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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about how to unlock the new magma camo in Modern Warfare 3's early gameplay of the vortex event, plus even more. For those out there like myself, we prefer articles over articles, and there are plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated. Twitter Now, as a reminder Tomorrow is the official end of the Cod Mist event inside of MW3 and War Zone, so take advantage of all the Christmas festivities and the in-game challenge event before all that does expire forever.

With the end of Kodus comes the introduction of the vortex event for MW3, and MP in the background enjoys some of my last bits of Kodm gameplay before we officially say goodbye to all the festive-themed maps, game modes, and reskins. Also, as a reminder, you can use the code detonated with {418} to save 10% off your order, whether it's on a mouse pad or a custom keyboard. There's even a new-year sale going on right now, which will save you additional money and stacks with the discount code.

First mw3 event of 2024.

First mw3 event of 2024.

Tomorrow is the first major content update of 2024 for MW3. We're getting the Vortex event, which features three remixed maps. The remixes are for scrapyard rust and even quarry rust.

We also have the animated magma camel, which we'll talk more about in a second, free Vortex cosmetic rewards, or what they call cataclysmic rewards, and we of course have the ray gun LTM for MP, which will be played on those three map remixes. Essentially a bit of a prelude for season one reloaded, which does, of course, go live on January 17th.

Vortex event tab live in game

And as it mentions, there will, of course, be a bunch of free rewards you can unlock. This is an XP-based event, meaning that it's like the one we saw for cot endowment, the macro one, and even the recent Dune one, where all you have to do is play the game, earn XP, and get free rewards. There aren't any actual challenges you have to complete to go to Ahad and get the rewards; you just have to play the game and earn as much XP as possible.

As it confirms in the event tab, you will get a bundle boost if you guys go ahead and purchase the brand new warhorse. Ultra Skin: You will get a bit of a boost towards the progression of this event. The boost isn't very big, though, as we also saw with previous XP-based in-game events. The boost is about 1, 000 XP extra or a little bit more every time you finish your match.

New ultra skin & xp event boost

New ultra skin & xp event boost

It's really not that much, but the bundle that did release a couple days ago does come with an ultra skin, a bass B blueprint. Other cosmetics, as you can see here, all cost 2400 cod points. Yes, it's an actual Ultra skin, but like I mentioned before, it's kind of weird to see over the past few weeks that there's been a bit of inflation happening in the Cod item shop.

Right now, bundles are pretty expensive, and we're looking at lots of bundles that cost upwards of $24,000 to $2800. Cod points out that a lot of those bundles don't come with any Tracer blueprints. Maybe not that many blueprints, one or two tops, or cosmetics, and there's even some bundles that have a quote unquote.


Ultra skins but the Skins aren't very Ultra like the recent Santa NOS skin which doesn't really change or is reactive at all so hopefully we get some clarification of that in the future hopefully we get some fixes to existing bundles, and for those out there that care about Cosmetics at all hopefully we can go ahead and see bundles that are maybe priced a bit more fairly in future Seasons but regardless of what you think about bundles or the new Ultra warhorse skin regardless of all that we have this free in-game event for Vortex and it'll feature about 10 different cosmetic rewards, there's images already that popped up on Twitter from the usual leakers and data miners as to what these rewards are going to be ranging from an emblem ranging from a calling card and of course at the very end you'll get the camo itself but similar to the previous XP based events you need about 213, 000.

15+ free rewards in mw3 vortex

Total XP, to get all the rewards as a part of the event, unless that changes, then that should be what you guys could expect going into the event tomorrow, if that does change. Of course, now the cool thing about this event is that the actual progress you get is not restricted to the vortex right gon LTM that's coming out; you can play any mode you want in the game, and the best way or fastest.

Unlock the magma camo fast!

Unlock the magma camo fast!

I should say, to unlock the magma camo is to play long matches and get kills or do tons of objectives, so we're talking capturing hard points domination.

Flags collecting, killing confirm tags, playing long matches of War Zone Battle Royale, plundering while completing contracts, getting other kills, and staying alive as long as possible—you might even be a zombies player, because in that case there's tons of opportunities to farm XP by killing hordes and strongholds, xils.

There's still plenty you can do to give you lots of XP per match. Now the magma camo does look incredible and could even be a bit of a callback to M of the Dead, right? It's one of the few zombie maps that really makes you feel like you're in Hell, giving you that post-apocalyptic lava.

Animated magma camo showcase

Animated magma camo showcase

Type of environment, I mean the camo is awesome, and on top of that, as I talked about in a previous article recently, there's actually like 12 or more other camos that have already leaked out for MW3.

And all the usual leakers did post-inspect gameplay of what these camels look like. A lot of them are probably tied to a bunch of upcoming in-game events, like this one, and some will be dropped as different rewards for upcoming events and crossovers. So there's actually a number of ways that free camos are coming into the game, and I'm glad that one of them is through some of these little challenge events to release every once in a while, whether they're XP-based, whether they're actually challenge-based, or whether you have objectives to do in certain modes.

how to unlock magma camo fast

Lots of free camos are being added to the most we've ever seen in Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare 2 started that trend. I hope that every Cod going forward also continues that because it's crazy to think about how many possible different camos there are that Dev can come up with and rehas all their games and for into really cool new ones that gives us more content to grind for with the start of every new season or even the start of every midseason, but the cool thing is that As of yesterday, the Embargo actually lifted for Vortex and map gameplay.

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