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There's a new melee weapon in the store that is really expensive, and normally I don't buy this kind of stuff, but I really love melee weapons in zombies, so I had to try this out. This thing cost $80 in COD points, and I took one for the team. I bought it because I wanted to let you guys know if it's any good or not for zombies.

For this, you have to buy four packs, and they're all 2400 Cod Points each, which equals 9600. Cod points, which is, yeah, right at 80 bucks; it's called the Titan Collection. Once you buy it, it unlocks the Beast Glove. I had a book of cod points saved up, so I only had to spend 40 bucks for this, which sounds crazy saying that out loud.

I was a little worried when I went into the menus to see that this thing was just another version of this new Gladiator melee weapon that's in the battle pass. The stats on it are identical to the Gladiator, and the Gladiator is just a reskin of the corit; they have the exact same stats too, so when I saw the Gladiator in the battle pass and then saw the stats.


I was like. This is just the corit, which we already have. This is nothing new, so I was not impressed with that, and the carit is amazing; it's one of the most powerful melee weapons, but the way that it performs in zombies will get you murdered, and because of that. I switched to the tonfa. Now the tonfa doesn't do as much damage, but it doesn't have that mechanism.

That will get you killed like the Karambit does, and I was really hoping the Gladiator would fix that problem, but it didn't. I went in and checked it out and made a article about that, so I was like, No, what's going to happen with this glove? My expectations were rock bottom with this thing after looking at the stats in the menu.

However, I was pleasantly surprised and shocked by how good this Beast Glove is. It fixes the problem that the Carit and the Gladiator have. The very first time I used it and meleed a zombie, I noticed it right away. Here's what the weapon in Spec looks like: It does a chest-beating animation, which is super cute.


I was able to put a legendary tool on it and also triple-pack-a-punch it. I used a crystal, and when you pack-a-punch it, it doesn't change the skin at all; you don't get something like a pack-a-punch camo or anything. One thing that I did notice is that it's huge on screen and it blocks a lot of your field of view, but after a while you don't notice that, but instantly you're like.

warzone 2

God, that's a huge freaking gorilla fist in your face, so I just loaded into the game and I've got this weapon completely upgraded. And right here, my first melee on a zombie, I was like, Yes, this is it. This is the melee weapon I've been wanting and waiting for, and it's not because of the sheer power and damage that this glove deals, which is amazing. yes and expected, it's the way this thing kills when you melee and punch a zombie it does not pull you into the zombie and lunge you at them like the carit and the Gladiator, does and maybe that is not an issue in other game types but for zombies it is because if you were trying to go after one zombie with the corit or the Gladiator, and there's other zombies around you will get pulled into that zombie and then the other ones can surround you and kill you quickly and again that's why I opted for the Tona because the TAA didn't lunge you at them it allowed you to stay back and kill around you without being drugged.

Into the Horde, so now for me, I have the perfect melee weapon; I've got the power of the corit and the gladiator. Without the lunge, this thing is unstoppable. Everything is up; it only takes a few punches to kill the regular Elites, like the manglers and the mimics. Another good benefit this glove has is that if you're down and you're surrounded by enemies around you and you don't want to revive yourself just yet because you're surrounded, well, you still get to use this glove and melee right here.

I'm killing a disciple contract before I revive, so yeah, you're able to melee mow everything down around you and then safely revive. It's safe to say that this glove will always be on me in every game. I did pay a lot of money for it, and I thought I was going to be wasting my money, but yeah, it's definitely a pay-to-win, that's for sure, for players that don't want to pay $80 for this glove.

warzone 2 zombies

There's a way to turn this glove into contraband and then stack them up, so I could make a ton of these and then go drop them for people in the game; they will be contraband for those people as well, obviously, but it gives them a chance to use it. I'm going to make a article on that right after this if that glitch is still working where you can duplicate these and hand them out because I feel like this weapon is so good that you would want to take the time to duplicate it and hand it out to people.

Also. I found myself using ether blades less with this because it is now doing everything I need it to do; I don't need the ether blades to supplement, and that is really saying a lot, so if you guys can find players to drop you this glove and you're able to keep it on you and not lose it and keep it as contraband.

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