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best way to level up guns in modern warfare 3

And welcome to a brand new article. In this one, I'll be showing you all the fastest ways to level up your weapons and also the best way to get these zombies. Mastery camo So as we all know, the Outlast contract method has been nerfed, and zombies now only spawn when progressing in that contract. However, I have an alternative method for you all, and it's honestly almost as good as the previous method.

Before we get into that, I quickly want to thank you. 4GM for sponsoring this article. U4GM is a professional Call of Duty service, and they'll help you obtain all the rare schematics, including the new classified schematics. They'll even go in and help you unlock the Borealis Mastery Camo. All right, guys.

So in terms of the setup, you really don't need to bring anything in particular. I chose to bring an ethereum crystal and an ether tool just to upgrade our weapon and speed things up a bit. However, the only thing you really need to bring along is the weapon you're trying to level up or grind camos for.

Also, try to memorize the weapon level before bringing it along with you. I'll tell you why that's important later on in the article. So once you've got your weapon equipped, it's time to head over to Ukhan. All right, guys, and now that you've arrived in Ukraine, it's time to open up the map and locate a sports control contract.

fast weapon xp modern warfare 3

They're not too hard to spot; just look out for a contract that kind of resembles an egg. Once you've located the contract, make your way over to the contract phone and accept it. It's going to Ping a location nearby, so just head over there and you'll find a toolbox. Inside this toolbox, you'll find eight inhibitors.

Just go ahead and take them all and equip them; they'll go into your tactical equipment slot. Now, the way the Spore Control Contract works is as follows: There are six spores that need to be destroyed; however, just shooting at the spores will not cause any damage, as you'll need to throw down an inhibitor, which sends out shock waves that crack the spore, allowing you to deal damage whenever a spore is affected by an inhibitor.

fast weapon xp mw3

Zombies will spawn, and the more spores you've destroyed, the more zombies you'll have to fight against. So what we're going to do is throw down inhibitors on five different spores and destroy them all. Make sure that the last spot is in an open area, as that's the one we'll be keeping alive. Just throw down your inhibitor in the final spot and do not destroy it.

I repeat, do not destroy the final spot; just keep killing all the zombies coming your way. Now you can basically relax and farm. These zombie kills get hipfire kills or critical kills if that's part of your camo challenge, and yeah, just stay here now. Remember at the start of the article when I told you guys to remember the weapon level?

There's a method to the madness, and that's what we'll get into right now. So each zombie you kill gives you 20 weapon XP, which you need. 2750 xp to level up your weapon once, which means you'll need to kill 138 zombies for each weapon level. In Zombies, there is a cap once you reach 750 zombie kills and 750 zombie kills.

fastest way to level up guns in modern warfare 3

Zombie kills give you 15, 000 weapon XP, or 5 and 1/2 weapon levels. After you hit the 750 kill mark, you'll only gain five weapon XP per kill, which means at that point you'd need 550 zombie kills for one weapon level. That's exactly why I told you to memorize the weapon level. What you want to do is stay here farming zombie kills until you've leveled up your weapon five times, and then just stick around for an extra minute or so just to get a bit of extra XP.

The only way to reset the XP cap is to xfill; however. Mission X fills also count for this, so instead of taking the traditional xville and coming back in, we're actually going to do the one-story mission called extraction. Go ahead and locate this xfill site on your map and make your way over to it.

Before hitting xfill, you should have enough money to quickly pack-a-punch your weapon, so I'd suggest doing that, and be sure to buy a medium bag if you don't have one already. Once you've arrived, go ahead and call it in, wait for the helicopter to arrive, and then make your way over to the mission location.

fastest weapon xp mw3

Once you've arrived in the mission area, just wait a bit until the helicopter stops moving, and then jump off the helicopter onto this rooftop. On this rooftop, you'll find a Sentry Turret Circuit; if you're lucky, you'll find two of them. Like I did, go ahead and pick them up and jump off the rooftop towards the right side of the area.

If you run along this path here, you'll be able to avoid most of the zombies and mercenaries and save quite a bit of time, so just follow the path I'm running as shown on. Once you've activated it, you want to jump down and run towards the next location that gets pinged, where you'll find Dr. Janssen behind a locked door.

In this area, you'll find another turbine circuit on these boxes. Pick that up as well, stay in this area, and fight off all the zombies and mercenaries that come towards you. Once the progress bar is full, Dr. Johnson will unlock the door and walk out of the room. Go inside the room, and you'll find another turbine circuit.


There, then just keep moving with Dr. Jensen and make your way towards the top floor of the building. Up here, you'll find another circuit on this desk, and there's another one outside on a box under the helipad. Once you've collected all the turet circuits make your way to the helipad with Dr Jensen and wait for the helicopter to arrive, just fight off all the zombies that come your way, when the helicopter approaches you'll notice that you'll have a bunch of zombies spawning and coming towards you so just jump onto this platform with the Sentry turret hold your interact button to interact with the turret and place all three turret circuits in there you don't have to place them one at a time you can just place all of them and the turret will use them all allowing you to basically go fully AFK while the turret shoots at zombies, just be sure to hold out the weapon you're trying to gain XP for, if you stand in this corner right here the zombies will barely be able to hit you and you can basically fully AFK this.

level up guns fast in modern warfare 3

You don't have to worry about armor either, because these zombies will be killed by your turret before they can damage you too much, and they'll drop a bunch of plates for you. Once you've used up all your circuits or you've fully leveled up your weapon, just get into the helicopter and fly with it.

If you want, you could even bring two weapons into one that's fully leveled, and you just need camos for the first weapon to level up. Get all the camos you need with the sport control method, and then use this mission for the weapon levels on your second weapon. That's completely up to y'all anyway, guys.

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