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What tac mask does (according to the description)

What tac mask does (according to the description)

Starting it off, let's have a look at what the description states for an attack mask. It mentions that it reduces the strength of enemy flash stun and gas grenades, and on top of this, apparently, you have immunity to shock EMP and snapshot grenades.

Tac mask vs stuns

So let's start this off with stun grenades, and with this stun grenade, there are three primary effects.

First off, it blurs your vision a little bit, but you can still kind of see what's going on; it doesn't completely block out your vision. On top of that, it slows down your movement speed and your turn speed, so your ability to aim is also severely affected by stuns, and without a tack mask, a stun grenade will last for roughly 2 and 1/2 seconds.

Tac mask vs flash

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Whereas with Tac mask it cuts this down to roughly 1 second so that's actually a pretty massive Improvement here you're of course still going to be affected by that stun grenade but not for nearly as long as you would if you weren't using Tac mask and also the effect itself isn't quite as harsh when you're using Tac mask , so that one's pretty straightforward now let's move on to flash grenades and with this you have no vision at least for part of the effect of the flash grenade and on top of this you completely lose your heads up display while that flash grenade is active and that will last for the entire duration that the flash grenade is active on you where is when it comes to the blacked out Vision it will black out completely initially, and then after a little bit of time you can kind of see what's going on but it's a little blurry and still coming into focus.

And without Tac mask you can't really see anything, for about 2.4 seconds and then after that 2.4 seconds the flash grenade is still affecting you but you can start to see what's in front of you a little bit after that Mark and you get your heads up display back after about 3.6, seconds so that's the total duration of the flash grenade, whereas if you're using Tac mask you're only going to have a fully blacked out screen for about 1.4 seconds so one full second less than if you weren't using Tac mask and then the full duration of this is 2.6 seconds so again exactly one second less than if you're not using Tac mask so when it comes to this Tac mask isn't quite as good against flash grenades as it is versus stun grenades.

Tac mask vs tear gas

Tac mask vs tear gas

Cuz with stung grenades you're cutting that duration more than in half whereas with a flashbang you're not even cutting it in half you're just reducing it by 1 second , as for the next counter let's have a look at the gas grenade and when it comes to the gas grenade when you enter the radius of a gas grenade, without Tac mask there will be a little animation where you put your hand in front of your face and during that time you can hit fire but you can't aim down sights and it also pulls you out of a Sprint and slows down your movement speed, to top that off your vision is slightly blurred but you can still generally see what you're shooting at just fine, and I would say the most punishing effect of this is the fact that you can't aim down sight with your gun you're forced into a hip fire and the duration of this animation where you're unable to aim down sight this is roughly 2.6. Seconds without Tac mask whereas with Tac mask against a gas grenade it has very little impact on you your vision is still very slightly blurred, it appears your movement speed may be slowed down but only by a very small margin and honestly it's possible it doesn't even slow you down at all and it's just the blurred vision makes it feel like you're moving slower, and on top of this there is no longer any animation whatsoever here so you can aim down sight whenever you want, if you're using Tac mask in the radius of a gas grenade so honestly aside from that slightly blurred vision you won't even really notice the effects of a gas grenade when using this perk.

Tac mask vs shock stick

Tac mask vs shock stick

Next up in the description for the TAC mask, it states that you're immune to shock, so I tested it with the shock stick, and with this for those that may be unfamiliar, if you're within the radius of a shock stick or if you get stuck by it because it can stick to you, it will first force you to fire your gun all the way till it's empty or until you exit the radius of that shock stick.

If you get stuck by it, there's no exiting the radius; it sticks with you the entire time, and in this process, you can't aim down sight, you're forced into hip fire, and you also can't sprint. And the total duration of the effect on this is 5 seconds, assuming it's stuck to you again. If you get outside of the radius, the effect will stop after that.

With the Tac mask, though you have full immunity to the shock stick, as you can see here, when it's thrown on the ground and you walk into the radius, it doesn't do anything. And then in this second clip. I actually got stuck by the shock stick; it doesn't display anywhere on your body, but I promise you.

I was stuck by a shock stick, and again, there was zero impact whatsoever; it's like it just didn't exist; it just disappeared. So that's great to see.

Tac mask vs snapshots

Tac mask vs snapshots

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Tac mask is a 100% full counter to a shock stick , and then finally for throwable equipment that Tac mask counters we have these snapshot grenades and we're going to be looking at this one from the perspective of the person throwing not the person using Tac mask and as you can see here when the enemy isn't using Tac mask, if they're within the radius of a snapshot grenade that goes off you will be able to see them glowing through walls for roughly 1 second it's really not that long it doesn't track with them for a very long time but you will be able to see them through walls and therefore you may be able to wall bang them whereas when they put Tac mask on you still get a hit marker but you will get a special hit marker indic ating that the enemy player is using Tac mask, but there is no glowing effect whatsoever you won't be able to see exactly where they are through the wall you'll just be informed with that hit marker that there is an enemy somewhere in the radius of where your snapshot grenade went off and that right there wraps it up for all of the throwable equipment that Tac mask counters.

Tac mask vs stormender

However, they also mention in the description that the Tac mask will counter EMP. So the first thing I wanted to test here is the Storm Ender launcher because this is an EMP-style launcher that will have an EMP effect on you, and with this, when you're not using a mask, you get shot by a Storm Ender, and there is also an area of effect, so you don't even have to be shot directly; they could shoot around your feet, and you'll have the same effect.

A common piece of feedback I've seen for Modern Warfare III is Tac Mask feels too weak and could use a buff to its effectiveness.
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