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It's your boy again. Check this out. We just hit 10,000 subscribers. Like I promised you on Friday, here's my MW3 setting. Turn on post notifications. I want to upload or stream, and I just uploaded on my second channel. Your rum was no commentary, and these two game plays I just dropped on my no commentary channel.

Yeah, I had to check them out. That's my most recent news. So once yall are done with this article, go check that out and come right back on here. I appreciate all the support now. Let's get into this MW3 settings article, all right, man. First and foremost, I play on a P5 dual-sense controller, as you can tell right here, but this is the controller I play on right here.

This wire goes into the back of the P5 to reduce latency on the controller. Right here's my control freak, and I'm over here touching stuff. Without further ado, let's get into it, man. I haven't changed my button edit layout at all. I play on the default flip. L1 ping is off. I shoot with the L1 and R1 stick layouts, which are on default control, and vibration is off.

aim assist mw3

Trigger effects are off. I did T my dead zone, so you' can check that out right here. I play on 7090 on the left and LW stick so I can strafe more, and I keep the right and LW stick basically towards the same. Let's get into this IM. I play on six, both vertical and horizontal, ad multipliers, one sensitivity multiplier, and I keep that all one, vertical aim access.

I keep in mind that all standard aim-response types are dynamic. I haven't changed any of these at all. If I'm going too fast, I can slow it down. My target aim assist is on an assist type that is default. I don't play on Black Ops; if you play on Black Ops, it slows it down. You don't need to do that on an MW3 game anyway.

Third-person ad correction type assistance And monitor, aim, and assist. I don't know what these are. I haven't used any of these, but these are off, like you say right here. I don't use any of these, so it won't be on at all. Here's my game play. I play automatic TX Sprint slot machines, all moving forward, all tactical SP heav single tap the run, which I hit the L3 button one time, ground man, to turn off automatic.

best aim assist

Airborne man to par automatic ground man to hang off slot and tap I don't dive at all, so I only slide around the corners. If you dive, I believe you get caught in gunfights, and if you don't get caught in gunfights, plunging into the water is trigger- and parachute-automatic. Behavior-free for all Sprint through-door BGE I keep that on because I don't have time to be when I'm getting shot behind my back.

I have time to press square. I just want to run straight through the door ledge and climb. Behavior me to only, and here's a combat behavior. I'm not going to keep going over it because I'm literally running out of breath trying to do all this, but if I'm going too fast, I can slow it down. Everything is still the same on this part.

All right, here are my graphic settings for on-demand texture streaming. I keep that off. War motion blur, I keep that off. You don't want any type of blur messing up your game. You don't want any fries. You don't want depths of feeling like one or any of those special extra effects. I am going to get you gunned out here.

best aim assist mw3

You will get gunned out here. Fidelity casts on. Fidelity, cast stri. In my eco-mode preset, I play efficiency. As you can tell, I do play on P5, so I am on 120 Hz. My monitor is a 165 Herz, which, as you know, doesn't cap out to 165; it caps out to 120. My favorite is to play on 120 ads: field of view affected, weapon field of view default, third-person field of view 80, first camera movement at least 50, and third camera movement at least 50 inverted flashbangs.

I keep that off. I don't want my screen to go dark because I may feel like I might kick something. I don't know what it is—third-person ad transition, third-person ads—I don't know what that is, but I don't play third-person. I got that for y'all: spectator camera helmet, my brightness I switched it up to a 53.

best aim assist settings mw3

My monitor is already as bright as it is, and I don't want my gameplay to look too bleached out. This is my safe area right here; it's pretty much maxed out to the point where I can see everything. Here's my audio mix. All right, man, here's my audio mix right here. I do play on headphones because I am rocking the Astro 840 TR Edition.

I wish I was up to the new 50s. I don't know when my headset is still good right now. Comment below with what headset you got. I want to know. I hope you rock them. Turtle Beaches out there, man, you get your gun out here rocking them Turtle Beaches anyway. Here's the master volume right here.

Keep it on the 20. This is talking in the game chat. This is the sound effect right here. I can hear people footsteps cuz I always rocking ninja all the time voice chat volume: these are people who are talking trash in the game. Playay voice chat on game voice chat all Lobby, Last Words voice chat on proximity chat on you know the basics keep my mic on 65, my mic on 65.

best mw3 aim assist settings

I keep it up there; it is with himself when connecting to a channel. I won't be on any channels on MW3. I don't know what that is because I'm always in disco anyway. Microphone level: I keep that on 100 test microphones. I don't need to do that. I keep it all low. This is pretty much the same default as it always is.

Here's my interface right here: Subtitles, like I said before, keep everything together. I really don't touch much of these settings, right here in color customization. I keep it on custom, so I'm purple. My teammates are blue; the party is green; my enemies are red; I neutralized the flag; I contested the flag.

I keep everything pretty much the same right here; it is what it is. Mini-map shape I keep it square; you keep it in a circle. I feel like you are limiting yourself, so you switch it to square. You see a little bit more of a map. Mini map rotation I keep that on so while the map is rotating, I can know where somebody's at exactly, horizontally.

best mw3 settings

Compass: I don't need a compass to keep my cross, but I do have the S on my screen, as you can tell by the visual hit markers. I keep that on damage B hit. Mark Keep that play name abbreviated. In the game texture, people pop up on the left side of the screen when he talks about trash vehicles. H prom fades at 10 seconds, like, man, that's pretty much my settings right there.

I mean, here are my account's network settings. Sometimes I do play crossplay, and sometimes I do play with off, depending on how I'm feeling. If I want to smack some PC players, smack some Xbox play, or smack PlayStation play, it is what it is. Activision is trying to see my IP address here in text on the screen; pretty much everything is the same.

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