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With guns, you can fire your weapon faster. For example, you don't have to pull your trigger all the way down, come back up all the way down, and come back up. The time to action on R1 and L1 is significantly longer. If there's any setting that I want you guys to pay attention to, it's this one; it's probably the most important tip I will give anybody: stop playing on high sense.

A lot of us grew up in the sniping community, where everybody played on 2020 Cent 14, 14 Cent 155. And we thought that was the way to be the best, and you know, as we got older, we thought, Okay, let's continue to use that because that's what I used to use back in the day, but things have changed.

If you look at the Call of Duty League, almost every single player, with the exception of maybe one or two, uses a sense from anywhere from 55 to about 88, with 90% of those guys using 55 to 66. I know a lot of y'all are going to say that's too slow for me, but I promise you the most important thing is centering, and you cannot have good centering while playing on high sense.

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These are what the top five player senses are for War Zone. I will say things are a little bit different. You can get away with having a little bit of a higher sense. As you can see, YY plays on 88, SOA plays on 88, Adrian and Aiden both play on 66, and then Aiden plays on 77. In my opinion, this is the perfect cushion between where I think people should be.


Anywhere from 66 to 88 cents is the perfect spot, so why do people use low sense? The main reason is because centering is king. If you look at the best Call of Duty players in the world, their centering is king. Is damn near perfect in simple terms to describe centering it's pretty much to put that Center dot of your Crosshair, where you think somebody is going to be now this might sound easy but in reality not many people have good centering the difference between a great player and a good player is more than likely how good their centering is a lot of the times the difference in a gunfight can be determined by having to adjust your aim slightly, as opposed to somebody whose centering was on point now some people might use really high sense and then have a really low ads sense at the end of the day the argument is the same you will always have better centering on Lower sense because you don't have to adjust as much as opposed to somebody who's on a very high sense speaking on 8s, sense everybody is a little bit different here as well we have Shifty, on 88 with A9 ads sense we have d, on a 66 cents with a 1.0.

AdSense we have SOA for 88 cents with A9 AdSense. Adrian has a 66 and an A9. AdSense, and then lastly Aiden on a 77. I know players like Diaz and Adrian tried out linear for a bit, thought it was amazing, switched back to dynamic, and realized that they were nerfing themselves, so in my opinion.

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I would stick to dynamic because of how broken it is. To be honest, an assist just feels insane on that, while linear just feels a little bit too snappy. And it almost feels like you can't really control your recoil as much again I'm not a top five player in the world sooka can use it kudos to him so let's talk about dead zone dead zone is pretty much at what point does your controller, register, that you're moving your analog stick in theory the lower your dead zone the less you have to move your stick for your controller input to be detected, and the higher The Dead Zone the more you have to move your stick for your control input to be detected so this is what the top five players in the world use right now for their dead zones, as you can see this is all over the place this again is also personal preference but I wouldn't use anything higher than a five the only reason why you should be having a really high dead zone is if you have insane stick drift stick drift is when you can put your controller on a table without touching it and your aim is moving by itself because the sensors, inside the stick are misaligned.

Or something like that, but long story short, 90% of people just use a really low dead zone so that way they can turn faster and have a little bit more twitchier movements. Again, a little bit of stick drift isn't too bad, and for me, it doesn't affect me, but if your controller is literally doing circles without you having to touch it, then you should probably get a battle Beaver or make your dead zones look like a 20.


For here, just be careful on making your dead zones maybe a little bit too low because I've tried z0, and I'm going to be honest, my accuracy suffered greatly. As you can see, Shifting Asan uses a five, Sooka uses a three, and Aiden and Diaz use a two. It's up to you guys and your personal preferences.

Whatever you guys want to do now is a big setting in War Zone. These are the top five players. As you can see, everybody plays on 120, with the exception of Diaz. I play with Diaz every day, so I know why he does it in his mind. 110°F makes it easier to see players on a huge map like War Zone, but your accuracy doesn't suffer as much, and your visual recoil isn't that crazy.

He swears by it. I tried it; I thought it was pretty good, but I ultimately went back to 120. In my opinion, don't go lower than 110. But I still think 120 is the play; DS might just be getting old. Two other settings you have to have on as well are your ad field of view and your weapon field of view.


Your ad field of view should always be set to affected. This pretty much makes it so your aim-down field of view is relative to your regular field of view. For example, you don't want a 120-degree field of view, but when you aim downside, it looks like you're on console. Now finally, your weapon field of view.

Make sure to put that on wide. So let's talk about some settings to make your movement better. There's really only two settings that will apply to your movement, and that's sprint behavior and slide behavior, so this is what the top five players use. As you can see, everybody uses automatic tactical sprinting.

This pretty much makes it to the point where, every time you move your left stick, you automatically go into a tactical sprint. This reduces the time you have to double-click your left stick to pretty much go into a tactical sprint. This setting alone will make your move go 10 times better. It's such a broken setting that all the CDL Pro players have banned it.


Now let's talk about your slide and dive behavior. As you can see, Diaz and SA use hybrid, and everybody else uses slide only. What is slide only and what is hybrid slide only pretty much means whenever you tap your crotch button it automatically puts you on a slide you cannot dive, and you can only slide now hybrid, pretty much making it to where you can slide whenever you want to but also dive whenever you want.

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