News - Warzone 2: All Season 1 Battlepass Items (tier 100 Rewards, Reactives & Blackcell)

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This is DK Dynamite for a full breakdown of the Season 1 battle pass for MW3.

Sector a1

Sector a1

Amod for those out there that may need that for an AC Mission over in Zombies just want to have an extra ammo mod acquisition, that's accessible to you here in this battle pass also an XP bonus, and then we also have an animated calling card called squeeze, the trigger, and there's also a blueprint in this first sector for the MCW.

If you have the black C bundle, you will get the Blood Rose Tracer impacts as well as Blood Rose pedal dismemberments. On this hot caution blueprint, which looks really damn sharp if you don't have black sawell, you still get the regular blueprint for the MCW called hot caution, which has a cool orange theme going on with it.


As you can see in the next sector, we have a Deadly Bloom emblem as well as a blueprint there for the AR9. And that looks really damn sweet. I believe that's also animated, and that's not part of Blacksell either, so that's really impressive for a first battle pass here in MW3. We're already seeing blueprints that look this good cosmetically; it's like season 7 for MW2.

That looks really damn sweet, and I got some really cool attachments as a part of this blueprint as well. I really can't complain about this at all. I mean, hey there, you have it, but also in the sector, there's an operator skin there featuring a black cell variant that kind of gets CAU off here in the recording, so I believe Matt started as he was recording this.

We also have an operator skin there for the flammable KV inhibitor. Fury also has an orange theme going on; there's also an XP bonus and some cod points, and I believe that's a calling card; it's not animated but still looks pretty cool; it is known as, let's see, anything that moves; and we also have an operator skin there for that.

modern warfare 3 season 1

Pathfinder features a black cell variant for those out there who do own that bundle. Again, it's really cool to see that if you guys have black cells, you get an animated version of the same operator skin, and this one still looks pretty different. The regular non-blacksell version with the hood and whatnot looks pretty damn sweet.

Again, it's still a black and gold theme going on with Black Cell this season, but still better than nothing. We also have a refined ether. Crystal, so the fact that you can Pack-a-Punch your weapon just by progressing a battle pass here means you can spawn in with that acquisition if you so please, that's cool.

I think that's better filler content than any other regular cosmetic like a charm or calling card stuff that you probably won't even use, so it's cool to see zombie consumables here in our pass. We also have a battle pass XP token for 15 minutes. We also have a charm called Red Wire, as well as this final item here, a Havoc Hawk large decal, and don't forget about the brand new DLC weapon, the XRK.

Sniper rifle, so you're going to be getting that here in sector A4, but then moving on to sector A5, we have two XP bonuses, pretty basic stuff, and also a blueprint for the tyr. Pistol the Smoke Maker is one of the best pistols you could probably use in the game as of right now.

Sector a5

Sector a5

I love what's going on here with the theme of this blueprint, as well as a finishing move called Mui Bueno AKA, which is very good if you guys know Spanish to English. And then we also have an operator skin for Enigma featuring that orange theme, which kind of makes it look like a little bit from model War 49.

mw3 battlepass zombies

But you also do get a black sole variant of that operator skin which is pretty damn sweet actually without the mask but with a hood instead bit of a different look and I love the whole animated effect you can see on the operator skin and moving on to sector A6 we have the armed and dangerous charm there as you can see also have an animated emblem, out of the fire and there's also an animated calling card lead rain followed by some C points and then there's even a vehicle skin there for those out there that were looking for more of those in this battle pass you get the fire Walker skin for the brand new coyote vehicle we'll be seeing with season 1 we also have what looks like a sticker there an XP bonus.

And we also have a boom ball charm pretty cool looking frag grenade and then a roaring fire large decal followed by the brand new Ram 7 assault rifle here in sector A7, of the battle pass but I'll taking a look at the completion sector for the season one battle pass again I know this wasn't really recorded in order but still better footage than anything we have the blacko variant for the tier 100 Nolan skin this is the scorcher black cell look it might just be one of the best tier 100 skins we've ever seen this of course the black Sal variant but even the base tier 100 version of Nolan, looks amazing I mean absolutely loving the look of this by far surpasses any tier 100 skin we ever saw in Vanguard sled Hammer's previous Call of Duty, this is absolutely mental right heavy Ghost Rider Vibes for those out there that do like that Marvel character.

mw3 new battlepass

But this is nuts. I mean, I really can't complain about this skin at all. Certainly worth hitting Tier 100, for then the Tier 100 blueprint is for the MTZ. 556 this is the furnace blueprints again it's fully animated you would think they would save a blueprint like this for an actual bundle but no it's actually in the battle pass which is relatively surprising now there isn't a blacks variant for this blueprint but there are of course Cod points also featured here in the completion, sector, so then going backwards here to sector a20 you got a blueprint there for the ram 7 the brand new assault rifle here in season 1 you always end up getting blueprints for the new DLC weapons in the brand new battle pass of course that was the black SL variant and this is the blueprint the allrounder.

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