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Exclusive season 1 gameplay event explained

Exclusive season 1 gameplay event explained

So on the internet right now, you're probably seeing a bunch of gameplay for the new maps, weapons, and even cosmetics. I made a separate battle pass article earlier this afternoon, and I went ahead and took a look at some brand new footage of every single sector of the past. I typically make that article when every new season does drop, but considering all the footage out there now, I decided to get a bit of a head start.

Season 1 creator call + qna for all modes␦

Now i wasn't a creator briefing earlier this afternoon about MW3, season 1, in which the studio went ahead and provided us with lots of transparency.

How many bundles are coming in mw3 season 1

And then there are 12 other pretty basic bundles that still come with some pretty cool cosmetics for various operator skins, different weapons, and some other cool surprises that you likely didn't expect on the road map for season 1.

They did confirm four different crossover bundles; we have two for the boys: one is a train, and one is going to be a new character.

Improve your fps & connection in mw3!

Improve your fps & connection in mw3!

If you're looking to get some good lobbies, especially for camel grinding or nukes, then look no further than Lago Fast. Players can already jump into bot lobbies in Modern Warfare 3, all while reducing their ping and boosting their FPS.

The new ␜pay to win␝ zombie items controversy

The new ␜pay to win␝ zombie items controversy

Video now something I wanted to go into really quickly is the new controversy surrounding zombie consumables, in either bundles or even in the season 1 battle pass. It's a one-time use; it's not like a permanent boost that you get by running a certain operator, similar to the DMZ benefit bundles we saw throughout MW2.

I also think zombie consumables, in either a bundle or a battle pass sector, could be a better quote-unquote filler than some other items you've seen in the past, like a basic charm or a sticker calling C things you guys probably wouldn't run anyway, so if you guys do play Zombies. I think the consumables are pretty cool filler content so long as the benefits remain like ammo mods Pack-a-Punch crystals and ether tools and not something like Wonder Weapons or spawning in with 10, 000 plus points, then that'll be crossing the line.

I think as of right now it's not at that quote-unquote pay-to-win threshold yet, and honestly, for a mode, that's PVE, not PvPVE. Like DMZ.

Insane aetherium zombies ultra skin revealed

Insane aetherium zombies ultra skin revealed

I don't see an issue with these consumables at the end of the day, but speaking of zombies, there is an ethereum ultra skin pack coming at some point throughout season 1, which looks absolutely incredible. A big shout out to both Mr. JD and Coverra MF for having posted plenty of footage of a bunch of season 1 cosmetics.

I'll be putting various clips from some of those articles and some of their tweets in this one so you guys can get a better visual of what I'm describing, but this zombie ethereum skin pack is going to cost upwards of $2800. C points to one of the more expensive bundles that we've seen added in both MW2 and now here in MW3.

But as a reminder, just to clarify, this bundle is only available for Moder Warfare 3 in War Zone; you can't bring it backwards into MW. This pack features an animated Scorch operator skin, which kind of makes it feel like a sequel to the animated dark ether bundle we had from Black Ops Cold War. It was a crystallized Weaver pack that you guys are probably familiar with.

We also have animated blueprints for the Striker 9 and the MTZ 762. Neither of those blueprints come with tracers, unfortunately, but there's also a pack-a-punch tier 2 crystal as a part of this pack, as well as a calling card loading screen and even a charm. The B looks incredible, especially for hardcore zombie fans out there who have been enjoying the Ukan Open World experience.

I definitely want to get this one, but I'm wondering if any bundles in the future from MW3 will end up costing upwards of 3, 000 Cod points. Hopefully not, but this one is definitely more expensive than your usual $2400.

First mw3 mastercraft gameplay & breakdown

First mw3 mastercraft gameplay & breakdown

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Cod Point bundle like we've seen in recent years , but then moving on to our first Mastercraft bundle, which is called the echo Ando aesthetic. Tracer pack here this is going to also cost 2, 800 Cod points featuring an operator skin there for jet it's called Cybercat kind of similar to a bundle that we saw I think during Vanguard if I'm not mistaken or it might have been added during Modern Warfare 2 I'll put the comparison image on screen so you can see but the Mastercraft feature for this pack is going to be interesting it is for an SMG there as you can see and it's been described to be a Mastercraft that sings with every single trigger pull there is footage of this Mastercraft from the little preview box you can see in the item shop this is recorded at the private capture event a couple of days ago now apart from that wsp Mastercraft there are also two other blueprints featured in this pack as well as what looks like an emblem a calling card and even a sticker we then have the horsemen War Ultra skin Tracer pack which will only cost 2400 Cod points so I guess that's a point to prove that not every Ultra skin will cost 2800.

Sneak peek of all season 1 packs & prices

Some of them will be 400. Which is good to know we have a Swagger warhorse skin there as you can see also a blueprint we have it looks like a calling card emblem a charm a sticker and even a loading screen moving on to the nto bundle for 2, 000 Cod points featuring a really cool Riptide operator skin called nocturn we saw a glimpse of this skin in the initial MW3 multiplayer launch trailer we also have a blueprint there for a knife one for a rifle we also have a loading screen a calling card emblem and even a sticker moving on to the beach booming bundle for 2, 000 Cod points featuring a really cool looking skin for Raptor as well as a blueprint for what looks like the brand new sniper rifle if I'm not mistaken and then we also have a blueprint there for an SMG.


The really cool-looking neon design on these skins is one of the more unique bundles we've seen in recent years for Call of Duty. Also, there is a calling card on the emblem, a loading screen, and even a sticker. As a big fan of this kind of bundle, it looks like a bundle that you would have seen in a game like Black Ops Cold War.

We then have the Tracer Pack midnight run, which I know I actually mistaken for what could have been a black cell skin when they initially revealed this skin a couple of weeks ago in some MW3 marketing. I'm like, that could be black cell skin, but no, it's actually not. It's a part of this 2400 cot Point pack featuring a skin there for Bantom called the broker.

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