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fast weapon xp mw3

I'm going to show you the fastest weapon XP methods, not only in War Zone but also in multiplayer. So first off, we did 30 minutes of XP in War Zone, and we went and did the Most Wanted contracts, did various other things, and then we also did 30 minutes of multiplayer. We're going to compare the two, and we're going to go over the war zone first-time stamps in the description.

I popped up a 30-minute XP, and everyone is doing these most-wanted contracts. It is hard. I was getting beamed out of the sky just trying to fly into them, so what I suggest is that you go to the very outskirts of the maps to do this most wanted contract. I personally can't get the duplication thing where you open the chest right when it ends, but it's okay.

Just pop the double XP token and get as many Most Wanted contracts done as possible, as well as scavenger contracts, which will give you about 1500. XP to 2, 000 XP per, stick to the very outside of the map maps, and go play plunderer all right. Stick at the very outside play plunder. You can use your weapons, and whatever loadouts you need to get these weapons done, you spawn in with them.

fastest weapon xp mw3

Also, get as many kills as possible for some reason; I don't know why, but I grant you like 500 XP per kill. The Downs don't count it as a kill, but if you see someone down, take that kill, and it's like 500 XP. For your weapon, if you have a double weapon with XP Max maxed out, it's 5,000 XP. Okay, but after 30 minutes of running XP and War Zone this way, I actually ran a couple other games.

I would say I ran one other game, so I would say a total of 45 minutes to an hour. We got the AMR to level 17, while in multiplayer we ran only 30 minutes, and we got the beta Ripper to level 13, which is the Rival 9. Okay, so about averages being the same now, let's cover what we did in the multiplayer strategy and method.

In multiplayer, you're going to run meetings 24/7, and this is going to be your class setup. You're going to need the engineer vest, all right? The reason you're going to need it is for your decoy grenades. You're going to spam these decoy grenades every single time you spawn. You have three of them; once you stack all of them, you're going to be perfectly fine.

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Next, you want to run the quick-draw gloves. If you want to throw quickly, you switch weapons faster. You want to run those gloves so you can throw your deco go faster, as well as you want to put on the mission. Com links This is Hardline, basically mixed to where the point streaks or the kill streaks are lower, for you to earn all right You're going to be running UAV Counter UAV and advanced UAV.

Each UAV counter UAV assist you gets all stacked up. Let's just say there's 100 kills in the game on your team and you have a UAV on during that time. Believe it's 35 XP per kill; that's 100 times 35, which is 3,500 XP towards your gun just for running these UAV counters. You are not including your decoys.

Also, on top of this, make sure you go play The Objective. Getting kills on top of the hard point gets you extra XP. Capping the objective of the hardpoint gives you like 250 XP alone, so if you kill someone off the hardpoint, that's 200 XP. Capping the hardpoint is another 250, so just a kill and a cap is 450.

how to max level weapons fast in mw3

XP with a double weapon XP popped; that's almost 8 to 900. For one kill and one cap on a hard point, ensure that you play every single objective, throw these decoys down, and get as many kills with your weapon as possible. Okay, and that's basically what I did, and I got the Rival 9 to level 13. Yes, I am sweaty; yes, I will.

You know, I drop 40 kills per game, I think, but it's really not that hard once you break it down and just go simply for the objectives. Don't care about your KD. Go play objectively. Throw the decoys down and only think about how much XP you are getting in the game. Now we did not cover over zombies because I just didn't test it in there.

"FASEST WEAPON XP METHOD WARZONE 3 MW3 MULTIPLAYER" is the best XP guide to leveling up your weapons in warzone 3 or Multiplayer MW3.
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