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New content update, free operator bundle, & more!

New content update, free operator bundle, & more!

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we had quite a couple of topics to go over and talk about. We got a brand new update yesterday. We also have a free operator skin and bundle pack that you can get right now. And then there's so much other news that I definitely think you guys need to know about.

Also, I have been very active on my war zone channel. We cover a bunch of different war zone loadouts and the best class setups that you need to be running, so if you see a class setup that I'm using in the gameplay that you want to know about, chances are I already covered it on the second channel.

A quick word from our sponsor, {541} It's a store that can get you the most exclusive. We got a brand new update yesterday.

Hidden camo reward & new event update


This brought in the brand new encrypted boot camp event. I did a full guide on how to complete this event and what you need to do. Apparently, a lot of people didn't notice that there's actually a camo reward that is involved with it, and I don't blame you because the UI that Call of Duty did is just really weird; it's sort of like hidden If you take a look here, it says there's a total of eight different challenges, but you only see seven rewards, and there is a scroll wheel at the bottom that you'll have to click on and drag in order to be able to see the cam, and in my opinion, the camel's the best reward that they have available here in this event, and you'll need to do that challenge if you want to unlock the weapon blueprint, but if you want a full guide.

I uploaded that article yesterday, but it took me around an hour to two hours to finish the entire thing. But anyway, there's also an update on the Horde Hunt event. The hellhounds are now available for you to collect the bones; you'll need a total of 300 to finish this challenge, and you can do this in any mode in multiplayer.

War Zone or Zombie It's pretty easy. All you have to do is either go to an xville and, around 10 to 15 minutes into the game, whenever you call in the xville spawn in anywhere from two to six different hellhounds, you'll be able to eliminate those and collect the bones from them, or you could go over and do the Outlast contract.

Just don't complete the contract, and it will consistently spawn hellhounds that you can eliminate for those of you guys in multiplayer. They did an update to the playlist, so now this is the elite zombie that will spawn in, and then for War Zone, you can play modes like plunder, open up crates, and the skulls will be available. This event will also be updated again next week, and then that will be added to the mimic, so that way you'll be able to complete the entire event and get the operator skin starting this next week.

New weekly challenges & chainsaw attachment

New weekly challenges & chainsaw attachment

On Wednesday anyway, we also have a new set of weekly challenges. You'll only need to complete five out of the seven that are available, and this will unlock the new Jack Ripper under Barrel Chainsaw.

And this is pretty much just an attachment for a chainsaw that you can put on an AR. It's not all too overpowered; there's also some sort of glitch where it can eliminate the person who uses it. I believe this is a bug; they mentioned that this was taking place in free-for-all, where whenever you activate it'll actually start dealing damage to you, and these are just like little short clips to showcase that, and then there's also another glitch where it was giving out tracers, so if your weapon has a tracer on it and you put it on, it actually gives tracers to the chainsaw itself.

I did go ahead and try to test it out in a private match; it didn't work for the blueprints that I used, the ones that had tracers and death effects on them, and it looks like this may end up being unintentional. Bug for the reason that this actually ejects bullet casings when you are using it, so it doesn't look like this is intentional at all, and it might end up being fixed, but this would have been a pretty cool feature to add tracers to the underbarrel of that chainsaw, but anyway, that's going to be the new content that we have, We also received a new playlist update today, and here's what we have for War Zone.

New playlist update

New playlist update

It says Battle Royale; you got solos. Duos, trios, and quads in your stand; you got ring; play Resurgence and Fortune; keep Resurgence solo. Duos trios and quads and Fortune keep, but then quads is now back in vondo, and then you also have lockdown quads in vondo. Now that Vondo is back, maybe within a couple of weeks.

Ashika Island may also return because they did promise that War Zone is going to have the biggest selection of maps that they've ever offered, so it tells you that they're not going to be getting rid of other maps to replace Fortune Key, but they're actually going to be adding them all into their own playlist, whether it's rotational or however they decide to do that, so you can expect that map to come back in a couple weeks.

New abberation ultra skin bundle store update

cod free bundle mw3

We also got a brand new store update that brought in the Aition bundle, which is going to cost you $2,400. Cod points Because it is an ultraskin, the operator itself is fully animated. You can see sparks flying off of their heads, and you can also see the coral moving. It does make sense why it's an ultra skin, and then you have the two weapon blueprints, and unfortunately, they don't have any sort of Tracer effects.

The blueprints are not animated themselves. I like the way that Call of Duty has upgraded the quality of the operator skins, but at the same time, it looks like the quality of the weapon blueprints has really died down. It's not looking as good as it used to. With Modern Warfare 2, they used to include trap surroundings and death effects.

Now, it's very rare for a blueprint to have death effects on it, but at the same time, it's still the same price of $2,400. Cod points, and as we saw with the boys homelander, he had three different weapon blueprints; they had trap surrounds and death effects; the same thing with Starli; the same thing with Black Noir; they cost it 2,400; but then when they redid the boys event, they brought in a train and a firecracker; they only had two different weapon blueprints; they didn't even have death effects, and they charged you the same exact price anyway.

Free mw3 season 2 combat pack bundle showcase

Free mw3 season 2 combat pack bundle showcase

But going on to the next topic, there's actually a free combat pack that you're now able to get. This one is called the decomposition, or combat pack. This brings in a brand new operator skin called the groundbreaking. We got a little short 30-second trailer to pretty much showcase this brand new operator outfit and the weapon blueprints that are going to come along with it, and just pretty much the entire bundle.

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