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New monster energy bundle leaked

New monster energy bundle leaked

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're going to go over and talk about the new Monster Energy bundle that is apparently going to be free for everyone to unlock. We'll go over all the operator bundle details, the weapon blueprints, the early gameplay showcase, and everything else that you need to know about it.

We're also going to go over and talk about the final update before season 3. A quick reminder: I did post a article yesterday going over the upcoming Call of Duty and NBA crossover events. This will be bringing in the Devon Booker operator skin and potentially some brand new modes, a massive event, and other operator skins.

Big cod content coming this week!


Before we get into it, a quick word from our sponsor, {749} It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more. The first one is that we have the final update for the first half of season 3, meaning that the last event is going to be going live, and that is the vortex, virus Mainframe, event, which will be bringing a new Horseman bundle operator skin into the store.

There will be a new XP event with an animated camo. There will also be the return of vortex maps and modes, along with a new arcade playlist that is going to have apparent superpowers and things like that. Along with that, the season 3 road map is expected to arrive on the same day one week before the season 3 Reloaded update, which is scheduled for May 1st at 9:00 a.

M pacific Standard time is going to be this upcoming Wednesday; that will be the week before that May 1st update, and that's when we should expect to see the road map. There have been special occasions where they will either delay it until, like. Friday the week before, or sometimes even Monday a couple days right before the actual update will go live, so we'll have to wait and see what exactly they plan on doing for this week, but that will give us all the details that we need to know in regards to season 3 Reloaded and what new operators are going to be coming in the content of the Crossovers. The maps, the modes Everything that you need to know will be covered in that blog post, and whenever it goes live, I'll cover it here on the channel, but that's everything to expect.

New free prime gaming operator bundle

New free prime gaming operator bundle

There is one more thing that's going to be the day after on Thursday, the 25th: there will be a new Amazon Prime gaming bundle.

They usually rotate between a weapon bundle and an operator bundle, and this time we did end up getting that color block bundle, which is going to expire on that day, and it's going to be replaced with more than likely an operator skin, so we're not entirely sure which one it is; they usually pick CDL.

These are the two candidates that we could have as potential free rewards. One of them. I believe, was introduced at the very beginning of this update, so I can't imagine it being a free skin, but we'll find out that usually we'll introduce a bundle that doesn't have Tracer rounds or effects and usually doesn't cost more than 2, 000 Cod points.

cod blue monster operator skin

I've also heard that they will remove the bundle from the store around a couple days before the actual Prime gaming releases, so that way no one accidentally buys it when you can get it for free. That could be the potential next Amazon Prime bundle, but once we get information on that, I'll also cover that for you guys.

Free blue monster energy operator bundle early showcase

One thing that I want to talk about today is the free Monster Gaming Bundle. We have an operator, Skin, that's releasing in collaboration with Monster Energy. We saw Call of Duty. Monster Energy has had multiple different collabs with each other since the start of Modern Warfare 3. It first started with being able to purchase Monster Energy cans, uploading the receipts for them, and being able to get rewards, Double XP tokens, and weapon blueprints.

cod blue monster skin

And operator skins I believe there were like two or three different operator skins that you were able to unlock through this; there were even some that were supposed to release, and then they ended up getting scrapped. It was like different color variations; they just never ended up coming out, and then last season, when we got the introduction of Fortune SK after Cod added rank play revival to that map, they ended up doing a promotion with Monster Energy.

allowing players to actually get it for free by simply going to Call of Duty, Com, Monster Energy, and Redeem. The only difference is that this one was a green version, and it was the only thing that you were able to get, but this time around, with the brand new update for season 3, they actually added additional rewards that you can unlock and a different version, so this is the blue version.

The Monster Energy variant looks exactly the same as the green one—the same biker outfit, just a different color variant. It's going to be for barbecue, which is the same operator as the Green version, but on top of this, they've actually included a new weapon blueprint, which is what it looks like for the HRM.

cod monster bundle

9 also credits Austin 6 for this footage, but as you see from the weapon blueprint, it matches the operator skin; it has that same color variation. It has that little bit of blue along with the gray that the operator on your skin has, and the second weapon blueprint is for an LMG. This one doesn't look like it matches the blue version that was originally supposed to be released with the original Green Monster Energy.

It just never did. Maybe it could be tied here with this blue one now that there are more additional items. For example, there is a new weapon charm that has the Monster Energy logo. Then you have a large decal that says Unleash the Beast, and then it has a second one that says Unleash the Beast.

Following that, there's also a bunch of different stickers that are monster energy-related. There's also a calling card called cold rotation. It shows the blue version of Monster Energy, confirming that it's tied to this new bundle, and then there's also the emblem, called the Arctic Drip, and finally there is a UTV skin, which is a Monster Energy one.

As of right now, it's not tied to the operator store bundle. Although all these different cosmetics are available, they're not tied together; there's no price listed under them, meaning that they are going to end up being free at some point. It could come in as a Call of Duty Monster Energy crossover event, and it could be a reward for completing challenges; it could come in the same way that they did the fortunes.

FREE BLUE MONSTER ENERGY OPERATOR BUNDLE! Free Operator, Blueprints, MORE! - Modern Warfare 3.
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