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We've been having so much fun with it, and with a bunch of things to learn and several changes and new features added in, we wanted to wrap together all of the tips and the good beginner stuff that we wish we knew sooner before starting, so if you're a beginner, we have you covered here. Also, comment on any tips that you've figured out so we can all learn the latest tricks.

The first thing that you should be doing before you get into any kind of match is to create a custom Loadout, similar to the original Call of Duty war zone 1 and 2 loadouts, are still here and they play a massive role in the game this gives you a way to get your primary weapon your secondary weapon your tactical gear and perks of your choice that you perform well with so you can wreck people online without having to use ground loot guns if you haven't played war zone before it's very different than a normal Call of Duty match where you spawn in with your Loadout, it's a battle royale mode many of you will know this so you spawn in with just a pistol and must loot your way through the map to get weapons gear and money will play an important role because it allows you to buy your individual.


Loadout weapons, your perks, or the whole loadout via a loadout drop. These options make getting your partial or full load out easier, so you can quickly get your fully kitted-out gun that you perform well with to take out those enemies. I'll be honest with you guys if you haven't been playing Modern Warfare 3 in multiplayer.

It means you won't have access to all of the current best-attached Ms. and weapons right off the bat. This is because in regular multiplayer, you can get the weapons and level them up to unlock the new attachments that give dramatic improvements to your gun stats. You can still level these up in War Zone, but it's much faster in the multiplayer modes, so if you don't have the attachments unlocked and know what weapons you perform well with, you'll be at a disadvantage.

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But don't worry; if you play enough and get good enough, you can still get far. All of this comes together in creating your loadout to give you a massive edge in the match. You'll want to pick your favorite primary and secondary. Tactical gear and importantly your perks too having the best perks or the ones that you perform well with are huge because otherwise you get random ones as you loot so setting up your load out with the ones that you know you like and get on with is a good Edge to have in battle as said before you can buy just your primary weapon just your perks or the full Loadout at the shops all around the map so collecting money is a big factor in getting your load out either fully or partially, and there's also Global Loadout drops that will happen as the match goes on so you will always have a way to get your load out if you last long enough and this is why the load out is super important to set up before you get into a game within War Zone 3 there are now more new and returning perks meaning you'll need to think about which one is best to pick Additionally you will always have some perks active in war zone allowing for faster and better movement, making everything feel more fluid but there's also a load of new perks so here's an overview a radiated, lets you move faster and take less damage while in the gas.

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Tempered much like the tempered plate vest allows you to get Max plates with only two plates needed instead of three, the combat scout allows your bullets to briefly ping enemy locations for you and your squad, with further away enemies being pinged for longer. Resolute taking damage from gunfire will grant you a short bonus to movement speed shrouded, you will drop a smoke grenade when you go down Mountain A, this will reduce the full damage you take stalker, this will increase your strafe and ads movement speed Escapist will increase your down, proned, and Crouch speed primed will give you more accuracy and time to ads while jumping Flex, which will delay triggered explosions while your sprinting, warn you of nearby enemy equipment, and reduce your combat noise.

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Out of all of these new perks, here are the ones that we suggest as possibly being the best for perk slot three. Here are the ones that we suggest tempering. This means you will consistently and reliably always get the two maximum plate vests whenever you buy your perks or load them out. This saves time by reducing the number of plates that you use, and overall, this is the only disadvantage.

Is that you can still get the tempered plate vest in game but that relies on luck finding it stalker, this also is pretty good as it gives you extra movement speed while aiming and strafing and this is helpful to get a bit of an edge in a gunfight, and primed will also be good if you are one of those players that has learned to spam jump while fighting up close, for your perk slot number four there's the new Resolute perk which might be bugged at the moment we aren't sure because it seems to be very powerful in giving you a last chance to survive after getting shot there's also ghost and high alert which are still popular picks so go with your gut here and for slots one and two we recommend scavenger.

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You will get extra things off of dead players, including an extra plate, which is the main reason to go for it, so you always get at least one plate when killing someone so you can recover afterwards. A slight of hand and double time are always good choices too, and we are experimenting a bit with the new radiated perk, which seems to have potential in the final circles of the match.

You might also be wondering what loadout you should make, what weap weapons you should pick, and the attachments for them. Of course, you should use what works for you, play, and figure out your play style. Do you like sniping? Are you more of a mid-range assault rifle user or a close-range SMG or shotgunner?

But if you want to just pick something up and go to the war zone, load out. So this is a good resource to use if you're looking for what weapons people are currently using, and then you can tweak it to your own personal preference. And then you might wonder what game mode you should jump into. If you're completely new to War Zone, there's actually several modes with differences to the Battle Royale formula.

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To start with, there's the classic Battle Royale, which has the whole map available at the start, and it gets smaller and smaller as the gas closes in, with the last squad left winning. Then there's Resurgence, a faster-paced Battle Royale mode with a smaller initial map size and respawning, available so long as someone in your squad is still alive.

The respawns do cut off near the end, and the last squad that's alive will win. There's also plunder and an alternative mode where players will collect as much cash as they can to try and deposit it and win, and finally, there's DMZ and an extraction mode where players will fight both other people and NPCs.

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