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Now, what's really interesting is that a couple of days ago, an XP event was confirmed inside of MW3.

Long triple xp event until dec 28th

Long triple xp event until dec 28th

Which only ended up lasting a little over 24 hours and then was removed from the game but then another XP event got added in a couple of hours after that and it's confirmed to be a triple XP event lasting until December 28th, at 10m Pacific quite an extended XP event and probably one of the longest ones we've gotten in a while especially for MW3, and even MW2, so take advantage of this while this is still available for those out there that haven't hit Max rank for the season haven't leveled up all their weapons or haven't progressed enough through their season 1 battle pass, now if you're looking to buy some of the MW3 promo rewards like the ones for Monsters or Little Caesars or if you need cam grinding assistance check out u4gm with the link down.

All new anticheat updates in mw3

Below also, an update from Team Ricochet to end the year off on a good note with some much-needed changes here. As they said, we will be monitoring and enforcing throughout the holidays. Cheaters get a lump of coal, so they're going to be introducing new machine learning detections; they're deploying those they have over 23, 000.

People are using the ray gun in mp

People are using the ray gun in mp


Accounts they got banned for cheating since November the 12th and Splat has been activated over 2, 000 times since launch and that is absolutely insane to hear that there's that many people who might have paid real money for MW3 just to cheat but I'm sure a lot of those accounts that got banned are probably in war zone the free to play element of C 2.0 right now so that's cool that they're providing some transparency because as I talked about in a previous article a good week and a half ago there's Phils out there that have used unlock tools to bring the ray gun into MP, a little bit too early right the vortex event hasn't gone live yet but some folks out there brought the ray gun into MP already and for those out there that have done that they'll be inflicting self damage upon using that Ray Gun early and I'm sure other consequences will also happen to where they probably get banned for using unlocked tools altogether, but as we posted on detonated just over a day ago MW3 seems to have fixed a major problem with content and I do hope this is a reoccurring theme not just for the remainder of MW 3's life cycle with all the seasons.

Mw3 fixed a major content problem

But even Black Ops 2024. And Beyond and here's what's going on here: with updates happening every week, the holiday content drought is gone, and our next event is already starting on January 3rd, as we're going to focus on here in this article. Previous titles did absolutely have us waiting weeks for updates during this time window, and like I talked about before with MW2, last year season 1 launched in what was the middle of November and reloaded Dro with the Christmas update in the middle of December.

modern warfare 3

Then there was a major drought with literally no content from that point until I think it was the beginning of February when season 2 came out there was a whole month and a halfish where there just wasn't anything going on and luckily MW3, has absolutely, solved that problem there was a rumor that we were going to be getting a year of the dragon type of event that was a leak a couple of weeks ago but it's unclear if that is still happening or if that is indeed The Vortex event as we're going to break down here but apparently when codm Miss ends on January 3rd, that is the same day that the vortex event is coming in and leads me to another point right looking at the recent blog post talking about codm Miss and also a bit of Vortex.

It does mention season 1 locked and loaded; I wonder if this is actually going to be a term they use throughout the next couple of seasons and beyond, where there is a little update of sorts in between the beginning of a season and the mid-season, and they'll call it locked and loaded before they do a reloaded update.

I wonder if that's what this is or if it's just a coincidence and a one-time use for this little term here to describe the vortex event, and it also applies to codm miss. I wonder if that's what's going on here, but hey, if we can have a reoccurring theme like this where there's a pretty large event and a pretty solid content drop in between, the beginning of a season and a mid-season are going to really keep every season as fresh as possible, and the longevity of the game is going to be the healthiest that we've probably ever seen, at least in recent years.

Now, I think this comes with a good balance of dropping a really solid amount of content on day one when a new season begins and then not saving. Absolutely everything else for the midseason. But drop a couple of things—at least one big thing. In between the beginning of the season and the mid-season, and it's like I was mentioning in recent podcasts that the vortex event seems like an event or a content drop that could absolutely be dropped separately from season one reloaded, and that's exactly what I'm doing here, so as I did cover a little bit about two weeks ago , now there is a ray gun LTM coming to multiplayer; it's free-for-all.

Vortex is live before s1 reloaded

So that's about two total weeks that you can play the mode, but I just can't help but think that they're going to end up bringing the mode back either in a different way or just in the same way in the next couple of months as well.

15+ rewards in the mw3 vortex event

The recent blog post called Locked and Loaded Does Go didn't mention more details about the event itself; it says to enter the Flames of the Vortex to fight for cataclysmic rewards.

In this event, players will progress through the 15 available rewards by playing in the Vortex themes Maps, Tetanus, Satan's Quarry, and Spard. So right then and there, it confirms there's 15 available rewards in the event, and what's interesting is that previous leaks do suggest that it's going to be an XP-based event, not an actual challenge event, so it'll be similar to the endowment one, the macro camo event, and the Dune event we had recently, where all you have to do is play the game or any mode of your choice, and you'll earn XP that is put towards the event and each of the previous XP events we've gotten require.

213, 000 total XP to unlock all the rewards, including a camo.

The vortex xp challenge event explained

The vortex xp challenge event explained

At the end, there's other cosmetics , but this one says there's 15 available rewards, which is more than what we've seen in previous XP-focused events, and it does say you do have to play in the Vortex theme map, so I do think there'll be a restriction this time around where you do have to play Vortex.

For the XP to count, you can't get the X while playing other game modes or experiences.

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