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It's Griffin here, and today I'm going to be showing you what I believe is the best method in Modern Warfare 3 zombies for maxing out your weapon levels, ranking up really fast, and even unlocking your weapon camouflages. Right, let's get into this. All right, so the first thing that you want to do is you're going to jump into a lobby, and you can do this on your own or with some random people.

That's what I've chosen to do; we'll be friends, and then we're instantly going to pop these extra little things just to give us our little weapon boosts, and one reason is that I've got a mission that I've got to complete, so I'm going to run over to this contract. And these are optional, by the way.

You don't have to do any contracts; you can jump straight into it, but what it's going to do is give you some Essence, and that Essence is going to help you get Pack-a-Punch weapons, and ideally, you only want the first level, and then you want to get some perks just to help with either reloading, or if you're new to the game, you can just get jugut just to give you that little bit of extra boost.

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So now that I've done my contract, I'm going over to this pack-a-punch machine, and they can be located anywhere in the M. Grab my first upgrades, and then I'm just going to run over, and I'm just going to do a few more extra contracts just to get some perks. Now the only perk that I've gone for is Speer, but you can CH as many as you want.

So now you want to find yourself a vehicle and you want to head over to the desired location, which has to be a perfect spot and it has to be in this one precisely. So if you just head over to the map at the very bottom, you need to find this one, and once you've got there, you can just call in the distraction.

Wait for the chopper to come in, but just before you do that, you can just get to the outskirts of the map where I am now. If you can see in the top left, I'm literally just on the border any further, and it would give me the warning to come back in now. The zombies here are just going to throw meat at you, so all you need to do is literally just walk side to side, and you shouldn't get hit at all, and if you do get hit, no worries.

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Just pop another shield in, just recover, and when you're ready to go again, just start firing away. Now there is another method to do this, and that just involves going out. As simple as that, you can use this spot if you're new to the game. You've got no guns; you just want to grind that essence.

But again, you can literally train the zombies, but because I've got the pack-and-punch one and the spoke. I can just go out here and pick off the zombies; they'll take one to two bullets per one, and when a special zombie spawns. I can take it out with EAS, like, have a look at this. I just missed that shot.

There we go. Look at those few bullets, and he's being deleted. Now, this method not only helps with weapon XP in that top rank so you can unlock the camouflages, it also helps with getting your player rank to as high as you can and also helps with f. In essence, now you can use this Tombstone glitch, which I will be putting a article out there soon just to show you how to do that, and all it does is just actually keep your items in game, join into the next one, and then collect them.

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But again, this method also helps with collecting extra things to take with you in the next round that you spawn in, so the special zombies are the manglers. They're going to drop perks now. You can just save them and keep them for the next game or whenever you want to use them. Now At the end of the article, I'll show you exactly how many I got.

There were quite a few, and there's a few that I had to throw away just because there were duplicates. But anyway here, I've just completed the exchange. Now, if you just wait a minute, the next exchange will be available. So you can literally just rinse and repeat this method until the time's about to go and at the last minute you just want to jump on the next extraction and just get out of the game, or if you're going to do the tombstone method, you just want to down yourself and back out, and the next game you'll save you.

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So I just want to show you here that it actually does respawn, and look at that just going to go over, and we're just going to start again. Repeat, now I want to show you exactly what the special zombies do drop, so if you do spawn in, I just want to show you I want to show case you just some of the things that they can drop.

There are numerous amounts of things you can drop, so, for example, they can drop your perks, which you can take into the next game. You can even use them just to give you that little boost, even drop equipment, and then sometimes you do get ammo. Modifications, so all these are very important, especially to me because I just love hard things, so all I'm going to do is just kill these manglers and wait for them to shoot maybe some Dodge a few.

Bullets, and then exactly yeah, so we got a m strike; just take a bullet there, and let's kill this one and see why it drops. Perfect! Yep, there we are, just showing you do drop pretty frequently. Well, guys, I'm just going to literally leave you with this Montage for a little bit just to show you how many times you can actually do this in a single game and the cool things that do.

Now, when the time is nearly done.

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