News - 20. Secret Jumps & Spots Warzone 2. Scrapyard, Sub Base, Rust

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These are the spots, and then I'm going to do several maps in order to help you navigate them a lot more effectively and take your enemies by surprise. Up until this point, each map has been getting its own episode, but I decided from here on out I'm going to start combining various maps together.

I'm going to be more picky with the spots, and then I'm going to do several maps at once. So in today's episode, we're going to be covering scrapyards, subbases, and rust.



And let's just get into it, and we'll start off with the scrapyard, where I've got some pretty interesting spots that I think will surprise you, but before we get into those ones, the first one I wanted to show here is that if you hop onto this area right here, you can actually just mantle right on top of it, and having yourself positioned up here can be very beneficial for shooting down on people from a height.

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Advantage: It also just often takes some off guard because they're typically not looking on top. Additionally, if you wanted to drop down through here, you can absolutely do that. Next, on this side, you can do the same sort of thing, so if you want to just jump from here. I think you can just jump straight across like that; you don't even need to get on top of those boxes there, and that'll get you on top of this area, which again just gives you that height advantage to look over top, and again, like right here, you can shoot through that area right in there or you can crawl and get yourself positioned here to shoot somebody that's down in there.

Unfortunately, we're unable to crawl down into that space. Next, let's get into a very interesting spot that I think will surprise some of you. This window right here you can actually go through; it looks like you shouldn't be able to, obviously, but if you just walk yourself up, jump, and then crawl, bam, you're in.

You go right through that, no problem. That is an amazing spot that will often take people off guard. Similar to this spot right here, if you go prone, you can actually crawl through this window right here. I believe this window works as well. Yeah, you can jump up to this window right here; that works.

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this window does not work as far as all my testing is shown and I just wanted to point out one more thing you can do here you can't jump from the ground to get to this window but what you can do is from the top of the truck here you don't even have to jump just run forward, and there you go you got yourself in there and that is a very surprising move that will often take people off guard, then another thing I wanted to point out for Domination, specifically a lot of times you find yourself in this area right here you have the B flag and you have enemies that are pushing through to capture the B flag and this can be good to somewhat defend people as they approach it but once they're on the flag they're typically hidden behind this concrete pillar.

However, if you come over here, you get a much better angle on that, and you can pick those people off as they are capturing the B flag. Then, getting into this area here, if I'm approaching that side of the map, like the A flag, for instance, instead of just coming on the ground, what do they expect?

I like to hop up onto these barrels from here. You want to jump across to this area right here and look at that great cover to challenge these people. You get that height advantage now and again, but they just don't typically see this coming. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other consistent methods of getting up here, like from this side. This would be great for breaking out of this spawn because you can use it to challenge people across like that, but unfortunately, the only way that I found to get up here is from this angle.

Sub base

Sub base

Those are the best spots that I found on Scrapyard. Now let's move into Subbase, and Subbase has some pretty interesting jumps.

Some of them are a little more obvious than others, but this is one that I like to use right here. If you want to get up to this area without having to take the stairs and you don't want to go all the way around, for instance, to get to the ladder, then you can simply jump to this area here. Obviously, from here as well, you can easily jump to the rooftop like this.

Additionally, if you do find yourself taking the stairs and you don't want to come all the way around to get up to the rooftop here, what you can do is simply jump toward this railing right here; this is really simple, and then from there, you can just jump straight up to this rooftop here, so that'll just save you a little bit of time and potentially work out for you in some situations.


Additionally, something I feel like a lot of people haven't noticed yet is that you can use this box right here to simply get up to the second story. I see a lot of people either going for the ladder or the slightly more obvious jump here where you jump onto this first and then up like that, so that's excellent to know.

Additionally, on top of this Jeep, you can jump from here right across to this one, and again, this will get you to the second floor, and that's just much better than going all the way around to the stairs or taking the ladder, for instance. Then, way over in this corner of the map, this one may seem obvious to a lot of you, but I wanted to point it out just for anybody who maybe didn't pick up on it.

You can easily jump up to the window like that, and that's just an excellent way to get to the second story. Additionally, in the same building, if you want to get up to the Second Story area instead of taking the stairs all the way around and the catwalk all the way around as well, you can simply come to this area right here and mantle up like this, and this will get you up over here.


And speaking of being up over here, I've got a little bit of a line of sight for you. I just wanted to point out that you can actually see through this chain link area right here, and you get a bit of an angle toward that doorway there or window. I guess it is. I'll just show you guys exactly where that is over here so you'll be able to look right through this area, so if you have somebody that just happens to be like lingering up in this area, you may be able to pick them off, and this goes the other way as well.

If you have enemies that are coming up through that area, there's a chance you might be able to pick them off there. Additionally, I'm almost certain this window is brand new to this version of Subbase. I don't think it was in the original Modern Warfare 2, and it is quite useful if you come up these stairs and somebody has a claymore here, or you just know somebody's waiting up here for you and they're just pre-aiming this doorway.

Welcome back to Maps Exposed! This is the series where I take a deep dive into the maps and share all of the most useful and interesting jumps, spots, and lines of sight that many are completely unaware of. Today, I share all of my favorite hidden spots on Scrapyard, Sub Base, and Rust.
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