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In today's article, we're going to show you how to put the new sad city dark ether Rift on easy mode. I'm really enjoying making content for you. Without further ado, let's get into it. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, so you want to put this dark ether Rift on easy mode? You're playing solo. My recommended recommendations Bring in a juggernaut, one juggernaut, and six Casmirs.

Those are my recommendations. We actually have eight Casmirs today. I had some extra spots; those are my recommendations for putting this in easy mode, so when you spawn in, what do you do? You're here; this is where you spawn on the map. Here's an overview for you. So for your contracts, I'm going to go ahead and overlay where all three of the contracts are located.

I'm going to Overlay, where all the X fills are located, and I'm going to show them to you here in the game. You can do these contracts in any order that you choose; that order is completely up to you. I like to start with the Bounty contract, as it starts right behind you in the dark ether Rift.


I'm going to show you where that's at in a moment, and then I kind of use whichever Bounty it pulls because it can pull you to a mega Abomination; it can pull you to a Mangler, a mimic, or a disciple, and depending on that location, it depends on what the second contract that I run is, but I'm going to go ahead and show you now where the Bounty contract is, and we're going to go ahead and get started right there.

If you turn around and just run into this building right behind you, you'll see a set of stairs over here in front of you. You can hear the teddy bear laughing. You're going to run up these stairs down through this hallway, and you're going to find the Bounty contract sitting right over here on a shelf.

Just go ahead and pick that up. Up, okay, and it pulled us to the mega now this is typically the only one that I, Use the Juggernaut suit down toward the location of the Mega. had a scorcher here if you have one, that's great. I want to be able to get around this map quickly so I can show you things, so I went ahead and spawned in with a scorcher.


Today, this Mega is going to spawn down here in the absolute abyss, and it is terrifying down here, but I would recommend I Chuck my Juggernaut suit in down toward the location of the Mega had a couple seconds to come in stay where you can see some zombies in the mean time, and then once your jug spawns in, just go ahead and run on in grab it, start headed toward your Bounty, and then just start lighting them up.

Once you've completed that, you're going to want to grab your rewards as quickly as possible. After you finish with the mega, make your way out of that Abyss. You don't want to stay there any longer than necessary after the mega. I like to go ahead and do the Outlast, as it's just straight ahead here for you.

The Outlast contract is located on this end building right here, right at the end of Sad City. You can either run up the staircase right here, go up there, or come around to the outside, which is where I like to go, and climb up this outside ladder and head your way to the roof, where you will find the Outlast Mr.

new dark aether rift

Peeps contract bunny, now during the Outlast contract. I tell you the easy mode is bringing in six. Casmir two of which we'll use during the Outlast contract, and we'll use the other four during The Ether Extractor. If you remember from my previous articles, I have recommended using Tesla Storm, and I don't recommend that for this one.

I just recommend bringing in the standard energy mine for this dark ether. Rift all this equipment that I said to bring in; it is certainly not necessary to complete any of these contracts. The purpose is to put this in easy mode, so once we get to about. 50%, or if we start to get in, go ahead and grab your rewards from this.

We got another mag of holding that's awesome. One of my favorite new schematics that they came out in season 2 reloaded, especially because it lets me use these dual Kimbo, Pistols, that I've really missed using for a while now. So, after you finish the Outlast contract, the next contract is up on top of that mall right over there, so I'm going to show you the path that I take.


I'm not going to take it with the scorcher; I'm going to go and take it on foot. So we're leaving from here; this is my exact path that I take to get there. I feel like it's the shortest, quickest, easiest route, and safest way to get there, so just follow this. Once you've made your way to the roof, go ahead and grab Mr.

Peeps from the top here, and we'll get this extractor contract started now. Like when I mentioned four Casmir to put this contract on easy mode mod, it's one Casmir at the first stop, one Casmir at the second stop, and then two Casmir at the third stop, so just go ahead and throw one Casmir to get yourself to be able to disable the extractor, and we'll demonstrate that just like, so, we'll throw that in, we'll come on over, we'll disable the extractor, and third Casmir out that one actually didn't work out too well; it hit a zombie, but it might be okay.

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Here, and then once we're complete, I use the other extractor because you're going to get swarmed here, so this is why I say a fourth one, so you can go ahead and grab the rewards from here. U blood burner key, we'll take that okay, and that's it, so now you need to xfill, so where are the X fills, so the first xfill I'm going to show you here is down on this part of the map and it's down here in this fog so that is one xfill point that you can take, the next xfill point that you can take is right here in this building on that portion of the map it's right inside there another possible xville was over on this side of the map in the police station right inside that front door, you'll find an xville there then of course all the way up on this hill the one we know from the beginning of the match is this xville, one we all kind of used at the start but you can base your xville off of, wherever you finish if you did the contracts in a different order then you might want to take a different xfill one of the known ammo caches around the map located right here outside of the.

Stage, where you tell the story Mission Something to take note of is that there is a turret circuit on top of the roundhouse building where you do the Outlast contract, so if you have a turret circuit. I'm pretty sure that's spawned in just about every game that I've seen, but I'm sure it's probably random.

It may not be there in every game, but certainly if you have one, you can drop one in there, which might make your life a little easier with the Outlast. Another ammo cache can be found on this part of the map right here, right outside of the carnival. Those are all of my known X-phills and ammo caches that I have found.

Thank you all for stopping by. This video is a complete guide to the new dark aether rift in MW3 Zombies.
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