News - 15 New Secret Warzone 2 Zombies Tips & Tricks You Need To Know. Season 1

10 secret mw3 zombies tips

Season 1 for Modern Warfare Zombies has brought some new additions as well as some new secrets and changes such as the new most OP weapon to use in zombies that being the Lockwood 680 shotgun and by default the shotgun isn't anything amazing but there are two specific attachments which transforms, this into the most OP weapon that being the lockward defender heavy long barrel that increases your rounds to 10 as opposed to four and the 12 gauge slug rounds now when this thing is pack-a-punched and you shoot this straight into the sky you will see that there will be 10 individual slugs fired rather than just one but then instead of hit firing you decide to ads, that now becomes 10 slugs combined into one direct shot and due to the bullet and damage velocity you get with this Barrel you'll be able to on-shot most zombies and bosses inside of the tier 3 Zone even when you aren't up close to them the damage this thing can do is absolutely incredible and combining those attachments with the X-ray skeleton guard The express light bulb and the sword off mod stock have the ultimate combination of mobility, fast ads, movement speed, and damage that makes them fight against the mega abomination.

And other Elite bosses, incredibly fun and easy-going, still might be the ultimate choice despite them being nerfed in season 1, but this is absolutely up there. This next tip is a really funny one that you won't always be able to do, but if circumstances allow, you are right; it is the new, easiest way to take down the storm.

15 secret mw3 zombies tips

Now we know that in season 1, the bloodbender bike tried to kill it with the ether pulse, and now that is no longer the case if you're going for the gr. World boss fight at the end of the game for whatever reason you need to kill storm caller as well maybe for the act three Mission if you don't kill any of the zombies in the storm including the storm coer activate the four USB consoles and wait for the worm to spawn, there is a chance that the zombies as well as the storm caller will all huddle in the exact spot that the worm is going to spawn from and when the worm spawns it will insta kill all the zombies and the storm caller leaving all of the storm caller's Loot on the floor in that exact position so you can pick it up later but if you're doing the mission, this will technically count on the topic of The Grey Worm let's talk about the best gun to use because there are a few viable options but this option is a without doubt the best gun for taking it down in the quickest amount of time that is the wsp.

Swarm with a Kimbo specifically, you want to have the WSP, recess 90-long barrel, hip shot L20 laser 9 mm overpressured ammo, and most importantly, the 100-round drum and the akimbo conversion kit because once you upgrade these weapons, you will have 200 bullets within each magazine of both swarms, and when you're shooting this at the worm, you're going to be doing double the amount of damage that you would with any other weapon.

cod mw3 zombies secrets

specific build also maximizes damage range as well as bullet velocity while not affecting your movement speed because you can still move incredibly fast with these things and you'll be able to just do incredible amounts of damage as a solo player. I took down the worm with just under 5 minutes remaining in the in-game time, which is just on hurle with 99% of the weapons in the game, and it's not only good for the red worm; it's also great for the Act 4 worm as well.

This next tip is a 200-IQ move to help you complete the ACV and escort contract within the dark; this also works for escort missions within Zikan. When the ACV starts moving, you can actually place down a sentry gun turret, which perfectly aligns with the back of the ACV, and since a ton of zombies will spawn behind the ACV, it's the absolute perfect position for it to just take out most of the zombies that are spawning behind you so you can focus on the ones that are in front of you, which the ACV will more likely than not just run over anyway.

modern warfare 3 zombies

This next tip is how you can get three wonder weapon cases every single game, so you can stash them in your stash to be able to bring them into future games, and it all revolves around an Easter egg in the dark. Inside the dark EA, there are five secret rooms that require keys that you can find. Four of these keys will always have a fixed spawn, and the other four keys are randomized.

Have a small activity behind them in order to get. By collecting the eight total keys that could be found within the dark ether, you can open up all five of these rooms, where inside you are guaranteed to get a drop such as a nuke, a full power, or a max ammo, but also the chances of multiple wonder weapon cases if you're going in the dark ether to farm contract rewards or anything like that.

modern warfare 3 zombies secrets

At the same time, you could be looking for these keys and going into these secret rooms, where you can fill carrying between three and five weapon cases, including the scorcher, the Wonder WF, and the vr11. The ray gun It is absolutely worth doing now on the topic of the dark EA. This next tip is probably one of the craziest tips out of all of Season 1 and makes what should be an impossible task really easy.

If you want to unlock the three classified schematics that were added in Season 1, you need to go ahead and complete the rec contract in the dark EA, but using an elder sigil, which is a much more difficult version of the dark EA. You only have 15 minutes to complete it rather than the usual 30 minutes, and the most difficult contract inside of here is the escort because if the health of that ACV goes to zero, then you failed the contract and you can't tempt it again, so it is incredibly hard, especially on solo.

modern warfare 3 zombies tips

However, there is a trick where you can fully heal the ACV so it can always be 100%, so it's incredibly hard to fail it, and all you need to do is bring in a pack-a-punched vr11. If you shoot the vr11 directly under the gr at the front of the ACV, it will heal the ACV completely. It is so easy for the ACV to get to extremely low health, so having this as a viable option is incredible, especially when you're up against multiple Mega Abominations and other Elite bosses and zombies during this contract.

But this next tip doesn't extend to just the dark ether because if you use the VR 11 on any vehicle, it will also do the exact same thing; it will fully repair the vehicle, which is incredible. But there's an added bonus because it also refuels the vehicle completely, so now you don't have to go to a gas station and sit and wait there for the vehicle to completely fuel up and repair itself.

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