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Some of these are a little bit more obvious than others, but I wanted to bring them up anyway just for anybody that may have missed that since it can be really easy to miss certain things if they're not stated in the description.

Quick-grip & ordinance gloves

Quick-grip & ordinance gloves

But let's just dive right into this, and there are actually two perks that have the same or at least a very similar hidden characteristic.

And these are both in the gloves category: the Quick Grip gloves as well as the ordinance gloves. When it comes to the Quick Grip gloves, if you look at the description, it just says that it increases your weapon swap speed, and then for the ordinance gloves, the description states that you can throw equipment further and you can reset the fuse timer on thrown back grenades.

It turns out both of these have an additional characteristic, and that is that they both allow you to use equipment and field upgrades faster than if you aren't using these gloves. Now, in general, with all of the pieces of equipment that I tested, the Quick Grip gloves were just very slightly faster than the ordinance gloves in this area, but we're talking by a negligible amount.

On average, for both of these, we were seeing a roughly 20–30% improvement in our ability to use or throw these pieces of equipment or field upgrades. And honestly this is a really excellent bonus characteristic for both of these gloves because especially if you look back to my breakdown of the Quick Grip gloves in many cases it wouldn't even allow you to swap weapons faster which is the only stated upside, with those gloves so with that in mind I thought these gloves were completely useless and it turns out they're not having the ability to use your field upgrades faster and throw equipment faster is an excellent benefit that you'll gain with either one of these gloves, now to take this to the next level I also wanted to test the overkill vest because this vest includes the listed characteristic of the Quick Grip gloves which is you can swap weapons faster obviously that doesn't stack but I wanted to know if it also got the hidden characteristic of the Quick Grip gloves.

Overkill vest bonus

Overkill vest bonus

And it turns out it does. We also have the ability to throw equipment faster while using the Overkill vest, which is excellent. Obviously, you can't use field upgrades any faster because you can't use a field upgrade with the Overkill vest, but at least when it comes to throwing lethal and tactical equipment, you do that at the exact same speed as if you're using the Quick Grip gloves.

Cct coms vest

As for the next hidden characteristic I wanted to look at, this is with the CCT communications vest, and in the description, this has two primary characteristics. The first characteristic is that it increases the duration that enemies stay on the radar, and it zooms out the radar for you and your nearby allies.

Then, for the second characteristic, it mentions that enemies that you kill will drop Intel packs, which generate a radar ping for you and nearby allies when collected, and it turns out that's also what the data Jacker gear does. However, there's one additional characteristic that isn't stated on the CCT communications vest, and this is when an enemy player calls in a UAV for their team.

You get one free radar sweep from their UAV. And while it is a fairly minor thing, it's just nice to know that this additional characteristic exists because it's not stated anywhere in the menu, and this is just one extra bonus of using the CCD communications vest. Now since this vest does share something in common with the data Jacker gear as well, I wanted to test that to see if you also get a free radar sweep, and unfortunately, no, you don't. This one only applies to the vest itself.

Covert sneakers

Covert sneakers

After that, let's talk about a hidden characteristic of another perk that I'm sure many of you guys have noticed by now, but I'm still getting a lot of questions about this and seeing a lot of people with some confusion surrounding this topic, so I thought it was definitely worth bringing up here, and this is with the code CT sneakers.

And if you read the description for that, it says it just eliminates footstep audio, but another thing that covert sneakers do that they don't tell you about is that they will actually silence most of your character's voice lines, and this is where a lot of the confusion comes in. I've seen a lot of people talking about this in the community.

And while it's possible that some of the operators could be bugged, I'm not personally aware of any bugs surrounding this. I would say it's most likely that the explanation for this is that person swapped over two covert sneakers, which does mute most of your voice lines, and just for an example, when you place a tactical insertion, this is what it sounds like when you're not using covert sneakers, drop point set, so you could really clearly hear him say drop point set.

Now let's have a listen when using covert sneakers. As you can tell, there's now nothing when it comes to voice lines. However, you may have noticed that I mentioned that most of your voice lines are muted. There is one voice line in particular that I was able to find in my testing that is going to be present with or without covert sneakers, and this is when you ping an enemy player, and I'll just play these ones back to back.

The first one will be without covert sneakers, and the second clip is with covert sneakers, locking, and hostiles. So as you can see, it doesn't necessarily completely get rid of the voice lines, but it will be muting nearly all of your voice lines while playing the game, and like I said, that isn't stated anywhere in the description for the covert sneakers.

Bone conduction headset

Bone conduction headset

Next up, let's get into the bone conduction headset, and when you read the description for this one, it says it reduces combat noise, allowing improved identification of enemy footsteps and gunshots.

And the hidden characteristic of this is obvious to a lot of people—basically anybody that's using the bone conduction headset with any sort of frequency. You probably already know this, or if you've seen my footstep article comparing the bone conduction headset versus covert sneakers. The big characteristic with this and actually the main reason to use the bone conduction headset is that it actually increases enemy footstep audio without increasing teammate footstep audio, and you could argue that interpretation could be made based on the description, but it's not explicitly stated that enemy footsteps will be louder.

modern warfare 3

It just states that it reduces combat noise, which is something else the bone conduction headset does. This will get rid of basically all ambient noise on the map, but it doesn't explicitly state that enemy footstep volume will be increased while using this perk. And just in case you haven't run into this and weren't aware, here are a couple clips.

Several of the perks and vests in Modern Warfare have hidden characteristics that aren't mentioned at all in their descriptions so today, I wanted to bring attention to these bonus perks so you have a better understanding of exactly what they're doing for you.
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