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Let's put it to the test and find out. I'm not going to lie. I kind of can't believe I haven't done this earlier. As a man of science, you always need your control variables, and we've done so many weapon XP testing methods over the last couple months, but we need something to compare them to just basically playing the game by default.

I'm really interested in these results, and I also feel like there have been some perhaps stealthy changes to the weapon XP and regular XP systems going on here. I've heard rumors that people think that they have nerfed regular weapon XP. If you don't know, there is indeed a weapon XP cap. There is a limit to weapon XP per game of zombies, but that's been known for quite some time.

However, people are claiming that cap is even lower now. Unfortunately, I don't have too many weapons that are like level one or level zero. In fact. I think besides one, maybe like the Marksman rifle or battle rifle, this is the last regular Modern Warfare 3 weapon that I have that isn't fully ranked up; it's the last assault rifle you can unlock.


Here's my class if anybody's interested; it's brand new, so there's nothing on it, and here's our Precious XP. Right here, see if that gets us away from weapon level; you've got a self-revive and Deadshot. Also, there's currently double weapon XP and double battle pass progression, and it's just a regular double XP weekend right now, as a lot of people have noticed, and I think myself included.

Is that when it's a double weapon XP weekend, the weapon XP cap is different than if you had just used a double weapon XP token? You can use your tokens in game here, but obviously not when there's a double XP event going on or there's level three. Now, I don't know quite when you guys are seeing this, but I'm recording this on the day that everybody got everything reset from there.

Well, everyone was reset back to level one. There was nothing in the store. It was actually pretty crazy to see Elemental Pop. We've got brain rot. I know a lot of people were pretty upset about it, but when something is that bad and that dramatically. You know not right with the game more times than not.


Oh, there's level four more times than not. There's going to be a fix for that because, boy, if you could imagine them not fixing that or not being able to fix that and just having everybody literally reset back to zero with absolutely nothing, that would have made Call of Duty history. I know a lot of people were genuinely upset about it, but I really wasn't too worried, plus I worked all day, so it really didn't affect me all that much.

This FR Advancer, this FR556, is doing pretty well. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the burst, but it is doing some work here. I am going to equip an ether blade and golden armor here because we finally got the ether blade schematic, so I'm going to do a little Victory lap here. Spoiler alert: I guess I finally managed to get carried through the Elder Dark Eternity when all we wanted to do was test out the new buffed hay maker, which is really good and apparently one of the best weapons in the game.

modern warfare 3 zombies

Now, a little crowd of zombies. I know this is double pack-a-punch, like legendary ether tooled already, but it's always just satisfying. Isn't it that there's level five plus it's doing really good work on these bosses on hey get off of there? Mangler gets off of there and definitely needs some more ammo because it's a burst weapon but surprisingly satisfying.

Speaking low on Ammo, that's not good. I'm going to have to throw this away and go get some ammo from over here. There we go. Yeah, 225 in reserves, not that much, and there's level six. You know what we've completed; this is like our third contract here, and we're already level six now normally.

If I'm not mistaken, the level cap on Double XP is usually level 12. So that'll be something we need to pay attention to. Can we get to the level 12 weapon XP here? What up maximum effort How's it going, buddy? Let's replate the vest. Tombstone, let's go. Hey, do you need a three-plate, sir? Nope, all right, ether blades against these guys.

mw3 zombies

It's going to be so good. We need to start doing our victory laps here. Look at that. We need to go do something like Doabe and the other warlord, with all the most overpowered things you want to do—that one too, okay? Thank you, sir. Anyone trying to do an elder sigil, not anymore. Although I do plan on returning to it, I've got a few Elder sigils here in my stash.

I still want to try it solo. I know it's a complete solo. I just got to practice that ACV mission and killing Mega Abominations by myself really quickly, because that's really what it is. I can kill them, but it just takes a long time, so I have to get faster. I think our weapon just leveled up to seven now in terms of, like, the purpose of the article here, the weapon XP.

We're 15 minutes in, and we're at six or seven levels already, so just kind of thinking back to what we did before doesn't feel all that terrible. What's really going to be the true test are these last, like, six levels here. Let's see if these go fast enough or if they really slow down here, and obviously I could like to speedrun all of these contracts.

mw3 zombies best weapon xp

I could, you know, pick one contract and only do that type of contract, but I do want a solid assortment of contracts to do as if we were playing a normal traditional game, because that's what a true control test would be, and I guess on that note. I also decided to grind out level two contracts and tier two contracts.

Obviously, if you go into Tier 3, there's potential. I don't know how true it could be, but there's potential. Did these guys just grab the raid weapon stash? Everyone's in Tier 2 right now. You know there's the potential that the Tier 3 contracts will give you more weapons. XP somehow, even though the XP it gives you for completing the contract is the same.

What I'm trying to say is that even if Tier 3 gives more XP, which I don't think it does, doing Tier 2 contracts is a good middle ground. This is legitimately one of the first times I've seen Tier 2 contracts be so scary. I'm going to try to go over here because there seems to be a lot more over there, but unfortunately.

mw3 zombies best weapon xp farm

We've got doabe at this tower here, so we need to go all the way over here, which is going to take up some time, but hey, you know, it's a good, accurate test. We'll see i do feel like I've killed a lot of zombies since we got to level 1, so I hope it's not slowing down just now. We've still got 20 minutes worth of grinding here, unfortunately.

They got rid of the zip line up to this building right here, so you need to go to one of these buildings over here if you want to go fast. You've got to go up. That's not a big deal, though we still have plenty of height and can chain along with this one. It's all good. Let's dive off of here and jump.

Today we dive into MW3 Zombies and test out the most Bizarre weapon XP grinding strategy that we've tried out so far.
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