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Season 3 of War Zone and Modern Warfare 3 is absolutely packed, and although there is currently Double XP active, it can still be a massive grind to rank up all of the Modern Warfare 3 weapons added to War Zone and to be even remotely prepared for new matters. So in this article, I'm going to show you how to rank up weapons as fast as possible when playing War Zone, but of course, if you have multiplayer on Modern Warfare 3, that's going to be super quick.

Just by jumping onto games on the smaller maps like rust shipment, meat, etc., you're going to rank up quick. Although that being said, there are occasions when it can be even quicker using the method I'm going to share here. So focusing on the war zone, we first want to set up our weapon. We want to rank up.

Pop on any double weapon XP tokens you've got, or if it's a double XP event like it is now even better, you don't have to use them up, then put on decoy grenades as your tactical equipment. Just putting Squad Fon will help you as well; in fact, the clips I'm going to share with you in this article are actually just from having a squad Fon and just to note Resurgence.

fastest way to level up guns in

As a game mode, it is okay for weapon XP, but it can be tricky to consistently get your weapon. That being said, Resurgence has the ability to become absolutely top-tier if you do get into a game that drops the high-stakes crates. Capture one of these, and your whole squad gets double XP for the whole game, so if you have a double XP token on already, this goes up to four times.

XP but any anyway back to the more consistent method in plunder before we even get into the game we can get weapon XP with pre- Lobby kills, sometimes you'll get a long pre- lobby with people AFK that you can absolutely destroy whilst wait for the main game and these kills will count as much as proper kills in the game in terms of XP then once we're actually in the main game we immediately have an advantage over other modes because in plunder we spawn in without our Loadout and respawns are enabled for the whole game okay so straight from the plane we want to aim to go somewhere quite remote on the map that has a good density of contracts, and this is because we're going to essentially loot our way to ranking up our weapons when we go towards a remote area with our team we want to grab a Most Wanted contract these are so overpowered because not only do you get 2, 800.

fastest way to rank up weapons in

XP for completing them you can reduce the timer on the contract by 10 seconds every time you or your team loot something and that's including loot boxes bags cabinets and cash registers so if four of you are all running around doing this you can complete the contract and get 2, 800, weapon XP in like 30 seconds which is actually 5, 600.

XP with double XP on, and any kills you and your team get will take 25 seconds off the Most Wanted contract too. Once you've completed the Most Wanted contract, ideally, you'll want to pick up another and another and another and so on, but there are obviously only a limited number of these on the map, and other people will be grabbing them too, so once these are used up, you want to move on to other contracts.

Bounty contracts can be great, getting us 3, 000 weapon XP if we're the person to kill the Bounty or 1500 XP if it's poached by someone else. Recon contracts and scavengers get less XP at 1500 each but are much less risky and can be completed super quick, especially if you're all working as a team, so if you are working as a team.

fastest way to rank up weapons in 3

I probably would favor these over a bounty contract. Now, on top of getting these contracts, looting in general grants 100 XP per item opened, and getting kills of course gets you a lot of weapon XP too, but another very handy XP boost is from your decoy grenades. Throw these down when you're in busy areas or even at people you've already downed, and it will get you 200 weapon XP per decoy distraction per person, so throw two of these out at one person and you get 400 XP.

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If that distracts multiple people, we're going to get a lot of XP very easily, and again, with double XP, that could be 400 XP per person distracted. Then we just want to replenish our Deco grenades as much as possible so that maybe with the restock perk on or with Munitions boxes and a quick note on XP from buying things by the way previously you could save up your cash go to a shop buy a whole load of things and you get a lot of XP from that this has unfortunately, been Mega nerfed and doesn't Grant much xp these days I found that just holding the money and attracting plays to my location, was better than spending it or even just depositing it via balloons as this grant XP to or of course if you do hold on to enough cash to win the game that get you even more XP as well hopefully this article helps you rank up weapons much faster this season and now why don't you join me over in this article to see the updated, best graphic settings as well, , .

Here is the UPDATED fastest way to rank up weapons in warzone! Warzone season 3 season 3 is here, so here is the updated best method to rank up weapons. With these methods you can level up guns fast in warzone and mw3. Levelling up weapons to max rank in warzone so important to stay with the meta.
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