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is mw3 worth it

All right, so Mod War 3 beta is officially over, and a lot of people ask me what I think about the game and whether I watched Cod next and War Zone 3 reveal, but first tell me how you like the new MW3 and War Zone 3. I'm just curious what you guys think about Broen Cons. So, Modern Warfare 3's beta is officially over, and I've played this game for hours now.

I played the first beta on PlayStation and the second one on PC and Xbox, so I got a very good feeling about the game, and it's very fun. From what I've played in this beta, it's very fun, and the movement is so much better compared to MW2. I think the movement is perfect this year; it's not too fast but it's not too slow like MW2, slide canceling, it's back, but there is no need to spam it like crazy because it does not reset your tax Sprint like before, but it's not just the movement; the gun playay also feels really, really good compared to MW2.

is worth it

Visual recoil is not as aggressive; there is no gun smoke, which was such a stupid thing in MW2. The last game had it; this one doesn't, and the ttk, time to kill, looks pretty good. In my opinion, it's perfect, bringing back nostalgic maps and the incredible feeling of playing those again. Sincerely, when I was playing Highrise, lightning on that map, the Gunplay movement, names above enemies, yo, I can tell you, I was really enjoying myself playing multiplayer.

Again, multiplayer looks really good this year, but so does War Zone. Of course. I haven't played New War Zone, but from everything I saw and what you all saw, wait. I'm going to ask you right now: if you got the chance to play the original Wars on Inver Dan in this new war zone with Urzikstan, what would you play?

I choose Verdansk, and when I say rans, I don't just mean the map; it's a lot more than just a map. The original war zone brought me back into Call of Duty. I haven't played Call of Duty since Ghosts, so that was like 2013. So I haven't played Infinite Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3. Black Ops 4 I mean I play those games I play them but only for like one time a month.

modern warfare 3

I just wasn't interested in Call of Duty anymore. The war zone brought that back for me. I can play COD multiplayer, and I always did, and I did, and I can make content about it, but when Wars of VR came out, I was like, man, I love this. I couldn't stop playing that game, Ver Dan Rebirth Island, or even Fortune Keep.

I love those maps, and I absolutely loved every single match. I played every single day that feeling when you got that one game, that day after day you just looked forward to going back and watching YouTube-related articles to that game. That was the original version to me, and if you're watching this article, I believe it was to you too, but you all saw the game play of New War Zone 3.

Is it even called War Zone 3 or just War Zone? Let's just call it War Zone 3. Okay, I'm going to put some non-commentary game play from Benny Central; the whole article is going to be in the description. But let me ask you if you show screenshots of War Zone 2 and War Zone 3. Would you be able to tell the difference?

modern warfare 3 beta

Multiplayer is really, really good. Like I said, I genuinely had fun playing multiplayer, and I hate that everyone is calling the game a DLC; it's not a DLC. It reminds me of MW2. Okay, but it plays so much differently, but for War Zone, like I said, I haven't played that game; it's too soon to tell, and I saw like an hour or two of gameplay, and I don't know.

It looks like version 2. 5 and a half just got an update. But at the same time, am I excited to play War Zone 3? Sincerely, I'm really excited. But it's a question: how long will that excitement last for all of us if the game is similar to War 2 with original heroes and bans? We just we just all didn't realize what we had; it was so good.

The way the game played, the gunplay, the movement—I could watch War Zone all day, any day—and I still do, to be honest. Sometimes before I go to eat, you know, when I make myself food. I sit in front of my TV in my living room and I play myself dance games from Team Detman or Resty whatever, and to this day I enjoy watching that content and gameplay.

modern warfare 3 multiplayer

But with Warson 2, Warson 2 lost the watchability it once had. War Zone 1 was just so good, and when War Zone 2 came out, it just went away from everything we loved from everything that made War Zone a war zone the game we all loved. It was gone, and I really, really hope it's going to be back with War Zone 3.

I hope, but from what I saw, I don't know if they've made a ton of stuff better. I cannot say that I haven't played War Zone 3, but I already know it's better compared to War Zone 2. It's just an improvement, but it isn't going to bring back the majority of the player base. Is War Zone 3 going to keep up that players come back every single day to play this game?

I guess we'll see. I really hope it's going to be a success because I am excited they are bringing Rebirth Island back, and that's what excites me the most. I've played a ton of rebirth before, mostly when Caldera launched, and when they got rid of rans, I fully switched to rebirth, and I just fell in love with it.

modern warfare 3 multiplayer review

Now that they are bringing that back. I just cannot wait to play rebirth again, man, and I've heard some speculation that on March 10th next year, when it's the war anniversary, they're going to bring back rans. Fingers crossed, man, but it's not just the map in the war zone. War Zone 3 just looks like an update to War Zone 2.

It's a good update, but it's still an update, if you know what I mean by the Oran map. It looks very good, Verdy. Which is what I really like, The map looks good, if you ask me. The design of the map looks good, but the color palette looks identical to War Zone 2, and that's why everybody thinks it's like War Zone 2.

War Zone 3 looks like what we should have gotten after the original war zone. I don't know what I was expecting with War Zone 3. I was expecting to go back a little bit into the War Zone 1 style of play, for example, if you compare the War Zone 3 and War Zone 1 looting systems. This is War Zone 3, exactly like War Zone 2, and I hate it.

modern warfare 3 review

It's a great example of something I generally don't like, and listen, I'll take the DMZ backpack style rather than this whole mess on the floor. I hate this. I hate this. Do you remember in the original Wars how the looting system worked? It was so beautiful, and I don't understand why you should get rid of something that nobody complains about.

They brought back the colors of the loot, gray, green, blue, purple, and gold items, and you have that satisfying sound when you pick up a golden gun, which is good. You get that feeling that you picked up a rare item, but the looting system was so much better back in the day. Gak looks pretty simple and straightforward; say no to V2 or some sketchy things.

Modern Warfare 3 Beta is officially over and these are my toughs about the game so far. I haven't played new Warzone 3 and it's too soon to tell, but from everything we all saw.
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