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So now that season 2 has reloaded, here is the fastest way to level up your weapons quickly in one, 3, and War Zone. We're going to keep this article as short and simple as possible, but if you do find it useful, make sure to drop a like so that other people can find this article too, and similarly, feel free to check out my other season 2 guides, like how to level up the battle pass fast, war zone tips, camo guides, and weapon unlock guides.

For that kind of thing, I'm going to have time stamps in the description if you want to jump to a specific part of the article without further ado. Let's get straight into the tips. So we're going to be covering three main modes; as usual, we're going to be covering mods for 3 multiplayer, zombies, and then War Zone, and we'll talk about which mode is best overall.

Mw3 class setup weapon xp

best way to level up guns in modern warfare 3

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So far, they've got almost 10, 000 reviews on Trust Pilot, so if any of that sounds good to you guys, then make sure to use code Rager for 5% off for a limited time only. So starting out straight away with multiplayer, you do want to have a class that's going to boost your amount of weapons. XP, and this is the class you want to put on, so for your class, put on the demolition vest, the scavenger, gloves, the stalker boots, and the gear most important is the demolition vest so you can resupply lethal and tactical equipment, and then for the equipment, you want to put on decoy grenades for the tactical equipment as that counts towards weapons.

XP seex or something like that for lethal, and for the field upgrade, put on dos or trophy systems, and then put on whatever score streaks you want.

Mw3 best weapon xp method in mp!

Mw3 best weapon xp method in mp!

Now, in terms of what modes are best. Currently in the game, we've got new maps for season 2 reloaded, and we've got Dash House 247, which is a map of Moss Pit back all the way from Call. Vanguard. It's actually quite a good map. I quite like it, and it looks different in this game. Not too bad, I'd say, so definitely worth hopping into that one.

It plays similar to Shipman and Shoot House, but it's different, which is nice. Alternatively, there is a small map called Mosh Pit, which I really like because it's got all the best Close Quarters maps in Weld 3. You've got Dash House, Stash House, rust shipment, and meat, so it's a great combination of small mosh pits.

I think sledg games have really got it this year that we want small maps, not big boring maps that you can't play on. It's a great MH pit, and you're going to get high kills in whatever map you play, so it doesn't really matter small MH pit; it's probably better for a nice variety, but D house is good too.

fast weapon xp modern warfare 3

Outside of that, there'll be other modes normally involved. Some of those variations of small maps, anyway, go onto the map Mosh Pit like that in multiplayer. Obviously, aim for kills and push for that to get weapon XP, but also make sure you're throwing your decoy grenades. You're going to charge up your field upgrade, and that's either going to be a DS or trophy system.

Trophy system is better if you put it down in a high FL area where people or chucking equipment are, as you'll obviously get more XP from it; otherwise, dos is fine. Either way, it doesn't really matter; just use what's good, and basically, you want to keep cycling between getting kills using your decoys and using your field upgrades.

You also want to go for the objective as much as you can, so if it's kill confirmed, obviously pick up the tags if it's domination or Hardo. Capture the zones and defend them from the enemies that's going to get you a massive bulk of the XP both capturing and defending, and obviously if you're getting kills combined with that, it's going to get you even more XP, so fantastic to go through the objective as well as make sure you're using your weapons to destroy enemy equipment.

Field upgrades and kill streaks, and use your equipment for upgrades and kill streaks as well. Don't forget that lethal things like sexes count too, as do kill streaks, so that's pretty much it. Finally, just make sure you're going for more exciting kills as well, which earn you medals like head shots, long shots, and bloodthirsties; they will get you more XP too, so that's the faster way to level up your weapons in multiplayer, which is fairly straightforward.

What about if you're playing zombies well?

Mw3 weapon xp fast zombies

Mw3 weapon xp fast zombies

In Zombies, things have been a bit stagnant for a while. We've got new missions, which is good. I haven't delved into that yet, but there may be some other fantastic weapon. XP methods, but as far as I know there aren't, and so the fastest way is pretty much what we had before, so basically there's four main things.

I'll talk about them very quickly. Obviously, make sure you get a class with a field upgrade, a good piece of lethal equipment, decoy grenades, and ideally a weapon. XP token or if you're playing on a double weapon. XP Weekend Put on the weapon you want to level up, and then basically go into zombies.

fast weapon xp mw3

The more equipment you have, the better you'll know if you've got something like Rarity upgrades or Crystals that kind of thing, but basically go into zombies, and there's four things you want to do. First of all, we've got the Outlast contract, so similar to before, there's a glitch going on where basically, if you start the contract, activate the p& aim for about 90% capture rate, don't complete it otherwise the contract will finish.

That's not what you want. Basically, if you then open up the inventory and hold down the y or triangle, you'll cancel the contract at about 90%. And what will happen is that it will cause loads of zombies to spawn, but now that you've canceled it, they'll keep coming even though the contract has actually finished.

You've kind of canceled it, so it should stop the zombie spawn, but it doesn't. They'll keep coming and coming, so you're going to infly get zombie spawning. It's not the absolute fastest way, but it is a repetitive, easy way to get kills towards the camos weapon. XP is that kind of thing, so it's really, really good and really, really useful.

fastest way to level up guns in modern warfare 3

The second thing you want to do is grind contracts, particularly bounty contracts and hunting HVTs, especially if you have a good weapon to deliver cargo contracts. That kind of thing. The third thing you can do is use x-fills. Like I said before, they kind of buffed the amount of zombies you get; it's not as good as it was at its peak, but it's still not too bad.

NEW FASTEST WAY To Level Up Guns In Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded! Level Up Guns Fast MW3. Here is currently the most broken weapon xp method in MW3 Season 2.
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