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War Zone gives players a chance to have nearly perfect aim, whether it's having no recoil attachments, maybe changing a few settings, or just knowing in-game secrets. Well, in today's article, we are going to cover all of this, but to start off, let's first go over.

Field of view settings

The settings The first setting you guys want to look into is field of view.

When it comes to Battle Royale, field of view is important for many different reasons, but it's especially important to minimize the visual recoil of your weapon. This is because when you have a higher field of view, your optic will appear much smaller than it actually is, overall reducing the visual recoil you see because you have a more zoomed-out perspective, so I recommend changing this to anywhere between 100 and 120.

Now the next one you want to look into is the ADS field of view. This is basically a field of view, but it only takes place when you aim down the sights. For this setting, you want to change it to affected once again. It's going to make your iron sight smaller, making it that much easier to control your weapon because you're going to see less visual recoil.

Lastly, on this tab, scroll down to motion blur and turn both settings off. Also, if you want to turn the film grain to zero, this will help you see enemy characters easily because the game will look more defined.

Controller settings

Controller settings

Next up, we want to head over to the controller aiming tab and look to change the horizontal and vertical sensitivity because this will affect how quick or slow your regular and your aim-down sight sensitivity are at the end of the day. This is a personal preference. I know people that play on five, and I know people that play on 10, but I highly recommend settings between five and eight, so if you don't know what number to pick, start off at five, see how quick it is or how slow it is, and then move it up one notch until you find that sweet spot for you.

Now scroll down the ad sensitivity multiplier and change this to 08; at default, it is 1.0, which I feel is way too fast when you take on long-range gunfights. Having a lower sensitivity will benefit you because it makes it easier to snap on to that aim assist bubble as compared to having a faster sensitivity.

You may overshoot your target completely and miss that aim assist bubble, and lastly, before you move on, you want to go down to the aim response curve type and change this to dynamic. This will give you the ability to make smaller micro-adjustments in your aim. As well as making your crazy swings in your aim if you wanted to, it gives you more freedom when you're aiming as compared to the standard you're going to have, like that slower startup.

If you want to make a heavy swing, you definitely want to change that to dynamic. And then, as far as the assist type goes, I'm pretty sure everybody agrees that default is the standard one right now and the best one to go to.

Recoil patterns

Recoil patterns

Now that we're done going over the settings, let's actually talk about a very important tip that a lot of people overlook, and that is going to be understanding.

The Recoil pattern of your gun so what you want to do is build out a gun, preferably a lower recoiling weapon like the SVA. If you don't have a build for it, just copy my build right here, but what you want to do is take it over to the firing range, and then from here you want to stand against this barrier right here and then look over here and just empty a complete mag against the wall.

aiming tips

And then what you're going to start to notice is that every time you do this, you're going to see a pattern; they're never identical. But the shapes that they take are always similar, so with a gun like this, you see that it kicks up and then goes over to the left a little bit, so that just lets you know to make a mental note in your mind that whenever you're shooting anybody with this weapon, you want to make sure that you're holding the analog stick down a little bit as well as to the right.

And then what's going to happen is that you're going to go from a straight line like that to, hopefully, a smaller circle like this.

How to abuse aim assist

So We are now at the point in the article where we can talk about shooting targets and taking advantage of aim assist when it comes to Call of Duty. There are two different types of aim assist.

The one that we all know about is the right analog aim assist, which simply means that if you just hover over somebody, you get that slowdown effect, but now you also get aim assist in your left analog stick, so whenever you strafe across somebody, you see that my character is kind of like pivoting around.

Them, so how you want to take advantage of this is that by doing this, you want to aim down and then strafe as well as use your right analog stick to stay on target. This is going to make your aim look almost perfect, and another thing you can do if you're not able to completely strafe is to simply go left and right like this. By doing this, you're still getting the left analog aim assist as well as the right, so now when you combine everything I showed you in today's article, your aim should come out looking something like this, so once again, straight left and right back and forth, and then you're going to be hitting almost 60% on three targets at two plates.

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