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have you always wondered what you need to do in order to drop 20 kills in one war zone match well you might be thinking you need cheats or an expensive PC or something else like that but the truth is that most of you already have almost everything it takes to get 20 kills in one game you're just missing a few but crucial pieces of information here and there which affects your in-game decisions so today what we're going to be doing is breaking down two 20 bomb gameplays of mine to point out exactly, what you might need to change in order to either just start getting more than a couple of kills in a match or finally getting that 20 bomb game of your dreams, so I hope youall learn a lot from this article and if you do make sure to leave a like and also subscribe for more Call of Duty and War Zone tips and tricks now before getting into the game plays I want to highlight the most important piece of information which is absolutely.

The most important thing!

Essential, to being able to get 20 kills in one match and this is the pace at which you play throughout the entire game ideally from beginning to end you need to keep the Pace High by pushing almost any teams that you come across this begins with dropping hot or in a high traffic area for Resurgence this would be places such as Market or round Market on vondal, keep or Winery on Fortune's keep Castle on Asik island or prison block on rebirth, now you don't have to drop at those places but they're just a couple of good examples to help you guys get started, and the reason why I suggest landing at these spots is that getting four to five kills in the early game before you even get a chance to either call in your Loadout or grab it from the world drop, is that it will make the goal of hitting 20 kills in the whole game much more attainable.

Breaking down a quads 20 bomb

Breaking down a quads 20 bomb

This is an important skill to practice in any size game mode, but then I kind of mess up. I throw two terrible thermites, and I'm literally cringing as I'm watching this. I should have just shot at them, or, you know, I could have thrown thermites at the guy instead of using bullets in my magazine.

But thankfully, my teammate has my back and saves me from getting full. Fast forwarding a bit here now. At close to 4 minutes into the game, I noticed that there are two teams fighting at Pier and that this is a perfect third-party opportunity. They're close by and totally focused on each other, and we get to push down from high ground so I can see where everyone is.


And this is my next tip which is that third partying early or really whenever you can is an essential part of dropping a lot of kills in a game, so on this third party I pick up a couple of K kills but also notice here how our team has enough money to buy a Loadout, but we're not slowing down to stop at a buy Juggle money and then get a load out when there's a third party opportunity close by to us, now from here once you've gotten a couple of kills in the early game your next priority is to get your load out and in general you shouldn't slow down a lot to buy it, basically if there's a buy station or something close by to where you currently are then you should go and buy your load up but if there are teams nearby or a good third party opportunity you need to push them instead of putting your head down to lose complete a contract like a scavenger or move out of your way to a POI that has a buy station, at around 5 minutes into this match there's a team over at our Loadout so it works well to both grab mine.


And also, try to get some kills in the process. Throughout the whole game up to this point, I've had a couple of kills stolen, so realistically. The best loot at all times is when you just grab what you need and can as you run through loot piles and then keep it moving. Now here my teammates get landed on, which is partially because they hung around for a little too long, which then causes myself and Winston to run back to where they died.

This leads me to getting a couple more kills, one at the 7-minute mark and another a couple seconds later, but at this point we're almost 8 minutes into the game and I have only four kills, which is really not a great start to dropping 20; ultimately. I do get it in this game, but hopefully when we go through this next game, it will prove how much easier dropping 20 bombs is when you already have 7 to eight kills at around the 7 to 8 minute mark in a game.

Something else that's important that I want to point out is that even though I do pick up a couple of kills and the guys who flew back, ideally, we could have pushed the team at keep and then held those guys who flew back out of Zone instead of burning a couple minutes on just one team and running around not really doing much.

resurgence tips

Then we'd have taken out two teams and already been moving on to find more players to eliminate, so in the midgame at this point or eight or so minutes into your Resurgence match, hopefully you're around 8ish kills, you have your load out, and then you're looking for teams to push next. Well, to do this easily, buying UAVs from buying stations is a great choice.


Then you should utilize whatever means you can to find where those people are and push them. Redeploy drones, helicopters, or vehicles are all great ways of traversing a map quickly to obtain a lot of kills, and this is what you do repeatedly after every fight: grab a UAV. Wipe a team take their money and loot purchase another UAV and then once again push whoever is closest rinse and repeat this process as much as you can until you can no longer respa, which happens in the late game now a quick tip to help you maximize kills and Resurgence is that you should be utilizing the pings that appear after you thirst someone and a great way to do this for players on someone's team who's kind of far away from you is to open up the full mini map and manually ping on the big map where their teammates are it's a great way to market for both you and your team since those initial UAV pings are going to disappear, before they actually appear on your small mini map on the top left now we're at the 10-minute Mark of the game and in this gameplay I'm using the pre patch evolver and it's just broken so I get quick two easy kills probably should have even been three here now we're in the late game and I Define the late game as a point where you can no longer respawn, this is where you'll need to slow down a bit and we're frontloading the game with kills makes the 20 bomb that much easier.

The truth behind dropping high kill games in Warzone isn't that you need to download cheats or buy an expensive PC. In reality, you're just making some simple mistakes that can easily be corrected with practice! So in this video, I break down two different 20 bomb gameplays and cover more than 24 total tips to help you improve! Hopefully everyone who watches is able to take away at least a couple of things that help to start to drop high kill games.
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