News - The Warzone 2 Christmas Event. New Maps, Free Rewards & Undead Santa Event

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All right guys, so today we're going to be having a look at everything in regards to the CMAs event, and to be honest with you, we're probably going to make another article tomorrow or the day after as well, because the blog post is actually due in the next day or two as well, so we've got the event starting in 3 days, and then obviously we've got a lot of other things happening in regards to the event's different challenges.

As you don't want to miss a single article here on the channel but with all being said let's jump right into it so I'm discussing, everything that we know so far and then like I said I will probably make an update article either tomorrow or the day after as soon as the blog post drops I will make a article and then we'll get that posted and you guys can get a full in-depth information on what's going on there's going to be a big update in regards to this you're going to be looking around between 10 and 20 GB for the updates just make sure you have got storage on your console or PC so you can get that updated, on there make sure you got plenty of storage for that so multiplayer is going to have a big update as we all are aware there's going to be a couple of new modes There's also going to be multiplayer challenges that you can unlock so season, e.g.

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Santos, is going to arrive, which I'll discuss in a moment, but it's easier to spread horror and fear, so complete the event challenges to earn rewards and visit the classic holiday theme. Maps, so we are going to get Shipus back, which we've had in prior games, but we're also going to get Hangover, which is basically going to be a highrise.

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As a Christmas map which looks pretty cool and it basically say here just try not to get bitten expect accept more information, on this event and additional limited time modes closer to midseason so we are going to be expecting like I said the blog post in the next day or two so as soon as that's up I will discuss that with yourselves and then the kind of challenges that we should be expecting with this thing so we're going to get six challenges, that you'll have to complete in multiplayer, and then you will get the Mastery camo the Santa slay ground event then guys so the first one so it's event one you've got to get 40 operator melee kills with stalker boots equipped then you'll also need to get 40 operator kills with a weapon picked up from another player event three you'll get 100 operator kills with the qbb.

LSW then you'll need to get six operator snowballs, kills in a snowball, and gunfights to get 40 operator headshot kills with a sniper DMR or battle rifle. Get 30 operator kills while playing Infected Holiday, get five operator kills while sliding or crouching, and then once you have completed all seven, you will get Santa's Slay Ground Mastery.

So I said there are seven events that you need to complete. They will be pretty easy, by the looks of it, and you'll be able to complete them pretty quickly. While you're doing these, you can also probably complete some weekly challenges as well, so it's win-win. You will get additional bonus XP for each challenge you get, so that will help you level up quicker, and then obviously, you will get that Mastery camo towards the end.

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But, like I said, we have a brand new operator bundle coming in. I'm not too sure on the price at the moment, but we are going to be getting the Santa No Ultra skin. With that, you will get some Tracer weapons as well as a couple of weapon blueprints. With that, you will get a few additional bits.

I did actually do a article on all the upcoming bundles throughout season 1 and this was in there so if you did miss that go check it out cuz there's a lot of interesting bundles coming to season 1 throughout its time span but yeah the Santos is going to be coming and we're also getting a reindeer, kind of operator bundle as well can't remember the name of it off top of my head but I'll throw some sort of footage up on screen as well and we're supposed to be getting, some form of finishing move coming back into the game maybe that's just going to be a finishing move that you can unlock as part of the event it was literally the elf kill finishing move that were coming back so that was actually coming back but as it stands that's not I'm going to be in the game from any of these bundles, but potentially, it might be some kind of reward going forward like I say we've got the brand new two multiplayer.


Maps, but that is pretty much everything in regards to multiplayer. That we know of so far, and then we do have war zone as well, so there's a lot of stuff in regards to war zone that you'll be able to go ahead and unlock and complete in regards to challenges, so obviously in war zone we are going to be getting the slave ride.

Resurgence map, and then we're also going to be decking the holes, so basically Santa delivers presents across Ukan via a number of holiday crates. Open the T map to reveal their location in the in the match and then get to the trees to earn the rewards in the vicinity, however be ready to fight for your spot as a flare is sent up when operators interact with the immediate area, so there's going to be little parcels that you can unlock.

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You probably have to capture the area and get the parcels, and there will be some real rewards in that, and then there's also a slay ride, so Santo's taking over the training ukhan. Per his usual modest opacity, Santa will be handing out presents to all the well-behaved operators he meets. Those who choose to be naughty, on the other hand, will be met with heavy resistance.

Of course, we've got snowball fights coming into the game, and we're going to have a few different game modes for snowball infected. We're also going to have a snowball gunfight and a few other bits as well, so this is a snowball mode where you can throw snowballs at each other in the war zone as well, which would be pretty damn awesome.

There's not much news in regards to zombies so far, but let's have a look at the challenges that we know are coming with the CMA challenges and the slay ride. Resurgence, as we know, for the CMAs challenges in the slay ride In a resurgence, you'll need to get blank operator kills with assault rifles.

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You'll need to get an enslave ride. In Resurgence, you also get operator kills with SMGs, which is also a blank number in Slay Ride. Resurgence get blank operator kills with sniper rifles get blank operator kills with snowballs, in slay ride Resurgence place in the top five blank times; get blank operator kills with snowballs at over 25; and then the slay ride.

Resurgence is surviving during the Resurgence countdown to return allies to the war zone. Secure trees to earn loot. Secure a tree in Tier 3 to create a portal to Santa's black sight. The gas will eventually follow the runaway train hijacked by zombies. Santa Lost team standing last team standing wins, so that's everything in regards to kind of War Zone.

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