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It's actually coming tomorrow, and yesterday they gave us a recap of all of the content we can expect to see for this update.

Direct das haus comparison & thoughts

Direct das haus comparison & thoughts

There's no fog, there's no rain, there's lots of sunlight to be working with here, and it also looks like there's going to be a lot less visual clutter around the map with lots of clean lines. There's not a bunch of rubble and debris piled up everywhere, and for me, that's always my preference.

I love clean lines. I like it when character models really pop against the background and you don't have all that visual obstruction. So aesthetically, I'm really liking how this new version of Das House looks, but on top of this, another thing to point out is that in Vanguard, we had destructibles in so many of the doorways.

You had to actually sprint through, blow up, or shoot through in order to break down the wood, and then you could go through that, or you could just break down a small version of that and shoot through small tracks, and I think this is going to change how this map plays in Modern Warfare 3 for the better.

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I was never a huge fan of how they handled destructible environments in Vanguard; it wasn't like a game-breaker for me or anything; I would just kind of prefer not to have that, and so it's nice to see that we're going to be experiencing that in Modern Warfare 3. Also it appears we aren't going to be having doors in this version of Das house even though other maps in Modern Warfare 3 have doors, in this case it looks like just a lot of open doorways since it is under construction currently and there are no doors yet, again I'm a big fan of that and therefore I do think this version of Das house is actually going to be quite a bit better than the original version and I think that's great because as far as small maps go I actually really didn't mind Das house from Vanguard, now I did have a few issues with the map one of the biggest one being the corner spawn locations, like on either end of the map you would have those really common like primary spawn points with literally just a small Doorway to exit through and that was your only option to come out of Spawn.

That can be a little bit problematic on a small map like this, but then again, it's a small map, and spawns are going to stink no matter what I find, and it's more about just making sure you have constant chaotic action. So in general, while our mid-season map isn't a brand new map that we've never played before, we did get three brand new maps for 6v6 at the launch of season 2, which was excellent, and I really don't mind having a remake mixed in there as well.

I actually think that's the perfect ratio: three brand new maps and one remade map per season. That would be absolutely ideal in my opinion, and with that in mind.

Should more vanguard maps return?

Should more vanguard maps return?

I really wouldn't mind seeing a few more Vanguard Maps return to turn throughout the rest of Modern Warfare 3, and I think that's definitely a possibility. Now don't get me wrong. I wasn't a fan of all of the maps in Vanguard; there were definitely a few in there that I really disliked.

However, there's a good handful of maps that I thoroughly enjoyed in Vanguard that I think would play quite well in Modern Warfare 3, so I'm thinking like Bage or Casablanca. Tusin, and Eagle Nest; those would all be maps. I'd be very happy to see it return alongside and mixed in with the new original maps, of course.

Now, in saying that, I also wouldn't mind seeing some original Modern Warfare 3 maps come to the game last year. The game was called Modern Warfare 2, and we didn't see any original Modern Warfare 2 maps return, so I wonder if that same trend is going to carry over with Modern Warfare 3, or if we will actually see some Modern Warfare 3 originals.

My thoughts on mwiii small maps

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In either case. I have another little topic I wanted to talk about when it comes to Dash House returning, and this is the fact that they've really been bringing a lot of very small maps into Modern Warfare 3, and this seems to be following suit with them trying their best to just lean into what the community tends to want and what they tend to look for.

For me. I've always kind of hated playing just the small maps 24/7, playlists over and over again, so like shipment 247, shoot the ship 24/7, or rustman 247, whatever it might be, when it's just like the one or two small maps in a playlist and it's just over and over and over again. I've never really been a big fan of that.

I like a bit more variety than that, and in the past, I'd basically just go to those playlists for a specific challenge. If there's one particular challenge that I just want to get over as quickly as possible, then I will hop into that playlist for a game or two just to rattle those challenges off really quickly before returning to the regular experience.


With all of the 6v6 maps in rotation, but in Modern Warfare 3, especially since the launch of season 2 and the addition of Stash House to the game. I've actually been playing that small map playlist more than I've ever played a small map playlist in the past, and I think that's just due to the fact that there's actual variety there; we've got more than just one or two maps that you're going to play over and over again where most people are trying to get that one map out of the two anyway, so when you get the map that isn't as popular, everybody's backing out, and that just causes issues, since season 2 launched for Modern Warfare 3 and we've actually got four maps in that small map rotation.


I think that's great, and I think Das House would be an excellent addition, and I hope that's the route they decide to take. I really want to see them. Just keep that small map mosh bit playlist, and just keep adding small maps to it as time goes on, as long as they're also still adding regular-size maps like medium to slightly larger maps in regular rotation.

I don't want all of the future maps to just be tiny, tiny maps, and that's like the whole game is just tiny maps. I just like the fact that they have been adding a good amount of those, because that's clearly what many of the people in the community tend to lean toward, with how popular those small map playlists tend to be, and that's just something I really like about what Sledgehammer has been doing this year.


It seems like they're looking at what the community tends to lean toward and what they tend to like, and then they lean into that, whereas in previous years I've always thought it was really weird when you'd see that obviously the community would lean heavily toward these smaller or small to medium siiz maps, and yet for a lot of the post-launch maps, it'd be like massive, really large maps that people just didn't like playing, and that just often felt like they were out of touch with what the community really wanted to see, so props to Sledgehammer for that.

Das Haus from CoD Vanguard returns tomorrow in Modern Warfare III but with a complete visual overhaul so today I wanted to share a direct comparison of the 2 versions as well as some talk about how I feel about how they've been handling small maps in MWIII so far.
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