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Today, we're looking at the pin for ultimate tier 4. The White Lotus mission, called Caved in this mission, essentially tasks you with traveling to a specific area on the map by boat, obtaining a document at that area, swapping it for another document in your inventory, and then extracting that stolen document.

I'll share some general tips as to the right way to approach this mission and all of the different locations you should be going to, and hopefully we can get you through this easy peasy lemon squeezy. But first and foremost, this mission used to be bugged before the Season 1 Reloaded patch, but that has since been addressed.

The issue was that you could not replace the smuggled documents with sensitive documents from your inventory, and therefore, you couldn't complete the third step in this mission. Now, that, as mentioned, has been solved, and you can successfully complete this mission in a group or solo, whichever is your choice, but what I think this mission actually needs to have done is have an additional step added at the beginning of the mission mentioning, "The acquisition of sensitive documents." The bottom line is that if you are unsuccessful in finding sensitive documents somewhere on the map, you should not be attempting this mission.

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That should be the first step for you—not approaching the cave in a boat but rather finding sensitive documents somewhere on the map, and then once you get those, you actually kick off and you start going through the steps in this mission until you get to the point where you swap the smuggling documents for the sensitive documents and you successfully extract them.

That then means that, most importantly, you should be concentrating on finding sensitive documents. Somewhere on the map now, I can share a simple location where you have a relatively good chance of finding this. This is, of course, rooms 302 and 303 in the Sunken Village. This is of course the area where previously in a mission you would have had to come to find the golden eagle, so this location oftentimes, especially in Room 303, spawns sensitive documents.

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You can see me getting some right now. The only problem with this is that this area is usually heavily contested by players that are either doing the gold in the Eagle Mission or just simply coming to this location to gear up since oftentimes these two rooms also spawn good armor and good bags. The reason this area is so popular is because you can access both of these rooms without having keys.

To them, since these are locked locations, you can simply do that by going to the top of the roof and jumping through the skylights on both of these rooms and then essentially looting them from the inside out and leaving, so this is a reason why this is so popular now. I have come across sensors of documents in many other locked locations on the map, and you are absolutely able to try and find those by bringing some keys in with you or finding some keys and then going to those locations, and by the way, check out the channel for all my articles showing key locations and where they are, so you can absolutely do that, but if you don't have any keys and you spawn close to Saguar Village, then that should be your first stop to see if you can find some sensitive documents.

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Now, with the sensitive documents in your inventory, you find yourself a boat and travel along this route to This area here is essentially the cave entrance, where you need to be driving in with a boat now. This completes the first step of your three-step mission here; if you swim in here, you will not accomplish that, and you actually have to drive the boat a little bit into the cave, essentially to the area where you can start refueling and repairing your boat.

These boats, especially the small rubber ducks, are very sensitive, and they can explode super easily; usually, what an RPG hit is more than enough, and a couple of birds from an LMG will do it as well, so I'd hate for you to have to lose your boat right there at the point where they fail your first step, and then have to swim out like a fish and find yourself another boat once you're in the cave, once you've taken that first step and you've killed all the enemies and you've secured the area.

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This is the room that you should be targeting. You'll see the smuggling documents on the floor next to the barrier, so you pick those up, and that is not going to give you credit yet for the Second Step because you have to actually successfully extract, and then with the sensitive documents in your inventory, you will get a prompt to place them down in exactly the same place that the smuggling records were.

As soon as you do that, you will get credit for the third step, and then what you need to do is simply extract. As mentioned, you have to do all of this in one deployment, so at this point, your primary focus should be finding a safe way to extract one of the three, whichever one seems more safe for you, or, if you want to be really, really careful, finding yourself a hostage rescue contract.

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And that, right there, is actually going to give you your own personal extraction; once you do this, you will get created on all three steps of this mission, and you will finally be ready for Tier 5 and White Lotus Baby, and that, right there, is it for the mission as well as the article. Also, be sure to check out the channel for other DMZ missions that you might be struggling with.

EASY SOLO Caved In Mission Completion for White Lotus | Call of Duty Warzone 2. 0 DMZ.
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