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Today we are going to be going over the best settings for War Zone or Modern Warfare 3 season 2, so to start off with, you can actually shut down the game, then come down here and click on the search icon, or just click your Windows key and search up Windows update settings, or just windows up and click on that, and as you can see, if you click check for updates here, it will load, and then it will start downloading and doing any of the kinds of updates that you need to do here, so yeah.

best settings

I recommend downloading and installing whatever you need to do, so yeah, we are all up to date again. Just do that, maybe check for updates again, and make sure that's all done first. So yeah, we're all good. The next thing you want to do is update your graphics drivers. So I have an Nvidia graphics card so for me I would normally come down in the bottom right click on this and I've actually installed the new Nvidia, app so if you guys haven't got this yet they've just released this and it's basically just like GeForce experience which is what you'll have if you don't have this if you don't have any of these just download the Nvidia app it's brand new and I highly recommend it if you just want like you know everything here like it's super good I could make a whole article about this separately I probably will soon but yeah you just want to come over to drivers as you can see in thep top right hand corner there is game ready driver, as I'm going to be playing games on this there is also a studio driver but no we're just focusing on the game then check for updates here and I mean yeah I have the most upto-date one yeah if you didn't you just have to download it install it it's pretty simple and yeah I'm sure it's very similar over on AMD so yeah just make sure your graphics driver is updated.

Now, if you come over to Steam, right-click on Call of Duty and click Properties. This will pop up, and if you want to go down to installed files and click browse, it will come up with this string, so if you just wanted to know where it's installed, it's in your program file 86. Steam apps are common in Call of Duty HQ.

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Then go into Code 23. Run, as like a normal full-screen game would, so yeah, that's why this setting specifically is super important; make sure you have this on it will, as it says, reduce latency. For Call of Duty, yeah, we really want to enable this, and obviously we don't have the game open at the moment, so yeah, we will need to restart the game, but we haven't got it up at the moment, so that's fine.

Another thing you could try toggling on and off is the hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, but that doesn't always give you better performance. Click on this and click restart, and then restart your game. Now we can come back in to the Graphic Settings on Modern Warfare 3 and, of course, for display mode.

As we mentioned before, we want this one to be a full-screen exclusive. Obviously, whatever monitor you have and whatever graphics card you have, set your screen refresh rate to the highest value possible. The same is true with your resolution; you want to be playing at Native, and then if we want to downscale, that can be done later on in the article aspect ratio, which should be automatic.


Obviously, we just restarted the shaders, and we just got a notification saying that they were redone, so that's great. Gamma doesn't really matter. 2.2 is a fine brightness. This is a completely personal preference, obviously, though sometimes brighter is generally better on games like this because you want to be able to see people in shadows, etc.

Nvidia reflex low latency you want this on at least on guys if you have an Nvidia graphics card guys please put this on I don't know there are some people who still aren't using this technology and it's so good now you could also put on plus boost on but that's only if you have like a cracked out PC so personally I just have this on and I mean I've got what's say a 500x.

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AMD processor and a 3080 graphics card, so I mean, it's not like a 40 series if I had, like, you know, the latest top-end CPU and a 4090. I probably would put on plus boost, but honestly, on its own is fine because basically boost will just take off some frames, so the whole point in this article is probably for 9–9% of you guys watching this is that you want to get more FPS and want to get better performance, so you definitely want on like everyone should have on if you can, but on plus boost is just if you really don't need those couple extra frames, so yeah, just put it on; it's the best option for eco mode preset put efficiency.

Vsync, turn this off. You do not want to be using this, like this isn't a campaign we're playing, we're playing War Zone, or even like this works for obviously multiplayer. You don't want to be adding extra input delay to your game because it'll just feel awful, especially if you're playing on a controller, but yeah, you just do not want to be playing.

You can also turn vsync menus off. Custom frame rate: you can set this to unlimited for now; it really doesn't matter menu render resolution. I mean, this is completely up to you, and this isn't going to affect your in-game performance. And yeah, pause game rendering off, focus mode zero, and HDR off unless you have an HDR monitor, but I wouldn't even bother using it anyway.

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Then just hit apply, and then click confirm. Now on the quality tab, what you want to do is make sure that your render resolution, which is 100 dynamic resolution, is off for upscaling. I've been trying out a bunch of these, but we'll get on to this actually after we've set up some other settings because if you change this now and then we do the other tweaks that we're going to do in your config file, then it's going to have some effect on this, so we want to leave this until the end, so just ignore this for now.

For your vram scale target, you want it on 80, but honestly, if you have a better system, you can Chuck this up to 90. And I would actually recommend that, and if you haven't already, make sure you turn variable rate shading on because yeah, it's a super important setting now for the details and textures.

As you guys can see if we scroll down here. Gamers who just want a bit better performance in the game to be a bit smoother would recommend these settings, so yeah, you can just pause the article and go through those super easy, but now let's get on to the super sweaty competitive settings. But these are the most optimized graphic settings.

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For Call of Duty, but now you can close out of Call of Duty and come to your documents and go to the Call of Duty folder, go to players, and as you can see here, there are options for text files. What you want to do is right-click on this and actually make sure you've got it selected, then right-click on it so you can open it, and then just select Notepad and click Always.

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