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Today I want to talk about the VR11. Case and how you guys can be farming this thing up before we get the schematic for it here in about a week and a half. I've been having a pretty high chance of finding myself the scorcher and the vr11. Case now, I'm sure most of you know how I'm going to be doing this, and that is by unlocking those locked rooms that are all over the dark ether.

I probably should have made this article a while ago, but I've had quite a few comments from people asking me exactly where these keys are and what doors they unlock. With the look that I've had the last couple of days in here. I found at least three or four of these things over the last couple of days, so I just kind of wanted to go through quickly here with the scorcher case and exactly show you guys the four locations that I always check for these Wonder Weapons.

I know there are a lot more keys and other rooms that you guys can check as well, but from my personal experience, what I've noticed is that in all of these other rooms there are just powerups that spawn in there; there's not really anything else that's going to be in those rooms, so they're kind of a waste of time.


Usually, when I do these dark ether runs and I go for those Wonder Weapons, that's usually the last thing I do. I usually do the contracts first, and then I go for the Wonder Weapons. Well, in this run here, we're actually just going to go straight for those keys, and I'm going to go one by one. We're going to go and pick up the key, and then we're going to go over to the room that unlocks.

Simple they put them pretty close to the rooms that they should be unlocking. There is one or two that even to this day I get kind of confused on, but like for this one, it's really easy we're just going to grab the key here, and then we're going to boost up and the room is actually just across the street in the Fortress we're going to go in this door right here make a right and the door is going to be locked to our left now unfortunately no wonder weapons in here this time, but that's all right on to our next location.


And this one is going to be relatively, simple too we're going to boost straight up in the sky and then we're going to be aiming for that well that is right outside, of the holdout Mission area once you get down inside that hole it might take you a second to find it but just look around on all of those boxes that are down there it's going to be just sitting on top of one of those boxes, but once you found that key this one is really easy to get to this room we're just going to grab that zipline, and go back up and go back into the hold out Mission room while we kill off a few of these mimics and zombies here we're going to go up the stairs to the left and then it's going to be the door that's directly in the middle and in this one we actually ended up finding a Wonder WF case and I will definitely take that I love this wonder weapon that's really the thing with doing this too guys is you can find any of the Wonder Weapons in here it is all RNG, but any of them do have a chance of spawning in here I find VR 111s I find scorchers.


I find Wonder ws and ray guns lately it really does seem like the more that I do this when I'm in the Elder ether, that I find a lot more scorcher, cases in VR 111s as of lately now our next one that we're going to get is the key that's on the very top of the Fortress now all of these keys are actually accessible, on foot now for this one if you guys don't know all you have to do is jump across the bulldozer, and a couple of the vehicles to get over here once we grab this key the room that we need to unlock is directly, underneath of us so all we got to do is just drop straight stra down and go underneath the Fortress and it's going to be that little locked prison cell and unfortunately, nothing in here so we're on to our very next location.

And it's going to be at the main entrance of the fortress. If you go in here on the desk, there's going to be a key sitting right there on the desk on the left-hand side. Now you'll notice here that in order to find where this one is, all you have to do if you have the scorcher is boost straight up, and it's going to be that little pathway that's along the left-hand side of the fortress.


Now this is the one that I always really get confused on, and I could never just find where this place was when I had the scorcher. I finally kind of figured it out, and it was really easy for me to find, but whenever I'm on foot, this one is always really confusing. But finally, getting in here, we did end up getting a ray gun case—a damn ray gun.

But as you can see here in the other room that's right next to it, this is another room that you can unlock with one of those other keys that are hidden out here on the map, but as you can tell through the wall right here, the only thing that's in here is a PowerUp, so it's not really worth your time.

I'm not really sure why they put a bunch of locked rooms with just powerups out here; it doesn't really make any sense. I mean, if you had more things to do out here in the dark ether, maybe it would make a little bit more sense, but I don't know why you would go through the trouble of finding keys just to get a power-up.


If you find yourself coming into the Elder Dark Eternity, I would say that doing this is definitely worth it. Hell, even if you are just going into the regular dark ether, it's definitely worth it just to try, but as of late, from my testings whenever I come into the Elder, I seem to find those things a lot.

You can also find the vr11 case from defeating the red worm, but I don't know. I kind of think that coming in here and doing some things inside of the Elder is a little bit easier than doing that. Unfortunately, we didn't find any VR 111s on this particular run, but I really just wanted to show you guys exactly where those keys are and where the rooms are, and now you guys can come in here and find these things for yourselves on your next run, and I don't know why, but lately, whenever I am planning to come into the dark ether.

I usually run into a group of people that are getting ready to do the red worms, so I'll usually go off and do that with them first before I head off into here, so the loot runs of the last couple of days have honestly just been kind of insane, and I got a couple of articles that are on the back burner that I can't wait to get to you guys.


Not only am I speaking for myself, but I know a lot of other up-and-coming content creators right now probably really appreciate it. I've been seeing a lot of people just pulling in some amazing views from this game. It's kind of funny that sometimes I kind of feel like some of the content creators out here are actually pulling more viewers than people who are actually playing the game.

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