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Today we have a article on a new solo, unlimited, XP glitch 4. Warzone: This works for both the DMZ and the war zone. You're going to be able to do this, and you're going to have so much fun getting tons of XP for all of your weapons quickly. Let's move on to the first step, which is to load up into either the DMZ or a warzone.

Warzone I'm gonna show you guys. You know this works in both modes, but the first one is going to be DMZ. Now, here I am doing this with a controller, so all I need to do is go right into your settings and make sure you have a tab to reload on. Then, you want to go into your game. Now, this is so easy to do.

All you do is find an item, hover over it, and make sure the item is on the ground naturally. You do not want to go to a chest to pick it up, and you want to make sure you hit this on your first go because if you don't, then it's most likely not going to work at all for the item afterwards, so. Go into the item, and then you want to hold down the button to pick it up.

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Right after you hold down the button to pick it up, you then want to hold down the button to stow it, and then it should double pick it up. That's it no tapping to interact, or nothing. You want to make sure you're still holding down the button to pick it up when you start holding down the button to stow it, and then you guys should get it super easily.

The timing really isn't important at all once you guys do it; once you go ahead and drop it, you want to do it yet again. With cash, you're going to be able to duplicate the cash over and over again, but just keep in mind that if the item just doesn't work after a few tries, go to a different item and try again.

This is perfect because you can do this with gold bars and get a massive amount of money in the DMZ as well. You can do this with actual cash on the ground. Just make sure the cash on the ground is not in the chest but just lying there naturally, and just do the same thing for the cash. For the cash, you're going to see that it will only give you 500 extra per time.

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So keep that in mind. That's why, honestly, it's better to kind of duplicate valuables instead of cash on the DMZ since you get more money for valuables. Go to your keybinds, and then set the stash button to J and the interact button to K. You want to find an item just like you did with the console, and now I'm going to pull a camera out of my hands so you guys can see exactly what I'm doing.

You're going to have your middle finger and your ring finger fully extended, just like you see me now. You want to hover over the item that you want to duplicate; as you can see here, this item that actually sells for $2,000 and $2,500 means we are going to be getting an unlimited amount of debt, and you want to take those two fingers and simply push down on both keys, just like I do in the article.

That right there should already have timed it perfectly for you, and it should just work right away as you can see when I look into my backpack; it doesn't tell me that I did get two of the item when it should have only gotten one, and simply at this point, you just want to rinse and repeat; you really don't need to time anything; you just take your two fingers and simply just push them down, and then it should automatically kind of just time it for you on the keyboard.

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If you buy armor, that will give you XP if you're on the DMZ, but keep in mind that there is an even better way to get XP. Now explain that in just a minute. Let me finish explaining this, but basically, you see here, have the weapon that you want out, and spam these armor plates like I said. If you want more XP per armor, play by the rules, and I recommend you do this in a war zone because you do get more XP per armor.

Once you duplicate your money, go over to the armor place and buy armor again, making sure you have the weapon that you want in your hands. If you're in a war zone, you sadly can't sell valuables. So you're just going to have to do cash, so keep that in mind. But anyway, that's it. That is a full explanation of how this glitch works.

Just keep in mind that Warzone gives you even more XP.

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