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Here is the most broken way to level up your weapons in Modare 3 and War Zone Season 1. If you find this guide useful, be sure to drop a like on the article and check out my other season one guides, like how to level up the battle pass fast war zone tips, Chamo guides, and Zombie guides. For that kind of thing.

I've got separate playlists if you guys want to check out any of those articles, and I'll have time stamps in the description if you want to jump to a specific part of the article so you don't waste your time. I want to make this guide as quick, easy, and simple as possible so you guys get the most out of it, so let's talk about how to actually get weapon XP as fast as possible in the game right now.

This article is going to focus on the war zone in particular. If you want to focus on other modes like multiplayer, zombies, or the best modes across both games, then do check out my other guides for that. As I said, I feel this is currently the fastest way to Lev.

Mw3 weapon xp - best mode in warzone

Mw3 weapon xp - best mode in warzone

Be guns now in War Zone. The best mode at the moment is plunder, but you can play other modes; they will work in similar ways, but this is the best because you have your custom loadout straight away, infinite respawns, no gas cloud, anything like that, so it's just much better and much easier to get weapon XP, but you can do it in the other modes if plunder isn't around or if you don't want to play plunder.

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best way to level up guns in modern warfare 3

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Method 1 - mw3 weapon xp fast!

Like I said, I recommend playing plunder, but regardless of what method you're using, here's what you want to do. There are three main parts to this weapon's XP method. I'm going to talk about each one in turn quickly, and then we'll talk about the main kind of strategy overall, so it is worth sticking around to the end so you guys are fully clued in on the most effective way to max out your guns really quickly.

Starting out with part one of this weapon XP method, contracts. I'm sure this is obvious, but it very much matters what contracts you're doing and how you're doing them, so make sure you guys are listening to this bit now for contracts. There's quite a few ones in the game you can do, so obviously we've got like Most Wanted Scavenger, Intel, and Big Game.

fast weapon xp modern warfare 3

Bounty, those are kind of the best contracts. In the game in season one, I will quickly talk about each contract and then the best one overall, so we've got a scavenger. Obviously, you just open three supply boxes. If you're doing this one, just try to go between each loot box quickly with a vehicle like a helicopter, an ATV, a quad bike, or something like that.

For the Intel one, obviously, you start the contract, head to a computer terminal, and upload the Intel It's fairly simple, and for the big game Bounty, it's been returned since War Zone Cera, and you basically have to go to one of the better players on the map and attempt to take them down. It's similar to a bounty, but you get more money and more XP.

fast weapon xp mw3

It's one of the best contracts in the game, and I recommend being stocked up on ammo armor or maybe picking up a UAV to find them. That kind of thing, even though they're better players, I still don't find it amazing. Hard, so I would recommend going for these if you can if you are going to go for a bounty one, and the other thing is sometimes people will kill your bounty before you even get to them, which means you get a bounty poach so you get a bit of XP but you didn't have to put in the effort of actually killing the person and then you can go straight on another contract, so it's quite nice when that happens cuz it just saves you a bit of time and you get a bit of XP for which is good, so regardless of what contract you're doing, just make sure you go between the points of it fast with a vehicle, alternatively.

You can use this sort of redeployment. Drones, to throw yourself back up into the sky and parachute across just to save yourself a bit of time, so whatever way you want to travel around the map fast, do it, but overall, my favorite contract is indeed Most Wanted, and I'm sure you guys are not surprised with that.

Now, these are great because you have to survive for about 4 minutes to get 5, 000 weapon XP or 10, 000 with a double weapon X token, but you can reduce the time with a few sneaky tricks, so if you or your teammates open loot boxes, it will decrease the timer by 10 seconds at a time, but the thing is, it isn't just loot boxes.

fastest way to level up guns in modern warfare 3

So it's literally any kind of storage item, so it can be like fridges, duffel bags, even medkits—anything, That you can open counts as a loot container, and that will reduce it by 10 seconds. So in a building, you've normally got a few loot boxes; you've got maybe a duffel bag or a toolbox or something, and there'll be one or two first aid kits on the wall.

So all this adds up, and you have loads of containers you want to keep basically opening. While your Most Wanted contract is active because what that will do is it will run down the timer by 10 seconds at a time so if you find six containers, open that will knock a minute off your time and the more you do it the quicker you get so honestly in reality it will take you about one or 2 minutes to complete this contract rather than four so very quick and you can just keep farming these over and over again now obviously you are still marked as a Most Wanted Target so enemies may try and hunt you down so do take care and try not to die ideally stick with teammates so they don't fail the contract, and also try and play with teammates so that they can open other loot boxes for you which will also run down your time so it's not just you it's also teammates can also help with is if you have a full team helping you could literally do it in like under a minute really quickly so definitely worth going for this same as before use vehicles.

DON'T MISS! FASTEST WAY To Level Up Guns In Modern Warfare 3 Season 1! Level Up Guns Fast MW3. Here is currently the most broken weapon xp method in MW3 Season 1.
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