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I typically end up doing that about every season because, yes, I do get the battle passes with the Cod points I got from the previous battle passes. I don't put any more money into Cod outside of the initial price of the game; I'm not going to buy battle pass tier skips; I'm not going to buy the Premium Edition or anything like that, so sometimes it takes me a while to get the new guns, and as such.

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I don't have access to either one of them as of right now again. That's why these are early first impressions. But having a new assault rifle having a new submachine gun having a battle rifle coming down the pipeline, along with the three new maps is pretty good in my opinion then on top of that you have the new zombies event which honestly like events are fun I do enjoy having events to go through here in COD but this one is kind of lame I'm not going to lie so right now you basically have to hunt down zombies whether it's in the hordo game mode which is what you guys have been watching so far or in actual zombies you have to hunt down normal zombies as well as armored zombies, and then collect either bones or skulls from them depending on which kind of zombie you're killing, in here there's going to be eight different rewards for you to get by killing base zombies but it's all really just basic stuff it's like a rare Aether kit or maybe an epic Aether tool kit and then you get a Juggernog and then you'll get like a PhD Flopper or a speed coli and then maybe a legendary Aether kit and then maybe another perk and at the very end once you get 10, 000.

modern warfare 3 honest review

Bones you end up getting a ray gun case which is really not all that crazy now when it comes to the skulls, you can get 600 of them and that's going to give you the tiny screams charm which is just a weapon charm and then in the future probably within the coming weeks they're going to update the event to have the dogs of Hell which is just going to be a calling card it looks like for killing hell hounds and then the cursed ammo for killing boss zombies essentially which is going to be I don't even know a field upgrade of sorts I'm really not entirely sure and then the ultimate reward is going to be this skin here killshot which is, okay it's fine I mean everyone has different taste I don't hate it I don't love it it's just kind of mad to me it's not really the biggest thing in the world I do like having events here and cond I do like having things to grind for like when I'm playing hordo.

I do feel good when I'm picking up those bones, or if I find a skull or whatever, I'll pick that up and go about my collecting. But in general, it just feels like the rewards themselves are really not all that crazy, but that's fine; it's still an event; it's still something for you to do while you're playing on the three brand new maps while you're playing with the new guns that are available.

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Overall, so far, season 2 does feel good. Now, when it comes to Stash House, man, I have to talk about Stash House because I have a feeling I have a very controversial opinion on this map. I don't like it I straight up don't like Stash House but I understand the logic behind it now hear me out on this when the game came out Modern Warfare 3 they had all the OG Modern Warfare 2 maps back and those maps without the kill streaks that we had back in the day they kind of feel slow do anyone else kind of get that feeling the maps kind of feel slow despite the fact that we're moving way faster in Modern Warfare 3 than we were in 2009 when the maps first came out even with all the movement, the maps kind of feel slow like a full length game of domination if somebody drops 30 kills it's like that guy actually did something he just, there's not a ton of action it really doesn't feel like it which is why I personally like to jump in game modes like 10 V10 12 V12 it kind of just speeds up those larger Maps I feel like Sledgehammer.

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Took that feedback about the larger maps in the game kind of feeling slow and they're trying to make the overall map Pool a bit more balanced, like going into the game the map Pool for Modern Warfare 3 was basically all large maps and then had like rust and then we have scrapyard, and that's pretty much it the rest of them are relatively large medium to large maps well then with season one they dropped meat, which is just literally a Slaughter House of a map it's a bit more balanced I would say than something like Stash House but meat is a very small map of course they brought back shipment, which is like the tiniest map in COD history.

Now we have this one right here, which is basically a shipment, but in the suburbs. I mean, it's got a different layout, but this map is pure chaos; there's no rhyme or reason to it, and then in season 2 reloaded, we're going to see The Return of Boss House, which is yet another one of those small arcadey maps that fans love.

I understand the logic behind it. I'm just getting kind of tired of having so many of these shoot them up maps like Maps, where, like, your IQ does not matter when you play on a map like Stash Out. Literally, the map itself is all just muscle memory, like you're just running around shooting and aiming shooting and aiming shooting and aiming.

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There's no rhyme or reason you're spawning constantly behind people or in front of people like it. Just the map is pure chaos. Again, it plays very similarly to Shipment, which I understand a lot of cod panss want because they want to level up quickly, they want to get their camos, and they want to level up their guns.

I do get that; it just really seems like right now they're focusing so much on making the game all about maps like that, and I do like Vista and I do like Departure. I think Rio from season 1 is actually an incredible map; it's one of the better maps in the game. In fact, I think they updated ranked play to feature Rio because it's that good of a map like Sledgehammer.

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