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black mous harmful waves

This mission tasks you with killing 35 enemies with a specific weapon configuration in a specific place. Originally. Let's go so looking at the mission text itself, it mentions that we have to kill 35 enemies with a suppressed Marksman rifle with headshots. Zai Observatory at a range of fewer than three meters—that's a hell of a lot packed into one sentence, so essentially the 35 enemies—that's cool, Zai.

Observatory, that's fine; we know it's this area in the map here, and specifically, this area can also be where the weapons spawn. In those cases, if that is the DMZ and there is a weapons case spawn circle in this area. I would advise you to wait for a team to clear this area out first and extract the case, or potentially not attempt it during that particular drop.

You're going to need some room to maneuver around, and having the additional stress of potentially having to PVP other players might not exactly help you in this case, but in the end, that's up to you, and I'll leave that up to you. The "suppressed designated Marksman rifle" portion, here, simply means that you could use any one of the Marksman rifles, and just as long as you have a suppressor on there, you're good to go.


That is the weapon that will work in this particular case now; I personally use the EBR for this, but you can absolutely use the spr-208. The attack, m, is also really good here, so whichever one of these weapons you've unlocked suppressors for and feel more comfortable using, use that. The two points that I mentioned in the intro of this article where I originally thought that maybe this mission might be bugged are that, first of all, the three meters that you have to kill an enemy from to me feels like it needs to be like one meter and that you essentially have to get the point-blank kill award.

That's the only time when it actually counts as part of your 35 kills. The second thing is actually that I wasn't able to register any kills that counted while ad-singing. While this isn't mentioned in the text of the mission, I feel that there is perhaps a hidden requirement here that you have to be shooting from the hip.

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You'll notice in the footage that's playing in the background that all of the kills that I'm getting that are registering are all accounting for the 35 kills that I'm actually getting from hip shots, so my advice to you would be to play the inside and outside of buildings as you see on the footage, essentially trying to coax enemies into coming into the building sometimes.

AI will just charge blindly into a room, but a lot of the time they will post on the outside or inside of doors, essentially sitting on the corner of them and then peeking out and trying to get shots on you. Those are the easy enemies that you can essentially just run up to, put the gun right against their head, and then pull the trigger.

Being mindful of those two things is what enabled me to finally start seeing progress in this mission, and I was able to complete it in two deployments, getting 34 of my 35 kills in one drop and then literally the last one in the second drop. This is good news to you then as well because it means that you can split it across multiple deployments, which certainly does lessen the pain of this mission a little bit, and that's going to be it for the article.

call of duty warzone 2 dmz

Either way, it's just super important to me that you have a fantastic morning, afternoon, and evening, wherever you are in the world, and until next time, Cheers.,.

EASY SOLO Harmful Waves Mission Completion for Black Mous | Call of Duty Warzone 2. 0 DMZ.
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