark ether crystals emitting all over the body, even coming out of the mask itself, and covers the operator from head to toe, but as a reactive skin, this has a visual effect that intensifies the kill count in both multiplayer and zombies. With what we're seeing as the final stage of the reactive skin, it also comes with a dark EA blueprint for the submachine gun, the striker 9, called The Cow Site, which has these dripping oozes of dark EA at the bottom of the gun, which just looks so cool.

The MTZ 762 battle rifle gets a new blueprint called the shattered geode, which has this incredible texture where the skin itself is cracking and underneath is just a pure dark ether shell where you can see these dark EA scratches on the gun. It just looks incredible, but this bundle is also the first consumable bundle quite unquote pay to win, but it doesn't actually have any pay to win elements.

mw3 season 1

The only benefit you get from this is that you get one refined etherum crystal to add to your acquisition stash, so you can pack a gun to level two once in a game. This is definitely the way that these bundles should go. A lot of people were worried that there were going to be pay-to-win elements with these operators, such as having a kill streak upon spawn, a self-revive upon spawn, or specific perks upon spawn, but it seems with this bundle that is not the case, as you're just getting a refined Crystal.

There's also a calling card called Join Us, which looks absolutely amazing, along with a growing crystal large decal and an encapsulated weapon charm so you can essentially have a dark ether crystal at the bottom of your gun, which is really cool for the first zombie skin ever for Modern Warfare 3.

I think this is a really cool bundle. I'm definitely going to be getting it, and I'm really happy that there isn't anything paid to win in this bundle, but we're now going to go over the battle pass for season 1, so I have the entire battle pass to show you ahead of season 1, and the most surprising thing about the battle pass is that there's actually quite a few zombie consumables that are part of the battle pass rewards; just like with the operator bundle, none of them are paid to win.

mw3 season 1 battle pass

which is really good. So in the very first sector. A1, this includes two cryo freeze ammo mod consumables to add to your acquisition in A4, you can get yourself two refined ethereum crystals to use at any time you like in Zombies. A15 contains two shatter blast ammo mod consumables. A16 contains two epic EA tools allowing you to immediately upgrade a gun to the Epic Rarity straight away, and A9.

Exclusive Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Gameplay Full Battle Pass New Zombies Skin.
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