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We've already done this similarly for Legion and White Lotus, and the Tier 1 missions for Crown are not that difficult, although slightly more difficult than the previous two factions that I just mentioned nonetheless. We will cover each one of these missions in short snippets, giving some tips for you to get through this fast and solo so you can get onto Tier 2 and onto better stuff.

Arms trading

now First up in starting us off is a mission called arms trading, which expects three things from you: first of all, to kill 20 alcatella soldiers, and then, secondly, and thirdly, to extract their weapons, namely, 2 cast-offs of 74 weapons and the F9 case now. The weapons kit of the Alcatel soldiers includes these two weapons as well as rbk shotguns and so on, but after going through 20 of these soldiers, you will absolutely have the required amount of weapons needed to extract.

Now, in terms of where you need to be going to do this. I haven't been able to find any Alcatel soldiers on Ashika Island since this is all just Shadow Company, so you absolutely need to be heading to the old map Al Majra and then 99 of them. The enemies that you kill will be from Katala. Going in with a primary and having a free slot as well as your backpack available, you'll be able to drag two of these four required weapons out per extraction, which means that you need a minimum of two to three drops in to get this done.

Golden ticket

Golden ticket

Next up at number two is the golden ticket. This mission essentially expects you to obtain the Building 21 axis keycard. Building 21 is of course the second location that was added in season one reloaded, and generally speaking, there are many ways in which you can acquire this card, but the three most direct routes would be to kill the command ship, the Hilo.

Nine out of 10 times, you will find a Building 21 axis card in the crate that falls out of the destroyed helicopter. Around the 10-minute mark, on Al Maja, you will see supply crates dropping onto the map generally; speaking generally, these also have a high chance of having one of these cards on them, and then, last but certainly not least, you can also buy these cards from certain buy boxes now that the price is so, so high.

all crown season 2

I believe it's 30K on an Ashika island and 40K on Al Majra, but nonetheless, as you can see in the footage in the background, yeah, I opted for that route. I farmed out the 40K, bought the card, and then extracted to get Mission completion, the third mission, is non-discriminatory.


And this has two parts: the first part expects you to kill eight alcatella soldiers, and the second part expects you to kill five shadow company soldiers in the same deployment.

Now, to do this, you need to be dropping onto Al Majra, where there are no alcatella soldiers to speak of, or at least none that I found on a Chica Island, so you will need to do this in the first location. El Majra, and once you do that again, 99 of the enemies that you kill on the Al Majra map are alcatella soldiers, so you'll be able to get those eight super easily now.

To get the Shadow Company, the easiest thing is to go to the new area that was added in season two that is part of the City Caves here. Essentially, you have a giant cargo plane that has crashed and scattered its wreckage all over the place, and you will find the Shadow Company crawling all over this area. You only need five of them, so enter in from the north, kill them around the wreckage of the cargo plane, and you'll be done.

Recon flyover

Recon flyover

The fourth mission, called Recon Flyover, expects us to acquire a recon drone and tag 10 enemies with a recon drone at her feet. port specifically, which is on Al Majra, and then in the third mission requirement, we need to kill 10 enemies at the same location at her feet port with a suppressed weapon.

Now specifically when it comes to the recon drone, of course you can find these around in the map, and I would advise you to go to armories and look for them there if you don't have one with you, but of course you can also drop into the map with a recon drone equipped. So simply, head on over to her feet.

Port Find yourself a place where you can hide where enemies can't find you since there seems to be something new in season 2: when the enemies see a recon drone, it makes them essentially aggressive. Approach where the recon drone is coming from, a.k.a., where you're lying on the ground with the iPad out so.

Be careful of that. Find an area where you can deploy this recon drone, and then simply fly around and tag these enemies. There are tons of enemies hanging around at her feet, so you should have no problem, but you can also re-tag the same enemies after waiting a while for their tag to fade. Once you've done those 10 you can simply throw away the drone and switch to your suppressed weapon; in my case I was using an M4; and mow these enemies down now bear in mind you don't need to do all these three things at the same time within the same deployment; in my case I actually did the suppressed weapon kills long before I completed the recon drone tagging, but either way once you complete all three of these you'll be done with them.

M4 weapons testing

M4 weapons testing

Then speaking of M4s and moving us on to Mission Number Five, M4 weapons testing, this mission has two parts to it. The first part expects us to kill 10 enemies from a distance greater than 100 meters with an M4 weapon type, and then you also need to kill one enemy player and one enemy operator with an M4 as well.

Now in the background, right now, you can see the M4 that I configured specifically for this mission and dragged in as my insured weapon, but you don't need to do this floor looting in force. That will also work just fine for making progress on this mission nonetheless. In the first part of the mission, find an area of the map where you either have The High Ground or where you have long distance sight lines, and simply ping the AI.

all tier 1 crown missions completed easy and solo warzone 2.0 dmz season 2

Then, adjust your distance manually and pop off on them. I specifically did this in a feed port, which might not have been the best decision since her feed port has a lot of missions and a lot of extractions around it. days in season two, but nonetheless, pick an area that you can do this in without being disturbed too much by enemy players, and you should be able to rack up these 10 kills relatively fast now.

As for the operator kill, the M4 weapon is not a piece of junk; it is a very decent assault rifle, so you should be able to mop up an enemy, an enemy player, or a human being quite easily with whichever version of this weapon you have. I was quite lucky; I literally had someone run past me not seeing me, and I just mowed them down.

ALL Tier 1 Crown Missions Completed EASY and SOLO | Call of Duty Warzone 2. 0 DMZ Season 2.
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