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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the unreleased content coming to MW3, season 1, some additional updates to end off the week, plus even more. I'm sure you guys all saw that crazy funny Dr. Disrespect clip where he's not even able to move in the gulag yet and gets instantly killed by snowballs.

Before he could even blink, I mean, it was just hilarious, but luckily those have been removed. Also, massive special thanks to the amazing PR team over at Call of Duty and Activision for sending over what is easily, and I mean easily, the craziest care package they've sent out yet. I mean, this has got to be one of the coolest mailers.

We have a Borealis themed care package. Here we got some ornaments, which is funny because I actually don't have any Call of Duty theme ornaments, so there you go. We have the price and macro themes on the ornaments themselves, red and green. We also have a ray gun and War Zone plane, or the infill plane that I also put on my tree.

There we got some socks, mittens, cashmere, a scarf there we got an apron, which is cool, so we could do some cooking, and a tenderizer. With Call of Duty's logo on it, it got to be one of the most badass items they've sent out, and then we have a candle. I actually needed a new one since my Moder Warfare 2 one is just about all out now.


Then we got some red and green M&M's and a shy charge trio, which is absolutely crazy. Go ahead and heat or cool off some of my drinks. Char to my phone. Hell yeah, and then, to end this off, we got some lumps of coal. Also, I can't forget about the boarding pass for John Soap Ma Tavish. Rest in peace.

I apologize for the spoiler if you haven't finished the campaign there but got a boarding pass from. I think it's rust or ö. Absolutely phenomenal one of the craziest care packages I've ever surprised me with, so I got to love to see the studio spreading some extra holiday cheer aside from the Cod Mist MW3, event there's also a free bundle you guys can redeem If you go ahead and get a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can get a free trial right now.

modern warfare 3 season 1

If you so please, or maybe you already have Amazon Prime with that in mind, you can go ahead and get this free bundle here, which comes with a skin for Hutch, a mon for 2 operators, a vehicle skin, a blueprint, a loading screen, and even more. This is a bundle that wasn't that expensive and came out; I think it was during season 5 of Modern Warfare 2, and yeah, now it's free.

Like I always mention whenever we see these free Amazon Prime-type deals, it would be cool if, for those out there who ended up buying the bundles for COD points, maybe they could get reimbursed somehow. But that's a system that just doesn't exist yet for Call of Duty. Maybe at some point in the future, it will also want to bring up the fact that there are some developer-exclusive skins that you might see in some of your multiplayer zombies and war zones.

I'm not kidding, so developers who work at the studio will get exclusive access to some of these skins, and I'm sure you're going to see hackers or anybody else out there using unlock tools to probably go ahead and force these into their games, but for the most part, you should only see official Call of Duty developers running some of these badass skins.

mw3 a train operator

I always love to see the higher-ups. Inc., Corporate is giving back to some of the amazing men and women that work on the games that we all love by giving them exclusive calling cards and operator skins, hopefully even some blueprints. Again, this is the final year of Sony exclusivity, which is going to be cool to see how K changes a bit in the next couple of years.

Will they just release combat packs for all platforms for free once a month? I wonder how they'll do it later, but you can actually equip the lockpick operator on the PlayStation. So go ahead and put the blueprints on the operator. Then just hop onto PC and Xbox afterwards; apparently it works for War Zone and zombies, but multiplayer is a little tricky if you don't equip the content; you could run it on other platforms.

mw3 aetherium skin

And that's cool for those out there that maybe have multiple platforms, you can also save the blueprints as custom mods on PlayStation and keep them on other platforms as well maybe that works for multiplayer but I know Maden has tweeted this out over on Twitter a couple of days ago for those out there that maybe want to give this a shot but we also got our first look at some brand new skins coming likely in season 1 reloaded, could even be sooner than that we'll touch more about release dates and what I think about all those just in a couple of minutes but we have some new blog post images that came out recently with our brand new codm Miss breakdown, and they also mentioned the vortex event which Begins the first week of January.

I'll make it a follow-up article about vortex in a few days from now, but looking at some of these images here, we got some really crazy-looking skins. I mean, we're not sure what bundles these are tied to. I don't think too many leaks have occurred about some of these skins that you can see, but we got one with horns.

mw3 animated skins

There we have one that looks like a beetle. I mean, it would have been cool if we had a Blue Beetle crossover. Inside Call of Duty, we also have one that looks like an operator wearing normal street wear. And like I mentioned before when talking about cosmetics for Call of Duty, first off, if you guys aren't into bundles or skins.

mw3 dune pack

I get it, but I cover everything here on the channel, so for those that are interested, this article is for you, but if you're not into buying skins or anything, then I totally get it. In terms of Cosmetics there wasn't this big reset where you have to wait a couple seasons start getting some cool skins in the item shop they're kicking it off with some really badass looking operator skins right here in season 1, now on top of that we also got a news round up from adenas who went ahead and post some clean images of upcoming, cosmetics and bundles, they may be dropping before the midseason update but because we don't have release dates for any of these they could be saved for as far as the mid-season update which is going to be I think it's January 17th or whatnot, so we do have Horsemen Ultra skins returning they were first seen in Vanguard, and they're going to start with the war skin with more to coming future seasons and the first one's actually tied to the vortex event which Begins the first week of January so this one at the very least we know, is coming.

ALL 11 NEW Bundles in MW3 Season 1 Reloaded | Unreleased Mastercrafts, ULTRA Skins Tracer Packs.
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