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I managed to take a level 1 weapon all the way to max level in only 20 minutes, and I'm going to show you how to do it. D this method is even faster than playing multiplayer, and it's all done within ResurgencAshikasIsland, so even if you're a player, you can still level up your gunfast. IItfast it can easily be played solo, or you could bring some friends along to help you out, and it all revolves around sneakily focusing on completing specific quests, looting whilst doing so, and moving your way around the map as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Loadout setup (guns, equipment & perks)

Possible The first thing you need to do is select your weapon of choice and add it as an item. A inimary example,of your lmydouts. In this example, I chose my Level 1 M16, which I hadn't mastered at all yet. Ifhat's secondary weaponry is terrible. If it's a secondary weapon, like a pistol, that you want to level up, then it'll be slightly more challenging since you'll need it.


in order to get your hands on it. In the loadout, for the rest of the contents, it's not a make-or-break situation; you can just buy the primary at a buy station, however. You may as well set up the rest of the game so you can land on the free loadout later on and some of the other bits that I'm going to recreate.

Theht help you a lot with this method. The primary aim of the loadfast is to avoid enemies and stay moving fast; move at maximum speed between contracts as a secondary to move at max speed in between contractsThere, to refresh my tax Sprint lethneed. Therego, there's not really anything we really need, so I'm broke, withdrawal charges are packaged, we're pretty broke, and then tax the perk package; you want double tnerf for tnerf for Max Tax's spring duration battle has hardened to nerf all of the up-and-coming tactical calls that might revive you or slow you down.

Finally ghost will constantly refresh stimuli, stay mobile, and F. Nally Once deleted, Onceost will stay off that minimap from any UAV photoloadout. Thece you've done all that, makebecome veryyou favorit shortly,dout. The reason that we do an XPis will become very clear very shortly, obviously. A double weapon An XP token is a massive help before you jump in, and you can get some on the free server.

tWee pass, so pop one of those befquads or jump in if you've got one. Wesolobe jumping into urgent quads, and even if you are doing this solo or with one friend, make sure that the squad fill is on this way so that if and when you die in game, there'll still be a decen. Admit it, guys, a teammate will be alive, and you'll be creators; respawn now.

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Free extra weapon xp!

Free extra weapon xp!

They are out, landing as quickly as possible, lobbying, and shooting some AFK parachuters. With your grades, you're trying to level up. There are a ton of free kills available in the.

Early game steps (landing & looting)

Even though XP gains can be quite small, you can still get a couple of crucial levels before the game even starts.

Early game steps (landing & looting)

When the station begins, you're looking for a landing area that's ideally situated near a scavenger or most-wanted cargo and also a buy station. You see and hear directly on that contract: a. Theideveloperst up before any enemies can steal it away from you, and then your goal is to be able to buy your first gun.

The developeit hite blessed us this season with a ton more cash in the innards and on the floor. 2.5K is very impressive once you've got it. Hit up the near-scavengers.

How to complete scavengers correctly & quickly

aThese and buy your gun. terAshikaththe islandal contracts you're doing, let's start off by talking about scavengers. These have been reintroduced to Ash-Almasra.

The thing about Warzone is that they are so much bigger and easier to complete than the safe racks that we have on Almasra. The quick thing to note here is that you are avoiding enemies; you are not shooting anyone. The focus is just on completing the contract as quickly as possible. If you're doing this with a friend or two, it becomes even quicker and easier because you can split up and go get a chest each if they're in slightly different areas.

Even if you're doing this solo, you might get lucky and have teammates who help you complete it. And while y are 're moving to the actual scavenger boxesexpertise. You should also open up other containers that you come across along the way, because these also contain nice little amulets of weapon expertise.

You just are. If you make sutfind, you've got the gun you want to level up in your hands when that quest ends and the scavenge game is completed.

Here's how to level up guns FAST in Warzone 2 Season 2 by ignoring enemies and focusing on specific contracts on Ashika Island.
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