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Blackcell season 1 trailer

Blackcell season 1 trailer

Welcome back to a brand new article. So today we got a brand new blog post from Call of Duty. This covers the operator skins, the cosmetics battle pass black cell, upcoming store bundles, and everything like that you need to know I'm covering here in today's article. So let's go ahead and get started.

This is the first photo that they ended up showcasing. Pretty much the official key artwork for the season 1 battle pass, and they said announcing the season 1 battle pass, the debut of season for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty War Zone is set to deliver some incredible new content across all three modes combined.

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With a battle pass featuring new Elite operator skins, fiery weapon Blueprints, and more, and what you're seeing right now is a little short trailer that they have for black sale, but other than that, you go on and they say the season 1 battle pass features 100 plus rewards, including three free new functional weapons and a new aftermarket part, and then it says to purchase the full battle pass for 1100 Cod points to access all season 1 content or get black cell for additional rewards.

And then this is what the official black cell photo looks like. So you have a new operator named Abatement. There's a brand new weapon blueprint. We sort of discussed this already yesterday, but this is just like the official artwork from Call of Duty. You have a brand new finishing move with 1100 Cod points granted right away.

You get the battle pass and 20-tier skips. remember if you have the Vault Edition, instead of the 20 tier skips you're actually going to get 50 tier skips and then you have the bonus operators which are going to be 10 extra operator black cell skins which actually look different from each other which I'm going to go ahead show you in a second and they have the weapon Blueprints and all that but they went ahead and showed another photo of black cell these are different operators with the black cell variant obviously abolisher, is in the middle then they're also holding the weapon blueprints that are going to be available in the battle pass as well I'm actually liking this artwork the way that they're doing this but then they also showcase the brand new weapon blueprint Another photo is called The Animated Man of War.

Haymaker Shotgun this also has the Blood Rose tracers, as well as the Blood Rose pedal dismemberment and death effect. I believe all the black cell variants are going to have this same exact Tracer effect, so there's a bunch of different weapons here that are going to have that, but the next one that we got says the warhorse, vehicle skin for the new coyote, and vehicle that's going to be available in the war zone, and then they also showed one more photo of the black cell, but then going on, they're going to showcase all the operators that are going to be available.

All season 1 battle pass operators

All season 1 battle pass operators

This is going to be the instant sector, so as soon as you purchase that battle pass, you will automatically get these. The first operator is going to be Nolan. You can see the left side is the normal Standard Version, and the right side is with the black cell as well, so if you have a black cell, you get both of these.

If you have the standard battle pass, you'll only get these skins on the left side. The second skin is going to be Doab Bay. Unfortunately, this is the only sector where you get an operator skin for her, so it's good. At least the black cell looks pretty nice and a little bit different from the original, but anyways, the next one that we have is going to be the foliage skin for Jet.

blackcell rewards mw3

This is going to be available in Sector A. The left side is normal, and the right side is going to be the black cell variant. Then it says gear up with a milsim look featuring a full body camo and a cape design to match the color and texture of the fallen leaves, and then you have the undaunted skin for Pathfinder.

This is going to be sector A3. It says battle pass skin. Pathfinder enters the battle in gray, orange, and black tactical gear, and then the additional variant is a more intimidating look with a black and gold-trimmed outfit featuring a pauldron with a golden skull, embezzled, on the armor, but the next one that we have is the residance skin for Enigma, and the left side got the guy with the hockey mask, and then the right side is completely different, so I'm liking the way that they're doing black cell here, where the actual operator variant is completely different rather than like the same exact skin just changing the color like we saw in MW2.

This sort of makes it look like you're actually getting more skins and the skin variety changes, and then it actually gets even more different because in sector A88, you have the speedrunner skin, and then on the left side, you have this doc operator. Standard Version, and then on the right side you have this brand new version, which looks completely different, and then going to the next one, you have the Refuge skin for scorch; the left side is the standard; the right side is the black cell; and this is what it will look like; and then following that, you're going on to the next one, which is going to be the Sigma skin for barbecue, available in Sector A17.

All weapons & blueprints in season 1 battle pass

All weapons & blueprints in season 1 battle pass

Along with that, there's also going to be other things like new weapon blueprints, vehicle skins, and additional content like something called a yellow barrel that says ultra-hot for the MTZ 762 battle rifle, and then they went ahead and showed another one, like for a sniper, it's called the carbonized.

And then they have another one called the charcoal, which is molten red, and then they have the M25. The tech industry is a little bit futuristic to match that one skin, but these are just all the different weapon blueprints that they ended up showcasing. Throughout the entirety of this. I'll just go ahead and spam all these different photos that are available, but most of them are going to have a standard version, and then they're going to have a black cell version.

Remember, the black cell is going to have Tracer rounds on them, so if you see any yellow or black ones, just know that they're going to have Tracer effects, and then the other ones are not going to have them; they're just going to be standard regular ones. These are just what are going to be available in the battle pass, but going on, they start mentioning some of the upcoming bundles, which we did talk about in yesterday's article, but just some more photos and stuff.

Mw3 season 1 mastercrafts & ultra operator skins

Mw3 season 1 mastercrafts & ultra operator skins

Utilizing bundles with operator Ultra skins or weapon mastercrafts for choosing from a variety of other themed content. What are Mastercraft weapons and Ultra Operator skins? Mastercraft weapons expect changes to the style and shape of the weapon compared to its base version, along with enhanced visual effects and possibly a unique weapon.

The Boys Bundles, Mastercrafts, Ultra Skins, MORE! ALL Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Operators.
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