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Well, for the most part, since my journey so far has gone pretty smoothly. I thought I'd share at least 10 essential tips that have helped me get there and will hopefully help some of you who are either just starting your rank journey or have lost some steam in silver or gold. But with that, let's jump right into the first tip.

Tip number one is to find a drop spot that, regardless of whether you're playing solo or with a team, is one that you are comfortable with. The reason why it's important to do this is because the longer you spend at a specific place, the more you begin to learn little jumps, ways to get away, sneaky head glitches, or things like that other teams might not know who don't land there as often as you do.

Knowing the ins and outs of your POI, or point of interest, can give you an edge when you're fighting off the drop. Now, this can be a little bit tougher when you're queuing solo, but I usually just hop on the mic and ask people if they want to go where I'm used to landing. More often than not, people are fine with landing where I ping, but with the team, I definitely recommend finding a place that you all like landing and becoming experts at that spot.


Learning a drop spot backwards and forwards also helps you to develop a loot path, which is a route that you always take off drop to quickly get weapons, money, ammo plates, and utility right away, quickly, and efficiently. Getting all those things as fast as you can is one of the most important things you can do to have a successful ranked match.

Moving on to tip number two, while still keeping number one in mind, don't be afraid to fight the second your feet hit the ground in rank. You always start with a core 45 pistol, unlike normal resurgence. Tip number three is to prioritize getting your loadout ASAP. You can do this in a couple of different ways.

Option one is just doing a contract or looting, or if you're feeling a bit more aggressive, you can third-party other teams close by who are fighting and take their money. I'd say that usually I stick to just looting up unless there's a good third-party opportunity very close by to the game, and this is honestly what I would recommend, even if you're new to the game and especially if you're in low ranks.

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is getting Mixie and fighting some other teams when you can, but anyway, you choose to do it. Getting your load out as fast as you can is extremely important. This takes me straight into tip number four, which is to always, in every game, buy an extra loadout. For me, where I land, I usually get enough money to buy a loadout right around the time the world loadout drops.

And what you should do with this other loadout that you bought is try to throw it a decent distance away from the world loadout and also towards the center of Zone Doing this allows you and your team to reset easily if needed. It's very useful to have multiple landing options when you're responding.

However, something to note is that if everyone on your team grabs a load out of the same box, it will disappear. It doesn't matter if you grab your load, die, and then come back. If everyone is alive on your team and you all grab your load out of the same box, it'll go away. So what you should do to avoid this is try your best to split up who is grabbing guns from each loadout, but don't force it.


If the world loadout lands at a bad spot, it's not worth dying just to keep two loadouts on the map. One extra tip for this is that when you call in your loadout, grab it as fast as you can and then get the heck away from it. The red smoke that comes off of it is just a big beacon for all teams to come and push you.

Moving on to tip number five, which is to rotate early in the mid game, so now that we've won the early game due to our advanced knowledge of our drop spot and we've gotten our ladies, we're in the mid game, and in the mid game, rotating early is something that's very good to do. This allows you and your team to get set up in a good spot in zone without having to worry about getting held out of zone by teams who are already in it.


Also, by moving early, there's no pressure to move with the zone of your back, which could force you into a less than optimal Direction, Tip number six is knowing when and when not to fight. An example of a place that I despise fighting is the circle or spiral building. As it's impossible to tell from the audio which floor or even which staircase an enemy is on in general.

I try to avoid fights in those buildings unless we have numbers on whoever's already in there or I have a UAV in the air. Another great example of not taking a fight is if you were fighting outside of Zone and it's closing in on you soon. In this example, the team we're next to is in the spiral building, and the zone is closing soon.

I see my random teammates start to push into the circle building, but instead of taking the dumb fight, we run into the graveyard, which is in zone, get set up, and are still in a great spot for the endgame. Tip number seven is knowing when you need to fight for a position. Usually, this applies most to endgames where there's a team in a power position and you need to rotate.


Here's an example from the same game as tip number six. So after avoiding the fight in a circle outside of the zone and setting up in the graveyard. The zone eventually pulls to a team that's in the tower, and since the zone is going to push us out of the graveyard towards that team, it means that we should fight for the tower because then we're going to have high ground going into the next zone.

Having high ground in the late game will give us an incredibly good chance of winning, which, as you can see, we ultimately end up doing now. For my eighth tip, and this is something that I've had a ton of success with in rank so far, I highly recommend running a sniper rifle. At the moment, I'm making this article a couple weeks after the launch of season 2.

The xrk Stalker is a one-shot at about 60-ish MERS; you don't have to use the xrk. But in general, a sniper rifle can help you out in a lot of different ways. First, it's free knocks and free RP at long range, and it can also keep you out of situations that normal guns can't. For example, if a team is holding you back from getting in zone, you have something in your back pocket that can knock or crack someone to give you and your team some breathing.

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Room Next up is my ninth tip, which is to use good perks in rank play. These are the perks that I recommend the most for Fortune. Keep number one Mountaineer, as it helps a ton with both escaping and chasing people down who are trying to run from you by drastically reducing the fall damage you take from jumping off of heights.

In this video, I cover 10 INCREDIBLY important tips which can help ANY player improve at Ranked Resurgence in Season 2 of Warzone 3. I hope that by utilizing all of these tips, you all can reach at least platinum! Good luck in your games.
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