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best ram 9 build

We dropped 37 kills in solo quads and rebirthed with the Ram 9. This build is absolutely insane. Now let's get to the game. Marking the rest of that on your get-hunting The remaining operators from that sad hunt were killed, and we confirmed we had located the rest of them. Resurgence has closed no more.

Second, chances are that enemies are dropping into the area. No, I thought I killed him. No 37␔that's so close. If you enjoyed that game play and want to watch me live, follow me on Twitch. Now let's get to the build. For our first attachment, we're using the Z-MN35, a compensated flashhider muzzle.

This helps with the vertical and horizontal recoil control and the firing aim stability. It also shortens the radar ping, so you won't show up on the mini map for as long. For the stock, we're using the ultra-light stock pad. This helps out with walking speed, movement speed, and sprint speed. If you look at the stats, you can see how much it helps with mobility, so this will have you moving differently.

best ram 9 class

For the underbarrel, I use the DR6 hand stop. This helps out with the aim-down sight speed, aim-walking speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and movement speed if you want something to help control. The recoil is a little bit more than you could throw on the FTE MSP 98 hand stop. If we compare the two, you can see this still has good movement, but it helps out more with the recoil control, whereas the DR6 hand stop helps out more with the ads speed and sprints of fire speed and still has good movement, so choose whatever one fits your play style.

For the rear grip, I use the retor 90 grip tape; this helps out the firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. That's the reason I'm allowed to use the DR6 hand stop, because this helps out a lot with the recoil control. And then, for the final attachment, I'm using the 50-round mag.

Here is the complete build; as you can see, we're not using the barrel.

Best Ram 9 Loadout in Warzone 3 Best Ram 9 Build MW3 Warzone 3 Meta SMG Class Setup Loadout. NEW RAM-9 Loadout is META in WARZONE 3! Best Ram 9 Class Setup Loadout - MW3. Watch me live.
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