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Keeping in mind, of course, that these are leaks not officially confirmed and therefore they are subject to change. I'm going to be sharing three guns that have leaked for season 3 and a possible new vest as well, and then finally. I'm just going to be sharing some of my other hopes and expectations for season 3 of this game.

3 new guns leaked

3 new guns leaked

And without further ado, let's dive. Right into this, and you guys might remember from a long time ago, I believe this was maybe even before the game launched. There were some leaks that came out regarding an advanced warfare-themed season for Modern Warfare 3, and it appears season 3 may be that season because.

Two of the three weapons that have leaked are from Advanced Warfare. The first one is the Moors sniper rifle, and according to data miners, this one should be available in the battle pass rate at the launch of season 3, and then the other Advanced Warfare weapon that was leaked that's coming midseason most likely is the B 27 from Advanced Warfare.

These guns may end up having entirely different names when they actually come out, but these are what the weapon models are at least based on, and then on top of those two Advanced Warfare weapons, there's another one that leaked, and this is the MP9. In the SMG category, this one also appears to be coming within the battle pass for season 3, so for this season, it's looking like we're going to be getting one sniper rifle, one assault rifle, and one SMG.

And then possibly a melee weapon mixed in there. There was a reference to a tactical knife found, although it seems to be up in the air at this point as to whether or not that tactical knife is coming for season 3, and with this. I am really happy to see we're getting a new sniper rifle for the game, and then, as much as I always like to see assault rifles and SMGs added post-launch, those are the guns that people are going to use most often.

More advanced warfare content?

More advanced warfare content?

I feel like we have been getting quite a few of those post launch already, and one thing I've noticed is we haven't seen a single new Marksman rifle or shotgun since the release of this game and on one hand I get it they want to add guns that are going to see the most usage and SMGs and assault rifles tend to see the most usage, but still it would be nice to see a marksman rifle and or shotgun come at some point in the not too distant future, in either case the next thing I wanted to discuss here is just the fact that since we're seeing some Advanced Warfare content come with season 3 are there going to be other things Advanced Warfare theme coming like perhaps a remade map or two from Advanced Warfare since that was also a sledgehammer Call of Duty for me personally I wouldn't mind seeing Maps like Detroit or Retreat or overload or green band come from Advanced Warfare cuz I think all of those could play reasonably well with boots on the ground without having ad movement, with maybe just a couple adjustments needed here or there to some pieces of cover or something.

That's just one thought I had regarding the potential for an advanced warfare-themed season. The next one that I'm sure many people have thought of as well is: what about a limited-time mode with jetpacks? I think something like that would be an absolute blast; it would be a great change of pace and a totally different way to play the game.

However, at the same time, this does seem pretty unlikely. I kind of doubt they would go through all of that effort redesigning the movement system with the new branch of the engine, just for a limited time mode, but perhaps I'm mistaken on this and it's easier to port that over than I think it would be in either case.

My map count expectation

My map count expectation

I'm definitely not going to have any expectations for this, but if they did something like that, it would be a very pleasant surprise, Next up, let's talk a little bit about map expectations because, at this stage, none of the maps have actually leaked for season 3, so this is all just my sort of hopes and expectations for maps.

With season 2, I was extremely happy to see that we got four 6x6 maps throughout the season, and three of those were brand new maps with one remade map. As I've been saying basically for the whole season, I think that's absolutely perfect for seasonal content. I love to see that ratio of three brand new maps to one remade map for 6v6.

But the big thing with season 2 is that there was no ground war map at all, and if I'm not mistaken, ground war hasn't seen any new maps since the game launched. So to me, it seems more likely we are going to be seeing probably three 6v6 maps for season 3 as well as a ground war map, and I think that would be a fair trade-off for those people who are really into ground war.

I personally don't play it at all in Modern Warfare 3, but I can definitely understand for those that are really into that how frustrating it's been to not have any new map content for that mode, so my personal guess here is that for 6v6, we'll see two original maps as well as one remade map and then also a ground war map for season 3, but time will tell on this.

I mean, we're going to find out about this most likely by the end of the week this week. We should have our road map and blog post explaining the content that we can expect to see next week.

Leaked vest

Leaked vest

Next up, let's talk about a leaked vest that may or may not be coming with season 3, and this is the compression carrier. And the reason I say this may or may not come is that this vest was actually leaked before the game launched.

I believe references to this vest were found in the code for the beta build of the game, and with this compression carrier vest, the big perk that's attached to it is effectively Quick Fix, so the moment you get a kill if you're hurt, it will instantly trigger your healing. And this is something that I personally thought we were going to see for season 2 instead of the Ninja vest, and I thought the game could really use something like that; however, with season 2, we also got that buff to our health regeneration across the board, and therefore.

I think a vest like this isn't nearly as necessary as I thought it was before season 2 launched, but at the same time. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to this launching with season 3, and it could potentially come for season 3.

modern warfare 3

Specialist coming?

And then this leaves me with one last thing I wanted to mention here, and this is the fact that it's expected that specialists will be coming to the war zone with season 3.

This was actually officially teased by one of the developers a little while back in one of the blog posts, but unfortunately. I think it's highly unlikely we're going to see specialists for multiplayer. At least with season 3, and this is honestly one of the biggest things as far as additions to the game that I would love to see added to multiplayer.

Season 3 leaks for Modern Warfare III suggest we'll be seeing 3 new guns, 2 of which are coming from Advanced Warfare and today, I wanted to share the details as well as some of my hopes and expectations for the season.
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