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leveling up weapons is obviously quite hard in mod 3 and War Zone methods are constantly changing, so here is the current, new most broken way to level up your weapons in mod 3 and War Zone season 2 be sure to leave a like if you find this article useful and check out my other season 2 guides like how to level up the battle pass fast, how to earn bones fast in the hord hunt event war zone tips camera guid zombies guid that kind of thing there's going to be time stamps in the description if you want to jump to a specific part of the article but I'm going to try and make this article as short and as simple as possible we talk about the new fastest ways to level up your weapons in mod 3 multiplayer, zombies and then war zone and discuss quickly the best ways overall before we carry on with the article If you're looking to permanently unlock the new Monifa 3 Mastery camos or play in bot lobbies to max out your guns and unlock CES quickly or get your hands on an instant delivery premade account then be sure to check out Mitch cactus.

Mw3 class setup weapon xp

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Without further ado, let's get straight into it. First things first, let's start off with multiplayer.

Mw3 best weapon xp method in mp!

Mw3 best weapon xp method in mp!

Which is one of the new small maps in season 2? It's a new map from MH Pit. It's a very nice, small map. It's different from shipment, so if you're bored with that, definitely go on to this. It's not the best, but it's pretty good. It's close quarters and quite small, so I do like that it seems even smaller than meat as well.

best way to level up guns in

There is also a small MH pit, which is great; it's got four very small maps in it; it's got stash; it's got a house, which is this new one; it's got rust. It's got a shipment, and it's got meat from season 1, so four great small maps. Really like that playlist definitely, play something like that if you want to level up your weapons fast if it's outside of that time there might be like a rust or shipment playlist or something like that so play one of those small map MH pits and then once you're in the game that's going to get you a good amount of XP just playing the mode but most people will kind of just blindly run around, map getting some kills thinking they leveling up weapons and while they will it's not the fastest way to do it so let's quickly talk about the fastest way you actually do need to level up your weapons, in multiplayer and what you need to actually be doing in game so of course getting kills is an important part of weapon XP so obviously you want to try and push for as many kills as you can but when you spawn in there's something else you need to focus on so obviously you need to focus on using your decoy grenades and this is because they give you weapon XP so what you want to be doing is throwing, them around the map into high flow areas where they're going to come across enemies the more you throw, the more decoy.

fast weapon xp

Assist XP you're going to get, and therefore more weapon XP for your weapon, so it definitely is a nice bonus. It's not going to be the main part of it, but it's definitely going to be a good bonus to your weapon XP so you can get to each level a bit faster, so keep throwing the decoy grenad in every single time you spawn and throw them quickly somewhere into a high flow area or near an objective, and then you want to keep rushing around getting kills.

fast weapon xp mw3

Now you can either use the Dos or the trophy system like we said and whatever it is you just need to wait till it recharges, as a field upgrade if you're using the Dos obviously try and use it when there's equipment nearby or enemies that you can dos, that will get you nice XP quite quickly over and over whereas the trophy system put it into a high flow area especially if you're playing a map like shipment or something where there's lots of enemies nearby on an objective put it there loads of people are going to Chuck equipment and it's going to obviously destroy that and give you XP alongside it so keep using your field upgrade use your decoy grenades use your lethal equipment as well to keep throwing into areas and get kills and obviously use your weapon as well to get kills and XP, the last main thing you want to go for and this is a massive part of it is the objective, this is going to make a massive part of the XP you get so if you're playing kill confirmed pick up the tags if you're playing domination or Hardo.

Capture those zones, as well as actually capture them. You also want to make sure you're getting kills at the same time, so if you're shooting enemies that are on domination or hard points, you get attacker XP, and you get the opposite, which is Defender XP. Enemies while you're on your objective, that's going to get you a lot of XP as well, more than just capturing the objective or getting kills, so definitely worth trying to do that as much as you can, and as well, it's just make sure you're using your weapons to destroy enemy equipment, enemy field upgrades, and enemy kill streaks, and obviously, make sure you're using your kill streaks, field upgrades, and equipment as well.

Try and go for more exciting kills, like headshots and long shots—that kind of thing that's going to get you more XP as well, and that's pretty much it for multiplayer. Fairly standard, but let's talk about zombies and War Zone because they have changed a bit.

Mw3 weapon xp fast zombies - method 1

Mw3 weapon xp fast zombies - method 1

For zombies, this is kind of changing quite a lot; it used to be fantastic. It's still okay if you do the right thing, and I'll explain what you want to do. So before you start the game, make sure you put on the weapon you want to level up on, obviously put on a field upgrade such as an energy mine, and put on a seex.

fastest way to level up guns in

Or something like that and then a stim or decoy grenade, and then obviously activate a double weapon XP token if you're out of a double weapon XP weekend then what you want to do is you want to launch into game and there's about three or four different methods you can do in Zombies, the first one which is the most useful at the moment I'd say involves a glitch and specifically what you want to do is you want to go and start the Outlast, contract now this was great before but then obviously it's been patched but there's a new glitch going on with this so what you want to do is start the Outlast contract, go to that area, that little sort of purple dark ether themed hardpoint Zone activate the p&, and then just stay on the Zone it will go up it will capture it you don't want it to complete so make sure you don't get a t% but wait till it gets to about 90 to 95%.

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