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Com and when you first get on this page, you will either need to log in or register. If it's your first time, then you will need to register, and then when you register, just put in your first name, date of birth, email, and address, make sure you agree to the terms, and register your account.


And once you have your account registered, and once you logged in you will be on this which is the home screen which it shows you all the rewards again and this time it'll ask you to scan or upload your receipt now if you are in the US or Canada you will need to scan and upload receipt it is the only way to get codes, but if you are in the UK or any Europe country there's a code on the can itself it should be around the bottle cap area if you want to you can DM and message me some pictures of exactly how it look Cod on cans but if you are in the United States or anywhere else other than Europe or Australia, it will look more like this with the cans where it shows it on the back but it will not be codes on the top and with the can options you can get cans in either just a One Singular can.

You can get them in a four-pack box-square package or you can get their biggest option, which is a whole 12 packs of monster cans, and here's the difference between getting which monster can, so you know exactly which one to get for yourself now. This is how it works, so with one can, you only get one of these rewards, the first board, which is the inner Beast weapon blueprint, but if you do get the four pack, it will give you the full bundle, and I have to pause it right here because it no longer gives the full bundle for four cans, unfortunately.


You do have to get six cans in order to get the last two rewards, which is the new two rewards which is the mark of the beast and the Beast up operator skin so you do need six cans for the full bundle which can also be the full six cans which you can easily get by just having a 12pack, or you can get a four pack with two cans or you can just get six can plus a small amount of XP code so you should get the full codes with all the monster rewards including the newest Monster rewards and some XP codes but if you really grinding you really need a lot of XP codes if you get the 12pack you'll not only get all the monster codes including the newest rewards, you also get about 12 extra XP codes there's a lot of extra XP stacked on it and then on top of that you got a lot of more drink.

free clutch operator mw3

And Kroger you can actually see that there's more packs so you can get them in bigger packs so get them right here, and that's what you scan, for the 12 packs so you can actually get these however you want them if you want them just individual drink small pack, or if you want them in a bigger pack you can get them all however you want to the receipt remember you have to have your receipt, and you have to scan this I'm about to show you the website where you need to scan this app so when you scan the QR code on the back of the can this is the link that it's going to take you to you're going to have to either log in or register and account for Monster, so if it's your first time ever being on this website you will need to register an account and make sure you use an email that you're actually using that you're able to check the emails cuz what you're going to need to do is either take a picture or upload a picture of the receipt of each receipt that you get and once you've uploaded your receipt you will get an email that your receipt is getting verified.

And then, in 24 hours, you will get another email, and that email will be your actual code that you're going to have to redeem. Instructions on how to redeem yourself: go to the call of duty. Com Redeem it'll take you to this page, and this is the page you'll be on if you're already logged in, so I'm going to log out then when you get on Call of Duty.

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Com it'll look like this where you'll need to log in your Call of Duty account first and if you also don't know your login you can use your Playstation Xbox battl net or Steam login, and also sometimes on the Call of Duty web page it can give a issue with login so if it does ever give you an issue you can use the incognito, mode it's a good workaround it works then once you're logged into your Call of Duty account you can now click on your code and then click paste and now you guys see I got the Beast up operator skin now that was for my Beast up attempt and I click on the mark of the beast code I copy and paste that and when you want to do another code.

ComRedeem, because when you upload multiple codes, it can mess up where you have to do it one time per login, but now I just copied and pasted my code. I now have the Mark of the Beast weapon decal, and then, just because we're now about to upload some more codes to have the full bundle all right, here's another one right here, the Zero Chill Operator skin.

Once you have redeemed your codes, you just need to close your game. I just loaded back up on Modern Warfare 3/War Zone 2 if you go over to your operators and then go to the barbecue operator. You can get them off Amazon, and you can get them off third-party websites.

Burger king

Burger king

The next promotion is Burger King/Hungry Jack. Now, the thing with Burger King is that this promotion mainly ran in South American countries like Argentina, but it also ran in other countries around the world like Australia.

Chile. Costa Rica. Honduras. Peru. Spain. Puerto Rico, and the list goes on of all the countries that the actual Burger King locations did support the Modern Warfare 3 promotion, so it was not here in the United States and Canada like the other promotions. You just walk into the Burger King, and then you need to order a purchase of something over $15. And once you do have something purchased over $15, it also does come with the Modern Warfare 3 promotion code now that how it originally was to get the Burger King for those countries but as you guys know this is the updated article this is how you do it after all the patches and Modern Warfare 3 Burger King did not get patched now the only way to get codes is by thirdparty websites that's selling the actual codes, or if you know anyone who's in any of these countries that is doing a Modern Warfare 3 promotions you should be able to easily get a code that's going around but the Modern Warfare 3 birg king COD is working way different I'm going of course upload a updated article Once there is a way or another way to get Modern Warfare 3 Burger King when you do get the codes you will need two codes in order to get the full bundle just by having one code you will get the calling card and the emblem, and then with having two codes you'll have the calling card emblem and the Modern Warfare 3 Burger King skin now next up is Little Caesars and unfortunately.

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