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Today we're going to cover a topic on the channel that everybody's been asking me to cover, and that's why War Zone 1 got deleted. See, a little bit ago on the channel, I made a article where there was a glitch. As you can now get into the War Zone One menu of Caldera, you can queue in and look at all your old loadouts.

But the server appears to be down, and there's nothing we can do to turn it back on because Activision has decided that they're going to pull the plug, that there's no future for War Zone 1, and that it's the end of that iconic game. But anytime you look through my comment sections or others, when we talk about this topic, people want to know why Activision made this decision because War Zone 1 just feels different from War Zones 2 and 3.

With the changes made to that IW X9 engine, it just doesn't feel the same; yes, the gun play is better in War Zone 3. So today's topic is why War Zone 1 was deleted, both the logistics of it and why Act Division went through with it, and will we ever see a return like that in the future? So first of all, let's go all the way back to the beginning of War Zone 2; it's November 2022, and War Zone is pretty much at its peak.

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The quality of life changes in Rebirth Island fortunes keeping Caldera are making the game extremely fun. The game's in a pretty good place. Reaper Thayland has insanely fun modes like the April Fools mode, as well as modes like Rebirth Supreme that sprout a prettier sunset in the background as well as better ground.

Loot, and overall, everybody's enjoying Rebirth Island. A lot of people are grinding guns from Modern Warfare 2 trying to get their different camos, but they're already saying the game doesn't feel fun on multiplayer, and so we had a feeling that War Zone might not go as planned, and after Cod next, a lot of the streamers that went had very negative feedback from Activision.

They plugged their ears and didn't listen, so it was fitting that Rebirth Island had a sunset theme because it was like the sunset of War Zone itself. War Zone was a phenomenon during the pandemic, but it really brought Call of Duty back, and a lot of people were pretty much saying that this might be the end of War Zone.

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Luckily, we see that we finally got back to where we were, but I don't know if we've passed Peak Rebirth in Verdon's Yet key word yet, but now the question that really comes about is: why do we even make this decision to toss out rebirth Island Fortress and keep Caldera at the peak of War Zone 1? Were there actual legitimate reasons?

Was it Activision just trying to get you to buy Modern Warfare 2? It would seem, at first glance, like the answer is clear. Activision is just trying to make more money, and let's be honest, this is capitalism; this is business. There is an aspect of that, and there's really no denying it, that is at the forefront of a lot of decisions like this.

Really, what it comes down to with this decision was made before War Zone 1 was made before war zone 1 was even successful. When Modern Warfare 2019 first dropped, it didn't have the new War Zone mode that didn't come out until March of 2020. But little did anybody know that Infinity Ward had already started planning out their next release.

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Modern Warfare 2, to kind of revitalize the Modern Warfare series and bring back the glorious name that had Call of Duty trending in the early 2010s. So they devised the system to get into the extraction shooter genre to come out with DMZ, a mode that could rival Tarov, but for a little more casual players, because when you're playing a game like Escape from Tarov, there's a lot of mechanics to learn.

It's a little bit hard to get into that looter shooter genre, so Call of Duty figured if they could combine that with their simplistic. Okay, now that DMZ is done, quote, unquote, can't we just get War Zone 1 back? Why is it still deleted? And in the graveyard, can't we get it back from the shadow realm?

The answer is sadly no, and there are a few reasons why, but then I have my conclusion at the end as to what Activision can do in the future. A real and logistical reason why War Zone 1 had to be deleted is that it didn't fit their new cross-progression system. War Zone Mobile just got announced on March 21st, which will allow you to play Reir Island and Verdance.

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From your phone, which I was going to try to pull out of my pocket, but you get the idea it's going to be convenient. You finish gaming on your PlayStation controller, you put it away, you take out your phone, and bada bing, bada boom, you've got your best weapons and loadouts right there to play in War Zone Mobile.

Additionally, there were a lot of issues with compatibility in War Zone 1. They didn't plan to add games like Cold War and Vanguard to War Zone 1, so the coding was already quite skewed and messed up. That's why there were so many glitches in War Zone 1 and why every integration seemed like it was a flop because the game wasn't designed to have three games within it.

That's also why War Zone was such a huge file size, not to mention the console didn't have fov, and there wasn't a fix for it; it just wasn't possible on the current build of the MW 2019 engine, which means the only option was a new game. Those are enough. Reasons by themselves for the development team in Activision to say.

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I don't know. I think it might be a mixture of wanting everybody to feel like there's something new that maybe wasn't needed and also giving people the ability to win more gunfights if they're not on the highest NPC. But beyond that, it does really make you wonder why War Zone wouldn't want to copy the success of Fortnite, who took their same base game and model and just improved it over time.

The reality is that War Zone 1's probably not going to come back unless Black Ops Go 4 makes changes that closely resemble MW 2019. When it comes out in the fall. TR will have the ability to take War Zone in the base game and improve it just like War Zone 3 with Sludgehammer. Dead, but I wonder what changes they'll make and if they'll bring it back to that feeling of War Zone 3 or not.

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If they'll kind of take the game in a new direction because everybody's taking that base war zone 2 engine, it seems to be improving and adding on to it now that I'm no developer and don't know the technological details of it completely, but I'm hoping that there's a way that we could revert it a little bit closer to war zone 1.

Reality is something only time will truly tell, but I do have one ultimate conclusion. I want to share, and I do want to hear your thoughts. I sort of feel like War Zone 3 is getting to a point where it's honestly a really solid game, and maps like Vondo and fortunes keep being in the rotation and eventually rebirth only solidifies, but I genuinely enjoy hopping on the game and making content for you all over here on YouTube and Tik Tok Facebook sites like that.

Warzone 1 has been gone for months, at this point. Caldera and the world of Warzone 1 left the Call of Duty empire in September of 2023, and people are still clamoring for it back.
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