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All right, guys, so today we're going to be having a look at everything in regards to season 1 reloaded. Now this is a blueprint, and it's a blueprint that I'm not too bothered about; in all fairness, you can only use it on the DG58. LSW, don't get me wrong; it is a pretty cool-looking camo, but you can literally only use it on that weapon.

It's not a camo that you can use across multiple weapons, which is a bit rubbish. I thought we would have had some form of event camo, but that's something that hasn't happened. We've had a lot of events, and a lot of these events so far in Modern Warfare 3 have been very, very good. Some really nice camos as well, especially like the macro camo that were pretty cool, but I did expect something a little bit more with this event, and then obviously there's the slay ride event as well that you can go ahead and do and get some rewards there as well, so definitely make sure you're completing all these rewards over the Christmas period because once they're gone, they are gone, and they then technically class as like rare items in the game, so definitely make sure you complete this current event, and then obviously we have had a lot of star bundle updates; we've got likes of the Hades bundle in there, and we've also got Santa's.

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A few of us like the June bundles; a few of us that I mentioned in the previous V article got the NCTO, which looks insane. Obviously, you got Pander there as well, so there are quite a few bits that you can get in store, and there are still a lot of unreleased bundles so far that are supposed to come during the course of season 1, so definitely stay tuned for all those kinds of bundles that are coming.

I didn't make a full article on all 26 bundles that are supposed to be coming over season 1, so if you want to check that out, feel free to do so. For you guys to go and watch that after this article, but in regards to season one content as well, then we'll start over with Wars and what kind of stuff we're supposed to be getting, so obviously we've got the brand new ö Stam map and we've got like some vond Del and Asik, islands all come in, and we've got all the brand new movement system.

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But then we've also been waiting on getting Champions Quest. If you guys know where Champions Quest is, basically you have to win five games in a row, and then you've got to try and detonate a nuke in War Zone. Now, these are brand new War Zone skins that will come with this, so once you complete the you know the challenges, you will get a brand new operating skin that looks pretty cool.

Actually, Raven did leak this themselves. Well, teasers, should I say not leak the teasers with it, and it looks pretty damn awesome. This is definitely something I'm going to be aiming to try and get, and it will be quite a rare item to get because for people to try and win five games in a row, obviously, it's going to be difficult, especially since everyone's going to be wanting this skin right away.

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And then, of course, we've had some brand new DLC weapons so far this season, so in the battle pass, you can get the Ram 7 stormender and the XRK Stalker. However we was supposed to be getting two additional weapons in season, now you'll see a lot of things on the road map that does stay in season that you'll unlock stuff some things can come in the reload some things a little bit earlier and as we're aware we have got the tech evolver already the brand new lmg so you guys can go ahead and start using that right away get that ranked up and get the camos for it and it is pretty solid lmg to be fair so I definitely recommend you guys playing with it and checking it out but then we still got the HR.

M9 to arrive now this is an SMG that has not yet arrived and this is supposed to be coming in the brand new update, in regards to the season one reloaded, it looks a very good SMG, like the images of it looks awesome I've seen some footage of it, and it does look pretty cool, to be fair, so it is another SMG that is coming.

We're also going to be getting a huge buff SL Nerf on a lot of weapons as well, so there's going to be a lot of changes on weapons in season one reloaded. So get ready for that. There'll be a lot of new Mets in this game, and probably some Mets that we didn't think were possible, so obviously we'll just have to wait for that to see when those patch notes do get dropped.

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Now we do have another brand new 6v6 multiplayer map coming. Of course, we've already got meat, which is a pretty fire map, and then we've got Greece as well, which came in the season 1 launch, but we've also got Rio still yet to come, and that is coming in the season one reloaded, and this map looks pretty damn awesome as well, to be fair, so I am super stoked for that, and then also in multiplayer, we have got rank play.

Now rank play has been taken out obviously until this moment in like for this moment in time but it is coming back in season one reloaded. Now I actually really enjoy rank play, so hopefully there may be reduced skill-based matchmaking a little bit in the multiplayer lobbies. I highly doubt it, but it would make sense with rank players being there; that's the whole purpose of rank players playing people of the same rank and the same skill set as yourself, and then we've still got headquarters to come team gunfight, which is quite self-explanatory.

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And then obviously we've already got infected, which was supposed to be coming; that was part of the in-season content, but like I said, we've already got that as well, and then Vortex, so Vortex is a new kind of style mode that we're going to be seeing, so this is all coming with season one reload, which is part of the season one reloaded themes, so we're going to get Satan's Quarry, which is obviously a quarry that's very lava-looking.

We're also going to get tetanus, which is rust in its brand new version, and we're also going to get Spa Yard as well, which is obviously scrapyard. In this mode, basically what will happen is that one person will have a ray gun, and they'll be kind of like the boss of the game, so you'll have to try and kill them who have the ray gun, and then in regards to multiplayer, that is pretty much everything apart from the brand new event that will be coming, which is the boys event, so you're going to get likes of a train firecracker, and you're going to get souped up.

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It's exactly what's coming in regards to zombies, so that is pretty much everything that is coming. Obviously, we've got a lot more content coming further down the line. I'm hoping we're going to get some more information in regards to the Walking Dead, as that is going to be coming with season 2 content as well as is going to be event in season 2, which has already been leaked.

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