News - Watercooled Rtx 4090 Gaming Pc Build. Helldivers 2, Fortnite & Warzone Fps (4k. Maximum Graphics)

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This is a watercool PC that I can't wait to put together, and once it is built, we will see exactly how a rig with this standard of parts will perform on a variety of AAA titles, especially considering we will be able to get the most from these components thanks to the water cooling loop, which mitigates temperatures to an extreme degree.

We're going to begin this build by preparing to install the heartbeat of the rig, the second fastest Intel CPU, the new Intel I9 14900. K This chip arrived essentially as a clone of the Intel I9 13900. K, which broke the record as the fastest CPU out of the box at the time with a 6 GHz peak turbo clock.

While we recommend the AMD Ryzen 7 7800 X 3D as the best CPU choice for a PC that is focused purely on gaming, the benefit of going with the Intel I9 14900 K outside of its still blistering gaming performance is the top-tier productivity performance, something the 7800 X 3D lacks, so while the 14900 K isn't the King of the Hill for gaming balancing productivity and gaming performance, the 14900 K reign supreme as the better.

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Allrounder, now that we have finished the motherboard installation, we can begin to plan our loop, starting with the CPU water block. We have selected the EK Quantum Velocity Square as the center of this loop. This block is really the ultimate in performance when it comes to water cooling, and with its clear finish and RGB backlight, it has a look that few other blocks can.

Replicate, the 14900 K draws a lot of power, so to support the water-called setup in preventing temperature spikes, we will not cheap out on the thermal paste, so I applied thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme. Just like its name suggests, this paste has extremely high thermal conductivity. Now that we have locked down the CPU water block, we can move on to unboxing the chassis for this water-cooled PC.

We have selected the newly released Lean Lee011 Dynamic Evo RGB. With the motherboard installed, it is time to unbox and install the basis of our water loop, the EK Mana distribution plate. With a design that favors streamlined tube routing, it will strongly enhance the aesthetics of this custom loop, and by back-mounting this clear drro, we'll get a great look at the internal water loop.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of using this Dro plate is the ultra-silent pump. A water-cooled PC is ideally a much quieter option than a traditionally-called gaming PC, and a quiet pump just ensures this benefit is retained. Now we can begin to finish the externals of the loop by unboxing these two EK radiators, and then I'll be fitting them with a lean Lee SL NF.

With those locked into the case, we can now begin to unbox the graphics card, and then we'll prepare a water-cooled This RTX 490 We've got the gorgeous Asus Rog model, but unfortunately, we'll be tearing down this card's cooling unit to remove the PCB, but it will come out even better looking than originally once we've locked it into the EK Quantum Vector Water Block.

This model from Ek comes with a back top plate, so in order to really get the most out of this water block visually, we will subsequently vertically Mounting this graphics card will achieve a nice view of the underside of the water, called GPU, which is combined with a colored coolant, and this block's RGB backlight will be a statement piece for this.



Rig Now here's something I've been excited to get to for this build: the tubing. We have selected a staple pipe for this water-cooled PC: standard clear pipe. It's hard to compete with the clear pipe, especially when we are going with a tinted coolant. Thanks to its see-through nature, we can see the active flowing effect of this water-cooled PC, and the RGB throughout this build will permeate the pipes for an even more intense design in terms of tube routing.

We've gone with a straightforward design with the majority of straight lines and right angles. I'm a fan of this approach to tubing, although we do like to build a water-cooled PC with more intricate cooling layouts occasionally. However, for a PC like this already with a large amount of RGB, a vertically mounted GPU, and tinted coolant, I feel it balances the build by opting for a StraightLine tube.

Design, We've accented these tubes with a series of silver fittings. They balance well with the majority of black in this build, and silver works well with the majority of RGB tones that can be selected. With the tubes and fittings all fixed into place, we can fill this PC's loop with coolant. We have opted for transparent blue.

This coolant strikes an ideal balance between lifespan and aesthetics thanks to its clear nature, which still has a strong blue tint. Now I can show you every angle of one of the fastest and best water conditioners called PCS we have ever had the pleasure of, Fortnite.

Pc shots.

Pc shots.

We have adjusted the settings to Epic, which is the maximum, and we're playing at 4K resolution. We're managing to average out a very solid 150 FPS at these fairly intensive settings.

Fortnite is always a surprising game for me in terms of quality. When played at Mac settings on a 4K monitor with a PC of this caliber, the viewing experience is of such high quality. In my head, I just assume that Fortnite is simply a threshdown shooter, but there is serious graphics quality with this game.

Helldivers 2 fps.

Helldivers 2 fps.

Now we're going to jump across to Hell Divers 2, which, after its hailed release, has become the most popular game for PC at the moment, so it'll be great to see what the best GPU, the RTX 490, can deliver on this very popular title.

We are still gaming at 4K resolution, and once again, we have set the graphics quality to maximum. Playing hell divers on a rig with such high-performance parts at maximum quality makes it quite easy to see why this game has become an instant hit. This PC is managing to deliver between 135 and 140 FPS on this game, rather uniquely with Hell Diverse.

It was built on a discontinued graphics engine, which makes it rather difficult now for the developers to incorporate DLS. This is kind of unfortunate, especially with a game like Hell Diverse, where an increased frame rate from AI upscaling would increase responsiveness and thus your chances of survival.

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Accordingly, the only hope for better performance is to run the game on the best PC hardware. The only real disappointment I see with this game is the lack of PVP. I understand the developers wanted to minimize the toxicity that could arise from that, but a game like this with what feels like real consequences to territory gains against the aliens would be very suited to a civil war dynamic where players take on factions and battle it out against real people.

We built a Top of the Line Watercooled Custom Gaming PC Build, with the RTX 4090 and the Intel i9-14900K, before we tested it on Helldivers 2, Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone! Note at 041 meant to say 13900K Special Edition.
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