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Let's go through season 6 reloaded for MW2. In the final major update in this game, we'll go through some new weapon content, a surprise, an event, and much more. Be sure to subscribe for more Cod Update articles like this.

New haunted event challenge solved + free reward!

First up, a quick update on yesterday's haunting update, where we got Zomie Royale and a bunch of secret Easter eggs.

I made a tutorial article going through how to do all those Easter eggs, how to get that blueprint, how to get the chessboard Easter egg done, the witch Easter egg, all that good stuff. That article will be linked. Below is the description: But there were some Easter eggs that were bugged, we have this confirmation here regarding one of the Easter eggs so it's confirmed that to get this calling card you need to win 10 matches of zombie Royale so we didn't know how many matches you had to win we didn't even know if it was for zombie Royale but now we know 10 wins on zombie Royale, and you get this animated call card now my question is do you have to be a human when you win can you be a zombie is it both doesn't matter it seems like it doesn't matter if you're a zombie or a human a win is a win so that's how to get that coin card there a lot of people were asking about that yesterday so that's what you're getting there but now for season 6 reloaded here Let's go through the content we're getting.

New weapons releasing in mw2 season 6 reloaded

New weapons releasing in mw2 season 6 reloaded

First off, we know almost for sure that the Bruin and the F556 will be released in season 6 reloaded. We know this because of some patch notes that were revealed for War Zone Mobile. Now, you guys are probably thinking. Well, just because it's releasing in War Zone Mobile doesn't mean it's going to release in MW2, or normal war zone, but it's actually different because Call of Duty Mobile has some sick updates, separate map updates, and, by the way.

Call of Duty Mobile has some sick updates. I'll put some images up on the screen of some previous updates. I mean, I feel like every update is so cool. So many old maps are returning different reskins of old maps, as well as different weapons and crazy blueprints, all brought together in that one game fire update.

modern warfare 3

Mobile gets those separate updates, but War Zone Mobile is actually going to be on the same type of update schedule as the premium releases, MW2 and MW3. And the normal war zone, so pretty much anything we get in the war zone mobile bundle, weapon map update, whatever it is, will also be available in all other games, so these two weapons here, the fr556 and the Brewin, will of course also be available in MW2 and War Zone.

Here are some menus from War Zone Mobile confirming that we're getting these weapons, of course, but we have some more information as well that we actually already talked about here on the channel, but we thought this was going to be an MW3 weapon that wasn't yet revealed, so the fr5 56 is, of course, a pretty fun weapon from MW19.

Pretty much the Famas, right? We actually saw this in the Callon Card menu for MW3. So here is the leak: The F-Fr556 from MW19 is going to return to MW3, so the gun above is the MW3, Fr556, and the one below is the MW2, FR advancer. Now we again thought that was going to be the new F-556 in MW3, but it seems like this is actually just another weapon for MW2.


And the reason why it's showing up in MW3 is calling card menu is because of course, all of the MW2 weapons will be available in MW3, so it's kind of funny here. I guess they could have just pushed it back and released the fr556 in MW3, but they said, You know, for one final weapon update here in MW2, let's drop the fr556 for this game, so not a big deal.

cool stuff Overall. I mean. I'm glad you're going to be able to use it in the next game, because it would be kind of a waste to have a weapon release right before the new game comes out when everyone's going to switch over for the most part unless you are sticking on MW2, you know more power to you, but most people will be moving over to MW3, so it's good you could still use these weapons in the next game, the Brewin as well as another fire lmg from MW19.

mw3 2023

So many great memories using that one from War Zone. Of course, back on the ver dance here, we had previous leaks about that as well, so that's going to be fun to use here. I'm definitely glad that's going to be an MW2, but more importantly, an MW3. And the new iteration of War Zone as well, and unfortunately, here the recent MP maps have been pretty solid.

The Building 21 map, the DRC1, maps right like actually pretty fire maps. I think those are some of the best MW2 maps they released so far, but they released them so late in the season that for one, most people are probably done with MW2 and they're playing it a lot less than they would have, and for two, these maps are just going to waste at this point.

Laasa and maybe one other MW2 map for the launch of MW3, so we have all of the MW2.2009 maps and then also some other maps that just came out in MW2, and most people barely played, right? I feel like those maps would get some good use out of them, and most people wouldn't be too mad at that because, you know, the maps just came out and they're actually solid maps, so maybe they're probably not going to do that obviously, but I feel like it would be a good idea.

Of course, for MW3, I still want them to release new content as well, and they did say they're releasing new maps, so I don't want just the REM remix; I don't want MW2, remix, or MW3. I don't want to see Farm 18 remade in the next game, right? But I'm just saying that for the launch here, maybe having those maps would be cool, but for season 6 reloaded, I doubt we're getting any more maps.

Honestly, we just got maps at the beginning of season 6; there was no marketing for new maps; there's barely any leaks for new maps as well; most likely not going to happen now.

Play mw3 multiplayer maps early in mw2??

Play mw3 multiplayer maps early in mw2??

It was a bunch of remakes of Summit, Jungle Fire Range, and Slums. They were available in Black Ops 3 and then also available at the launch of Black Ops 4, so what they could do here is maybe have some maps available in MW2 right now for this final update and then also available at the launch of MW3, so maybe bring Terminal, have it playable in MW2 right now just as a teaser, and then have it in MW3; maybe that's not a good idea.

I don't know. I feel like it would be kind of cool to do it in the past. It would be kind of cool to do it in the future, but we're running out of time here. W3 is releasing in less than a month at this point, right? It's coming pretty soon, so they're probably not going to do it, but I feel like it would be a good idea for the future.

A SURPRISE Season 6 Reloaded Update is RELEASING in Modern Warfare 2 FINAL MW2 Event More! Check out my most recent video.
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